Dr. Anthony Payne, N.M.D., M.D. (hon.)

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Professional Experience

  • Faculty member at Akamai University (AU) School of Health & Wellness since 2004.
  • Contributing biomedical theoretician & web content writer, Nova Cells Institute of Mexico (Stem cell medicine program) since 2009.
  • Elected Board Secretary of the 501(c)3 nonprofit Fellowship Ministries for the Advancement of Indigenous Peoples (FMAIP) headquartered in Orange County (California).
  • US Bureau of Indian Affairs certified/carded (CDIB) American Indian and a tribal member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.



 In addition to published papers, monographs, and articles, Dr. Payne authored “Natural Medicine: Remedies & Resources” (Westar Publishing, 1998) and “Naturopathic Medicine: A Primer for Laypersons” (SFSCM Press, 1997.

  • He coauthored “Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy: The Gift of Health from Healthy Newborns” (Basic Health Publications, 2006) and “Health Benefits of Vitamin K2 (MK7)” (Basic Health Publications, 2008).
  • Payne had multiple honors conferred on him by the Senate of Open International University (Complementary Medicine) for a seminal paper of his in the field of oncology theory.


About Dr. Payne

Dr. Payne gravitated to writing and science at a young age, and actually wrote his first collection of nonfiction essays and articles at age ten (Some based on hands-on learning experiences as well as experiments he did on his own). Convinced that the best way to approach human nutrition, pathology (acquired chronic diseases), and wellness is to have a solid grounding in human evolution including evolutionary biology, he studied physical anthropology autodidactically and formally (BS, MA degrees). Armed with this background, he then undertook studies in nutritional medicine (NMD) with a special focus on medical physiology. In the years that followed his background, far-flung interests and passions opened doors for him to work with physicians (MD, DO), supplement manufacturers and their product development researchers, bench scientists (biomedicine, agriculture). He also worked in the education sector(including teaching English as a Second Language in Japanese universities and private schools plus courses in writing/EAP/English for lawyers, businesspeople, engineers & scientists in Tokyo), in communications and for various firms which have retained him as a consulting/contributing biomedical theorist.



  • Payne earned a BS in paleoanthropology and an MA in physical anthropology from Columbia Pacific University (California, USA).
  • He studied Heilpraktiker related subjects and was awarded a diploma from the Werner Hoeferlin Institut fur Beruftlichte WeiderBildung (Germany).
  • He earned a Doctor of Nutritional Medicine (NMD) degree from Aksem Oriental Medical School, Hearts of Jesus & Mary College (Philippines).
  • In 1997, he was awarded an honorary M.D. degree and 2 international medals in science by the Senate of Open International University (Complementary Medicine) for a seminal paper of his in the field of oncology theory.


A Word from Dr. Payne.

Foremost among my passions is helping people help themselves and others. I do this in many ways including word weaving that is aimed at making complicated medical and scientific information, developments and discoveries “lay reader-friendly.”


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