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Top 10 Health Benefits of Lemongrass

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7. Benefits New Mothers

new mother

Lemongrass is highly beneficial for new mothers who are breastfeeding their babies. It has galactogogue properties that help increase breast milk production. Its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties also help the babies remain healthy and free from infections.

Lactating mothers can drink one to two cups of lemongrass tea daily.

Note: Lemongrass should be avoided during pregnancy.

8. Fights Depression


The antidepressant properties of lemongrass help treat depression. The herb also activates the release of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that combats depression. Lemongrass relieves anxiety, boosts self esteem, uplifts spirits, gives confidence and improves mental strength.

Lemongrass also contains citronella, which is well known for its calming effect on the mind and body. It also helps you to sleep better.

Drink a cup of lemongrass tea, whenever you feel depressed or have a low mood. The tea will help you keep calm and cool. 

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122 thoughts on “Top 10 Health Benefits of Lemongrass”

    1. I planted one lone stalk of lemongrass last spring and now I have a thick, lush stand of it. I just used it for the first time, to make lemongrass tea. I boiled water, chopped the stalk into bits and steeped it for five minutes. I then added a bit of honey…so tasty!

      1. O.M.G. my mom just started giving me this the same way you make it. I have kidney disease, I truly hope it can help me. Although I know there’s no cure perhaps this can definitely slow it down.
        Thanks so much for sharing.

        1. Make sure you make the grass dry before using it. Do not pick and use same time. It can be dangerous even for your kidneys. Most herbs can damage kidney if used without drying.

  1. thank God for his kindness and generosity. He created the sustainance before the substance(man). All these have been created for our good. Very good insight.

  2. Im drinking a cup of lemongrass tea now coz i have hypertension at this age of 22.. Now that i know that lemongrass has plenty of benefits, i will drink lemongrass tea everyday! Thank u for the infos.

  3. Got a bout with vertigo just this morning and a colleague texted me to try boiling lemon grass with water and use as a medicinal drink. Miracle drink indeed, dizziness is gone and I am feeling a lot, lot better. Thank God for this wonderful herb and thanks to my colleague Mommy Nikki for sharing the tip.

  4. our forefathers used lemongrass tea and they lived longer.Thanks to Kiki for bringing back to limelight this God given natural remedy for many ailments

  5. Thanks for this insight. I took 2 cups of lemon grass for three days,morning and evening and I was cured of sore throat n flu. thanks!!!

  6. Am very happy for knowing the secret of lemon grass today…..
    Inshort, Lemon grass is d antidote to almost all d sickness in d body

  7. GOD is awesome! These things are with us yet we go spending money on over processed/manufactured imported rubbish.Lemon grass and many other natural leaves,vegetables,fruits are wonderful presents from nature around us.Go for knowledge!!!

  8. God gave us every herb that grows and pronounced them good. Oh merciful God thank you for giving humanity this wonder herb lemon grass. You are the best physician you know what is best for our bodies to function well. I will forever praise my Lord.

  9. I tried lemongrass tea for the first time last night. It worked with my nausea the same night. Something I had for 2 days. Amazing

  10. It’s wonderful to Known the benefits of lemongrass thanks to inform us the amazing and miracle plant which we all are ignore thanks to mother nature

  11. wow amazing product. I have tried this in India. Btw, im half filipino. I’m inlove with a bacolod girl. I hope she sees this someday. Ciao!

  12. This is a wonderful leave created by God and it”s multi-purpose. It will work for u if u only believe in GOD.fever , pain etc

  13. its good tea…and it is so nice with good flavour…. i drink lemongrass daily….thank God for creating dis plant.

  14. This is awesome,my heartburn is gone my pain is gone..now i am feeling good..The lemon grass helps a lot..thanks god!!

  15. Thank you for your wonderful sharing and experience because by sharing this you save life of thousand of people.
    God will richly bless you all…Thank Our Creator for giving us this plant to his hill and help His image..

  16. I have so much I my garden and started taking this In boiled water mint and honey daily and it has helped my high Bp as well as constipation issue. It’s so great my new best friend!

  17. When i was a kid my mom would boil lemongrass in water with lime or lemon leaves then sweeten as a tea and give us to lower fever whenever we got sick with the flu, so many times i would remember this but never practiced it, so this article just reminds me of the benefits. (Am adding this to my list of herbs), I sometimes cook with lemongrass but not often enough. Am going to make lemongrass and chicken dumplings( Potstickers) that’s another great way to have this herb. 🙂

  18. Good to see all revive above this is an versatile herb so we realized the power nature be natural and buy natural
    say not in organic plant a tree and and take care every day till your life (to thanks the nature) on this mother earth save the world from global warming to get this kind things from our mother Nature god


  19. Thank for the information on lemongrass which is good for some of us seeking herbal treatment to ailments especially in 3rd world countries where conventional medicine is to come by. lemongrass is wildly grown in our country, but we just look at as an ordinary grass ], from your literature i have found out that it is very good as a herbal medicine

  20. No wonder the master of creation said everything HE created are very good. Thanks for the insight about lemongrass.Genesis 1:31

  21. There is no doubt, Lemongrass is a very beneficial herb available so easily in nature that it should be used by everyone to detoxify the body and remain healthy. I have been suffering from G.E.R.D. for over four years but got relief after I started taking it as tea twice a day. God is so merciful to gift us cure for all diseases but we fail to benefit from them because of our apathy and ignorance. Let us be closer to Nature and thank God the Benefactor!

  22. after hearing that the lemon grass provide plenty of health benefit, I start to grow them and make drinking tea for my whole family. Thanks for sharing information.

  23. Comment:my grandmother always took lemongrass,but I didn’t know the benefit of this herb.She looks young everyday now I know that lemongrass is the secret. She is 80+ looks like 50+.

  24. Lemon grass is so rich to fight so many sickness in out body system.
    When you take lemon grass tea youroom sleeping system changed instantly.
    It becomes deep and you look fresh and am sure it fight stroke too.

  25. Tanks guys. I always know the this grass is not just there for fun. I join the lemongrass tea party and slow down on Chinese green tea. Soothing, tasty and the benefits can never be over emphasised.

  26. My left knee cups pain, has bn my sadness four years now..it stopped and I didn’t know how,..I guess its since I dropped tea leaves for the amazing lemon grass..God is great.am now happy..

  27. This herb is wonderful, I make tea with lemongrass, soup, homemade soap (using ground dry leaves)… I love it and use it a lot. To God be the glory!

  28. I have lemongrass in my compound. I usually boil it for some minutes before drinking it, but recently, I combined lemon grass and lemon orange and boiled them together. Please, what is the health benefits and effects. I am not using it for any treatment. Thanks

  29. Comment:am amazed at d health benefits of lemongrass tea. I sure will join d parry from now. we all need good health. Thanks to God for dis wonder herb

  30. My favorite drink is lemon grass tea. I knew it had some medicinal purpose but didn’t exactly know what.. Now it clear to me why I urinate a lot after consuming it. It basically detoxifes my body from harmful elements. Wowwww I m actually addicted to it and I don’t intend to stop.God is great..

  31. I Hv Been Having Body Pain Waking Up Wt Pains Allover My Body Bt I Started Taking Lemon Grass I Felt Relieve I Realy Tank God

  32. very encouraging to hear all these positive results, thats when i want to try it a colleague just gave me, but i was wondering if it is also good to control low bp and heart palpitations?

  33. Comment: Amazing, thank God i planted it at my backyard and i have started taking it after reading all the testimonies by people. OUR GOD is Awesome.

  34. yeah! here in the Philippines we always educate people about health consciousness specifically thru this herb(lemongrass) most especially to my members in an organization.i have many lemongrass plantation in my area too.

  35. yeah!its good for our health,i have my own lemongrass plantation in my area and i do health awareness program thru my organization regarding this power herb.

  36. it realy awesome . all in one medicine. thank you god . its miracle. icame to my home after two days continous travlling.
    and i make lemon grass tea with black tea. its really imaging after had lemon grass tea i feel refresh within some minuts. thankyou god thanks thanks thanks. please try everybody

  37. A wonderful plant given to us by our God. If only we knew all the health benefits of all the plants on earth we would never get sick. Now we have the knowledge don’t ignore this amazing naturally occurring plant. Have used it for long and I benefited a lot.

    1. it realy great . across the board pharmaceutical. much obliged to you god . its supernatural occurrence. icame to my home following two days continous travlling.

      what’s more, I influence lemon to grass tea with dark tea. its truly imaging after had lemon grass tea I feel invigorate inside some minuts. thankyou god thanks much obliged. if it’s not too much trouble attempt everyone

  38. it really great. across the board pharmaceutical. much obliged to you god . its supernatural occurrence. I came to my home following two days continuous traveling.

    what’s more, I influence lemon to grass tea with dark tea. it’s true imaging after had lemon grass tea I feel invigorated inside some minutes. thankyou god thanks much obliged. if it’s not too much trouble attempt everyone

  39. We use it a lot especially when making chicken stew; it is not complete without lemon grass; after everything is cooked we take away the lemon grass and discard it; but the taste and aroma is already in the chicken broth

  40. i thank God for this plant not only for taste and aroma but its a perfect herb for all the sickness try it and you will see the results

  41. Thanks for this detailed enlightenment on the use of lemongrass. I have been suing it for sometime now to reduce BP and pain. It is really working. My waist pain has reduced drastically, my BP has normalised. Thank God for this wonderful creation.

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