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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast

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9. Olive Oil

olive oil

Olive oil contains a lot of nutrients and antioxidants that help improve various skin problems including stretch marks.

  1. Massage slightly warm extra-virgin olive oil into the affected skin area. This will improve the blood circulation and reduce the stretch marks to a great extent.
  2. Leave it for half an hour so that the vitamins A, D and E present in the oil are absorbed by the skin.

You can also mix olive oil with vinegar and water and use it as a night cream. This will keep your skin stay moisturized and also exfoliate the skin.

10. Water


Keeping your body well hydrated helps protect the skin from many kinds of problems and also aids in detoxification. It also helps keep the skin supple and restores elasticity.

Try to drink one to two glasses of water several times during a day. Experts say drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water per day is the best way to keep the body hydrated.

It will also make your skin soft and help maintain its elasticity. It is advisable to avoid coffee, tea or soda though.

These natural remedies can help stretch marks fade, but they may not completely remove them. You can always see your doctor if you are greatly concerned about the appearance of stretch marks on your skin.

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328 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast”

    1. I am 17 and I have had stretch marks for a while now , is there any specific remedy yous will recommend ?? im very self conscious , please HELP πŸ™

          1. Hi, I’m 18 and I have had it since iI was 13 and since last year iI have I applied Vaseline every morning and Evey night and its almost fully disappeared.

          2. Really vasaline works I heard that if you put it on your eyelashes before you go to sleep the will grow longer

        1. Please…… Don’t ever use petroleum products anywhere on your body.
          It is made of crude oil. It’s not good for you to use at all!

          1. The best you can do for your skin, Anywhere is
            Pure raw 100% Coconut Oil. It won’t hurt you and
            You can even use it for cooking! My mom is a
            Dietician and has been for 25 yrs.

          2. I’ve been using Vaseline ever since I was born. My face skin heals so fast. I cant say its because of Vaseline, but I can surely tell you it does no harm

      1. Hey Tiaar. The cocobutter lotion does good, but the Aloe Vera lotion is really good, im 20 and ive had stretch marks for as long as i can remember, never really worried about it until recently when starting my diet and workout (i wanna look my best in that bikini lol) anyways. i got burnt from tanning and used aloe vera lotion two – five times a day to treat the burn but in about a week my stretchmarks were and still are barely noticeable. You may want to just try that, its simple easy and cheap. The one i use is “Vaseline total moisture aloe fresh” it has pure aloe in it and its for multi-layer (meaning it will get the middle layer as well. its just in a big green bottle. πŸ™‚ I hope this helps! believe me ive been and still am where u are. πŸ™‚ Good luck!

        1. Hello! How many days or months did you used “Vaseline total moisture aloe fresh” to see the best result? πŸ™‚ Please answer. πŸ™

        2. I’m 12 and I have pink/purple strech marks on my inner thighs. I will definitely try this. They show more when I’m cold and sweating

          1. I know how u feel I had dark lines too but it helps to not scratch in those areas and apply aloe vera / Vaseline / coco butter lotion after showering

        3. How long did you use the β€œVaseline total moisture aloe” for before you saw any results? Also what are you supposed to do after you put it on?

        4. I bet you’re the only one that sees those marks. Most women and young girls are somcritalof themselves that makes these small imperfections into more than they are so imb betting you will look amazing in your bikini and no one will notice those marks except you and those jealous girls looking for a reason to make you feel inferior and that is thier problem not yours. Go and have fun in the sun nut wear sunscreen.

      2. hi Tiaaa,mmmh i’m also 17 and i’ve had the very same problem ”stretchmarks” trust me they can really drop your self esteem….but i’ve amazing delt with them in an instance by using the ”potato” you should try that too.

      3. Use a loofah sponge. Bio oil and 100% pure cocoa butter stick..
        Use the loofah sponge in the shower get it wet and add soap. Rub it up and down left and right, in circles, for 30 seccond each area when you take a shower. Use the cocoa butter stick and do the same in circles, up and down, and left and right for 30 secconds and let sit for 5 minutes then put alittle bio oil on your pointer and middle finger and rub around for 30 secconds and let that sit for 5 minutes. Do that once or twice aday. And in 2 months your stretchmarks should be almost completly gone:). Drink plenty of water

        1. Do I do everything in the shower or just the loofah and also after leaving the bio oil for 5 min do I wash it off or wipe it off or just leave it alone. TIA

          1. Don’t use the loffah sponge your pretty much rubbing /scratching and that’s no good for stretch marks they become more noticeable! Don’t use a loofah or any type of spongr or scratch

          2. I use the Bio-Oil everyday after every shower. It really works. And the best part is it doesn’t stain clothes like most oils.

        1. I have been using the bio oil for 3months now and haven’t been seeing any changes.Is there anything am not doing right😫😫


        1. I got stretch marks with my first son, even though I used coco lotion and palmers strech mark cream religiously. They finally started fading after 6 yrs, and now i’m prego with twins. I had given up hope since i drink tons of water, take vitamins, and tried all the creams and it did nothing. Then I tried Organic Coconut Oil, and I still have them but they have already faded to white (they were red) and I haven’t seen any more poping up. It seems to be the only thing working. I can’t say that this works 100% but it is the ONLY thing I’ve found that SEEMs to be working for me.

      5. I also have stretch marks and apparently, they will no longer be removed but will only lighten the marks. I use the Body Shop Olive extract (the green rounded receptacle one) for about 2months and my stretch marks gone lighter than it was before.

        1. Av been using aloe vera and olive oil for a week now. And is working. I do use white egg morning and night. Before applying aloe vera n olive oil.

      6. Gosh well im 12! I had them since i was 10 and im not even that fat! I don’t understand how I got them. I use coconut oil and does really work.

      7. GIRLLLL I RECOMMEND YOU USE ALOE VERA IT WORKED SO GOOD sorry for all caps I just realized that I was typing in all caps lolπŸ˜‚πŸŒšβœŒπŸΎ

    2. Hi I’m 15 I’ve had stretch marks on my tighs since I dunno years now didn’t really bother me before , but it those now andi don’t know what to use or do can someone help me plz

      1. all you have to is mix the egg whites with a fork and apply it on the area with stretchmarks with a makeup brush let it sit for about 10 min and then rinse it with cold water

      1. Its not really a recipie but just the egg white that you have to mix with a fork and then apply on the area with a makeup brush , then let it dry and wash it off with cold water . If you want you can finish it with some oil .

  1. Thx so much for this post,I have stretch mark on my upper arm n they re old Stretch mark bt not much.I think I will first go with lemon juice

      1. How long will these remedies work im going to the beach in 5 days and I really want them gone because I feel imbarrased about them and dont feel confident also which is the fast one out of all these 10?

          1. you find vit E capsile like evion 400 (you take it orally or may apply on your skin), and aloevera gel are finds in many cosmetic shops…

        1. Hi! I know its like really late now, haha, but don’t be embarrassed by your stretch marks! A lot of people have them. And there are ways to help and fade the marks, but they never will be completely gone, they’re apart of you, and will be forever, so don’t be embarrassed by them!

    1. These are meant to work over time and with dedication. Try each one for a month and I’m sure you’ll see some results. πŸ™‚

  2. I was in dying desperation to rid get of my stretch and on with my confidence of modeling I pray this helps n I’m going to try lemon juice n water the two is convient πŸ™‚ thank u so much

  3. Well I’m 13 and I have stretch mark on my hip and upper thighs I want to remove it before summer come

      1. I used to have stretch marks on my inner thighs and hips, but if you don’t mind spending a little money, Bio Oil helps a lot. Lemon juice would work too if your on a low-budget. It will take about month or two to get rid of stretch marks, so don’t set your goal for summer.

      2. Iam 11 and I really need them to get gone before summer I have them in my hippes in my upper hand and in my upper leg and plz help which one is better

    1. same im 13 and have stretch marks on my thighs and hips and on my upper arms and i have been trying for months for ways to get rid of them

      1. I’m 16 and I have some on the back of my thighs. My friend has them really bad. He tried the aloe mix with the vitamins. It sorta worked. I’m going to show him the egg whites and the lemon ones bc I have a feeling thoughs will have the best results.

      1. Don’t worry I got them at that age to its normal for girls that age because your growing they’re going to disappear on there own at least mine did And I had a lot

  4. I was very depressed by the time I discovered the red marks on my legs..i don’t know why I have this marks..later on..i was told that this marks were stretch marks..i can’t believe it..!! on my legs? I used some cream and the marks were lightened ..but last year it appeared again..and it was like red marks going down from my legs to my knees!! Its so red…thnx for this ..i’ll try the potato and lemon..to get rid of this marks..i can’t even wear shorts ..tskkk

      1. Im 20. I have white stretch marks. Im sure that you cant remove white stretch marks. But you can use surgery and laser. If you have redish stretch marks you can simply remove it. Just dont forget about conditioning with lotions and oils.massage is so affective .i offer you ELANCYL stretch marks cream . If it doesnt work for you, you should use laser before your stretch marks turn to white( because white stretch mark dont have remedy)

        1. Red stretch marks are fresh and recently stretched, White stretch marks is after they have healed and settled into the second layer of skin. It is like having a cut then having a scar. You CAN get rid of white stretch marks it just takes a little longer and you have to penetrate the skin a little more with what ever method you use because it effects the deeper layer.

        2. Excuse me my dear I had this horrible marks and I am soo mad about it and I have tried all the creams I could remember off and non was working for me so my dear where can I get the cream u are talking about I am in Ghana hope I can get it here.

    1. Omg tell me about it i cant wear shorts either cause of these stretch marks! All the girls around wear shorts on the hottest day but me

  5. I hv a lot of stretch marks on me nd I hv tryed every tin to get rid of it bt no improvements…..pls I need ur help plssss

  6. I noticed my stretch marks on my inner thighs about a month ago. I hate them so much! I want to be a model but I can’t do that with these stupid marks I hope these remedies work for me. Thanks so much!

  7. Castor oil worked great for me. I massaged me stomach with warm castor oil every night, then placed a piece of plastic wrap on it for a half hour. I applied it faithfully for 3 months and I can’t even see them anymore. They were really bad before. None of these methods will work if you don’t use them consistently. Another important piece to this is exfoliating the area while in the shower with an abrasive loofa. Hope this helps.

    1. I’m going to try this! I just have a question.. after removing the plastic wrap do you wash the area with water or you just keep it and go to sleep?

  8. I suggest trying all of these remedies for at least one month, but also try to do some toning exercises for the area you wish to fix! It will work double time~

  9. Omg I got stretch marks all over an am willing to get rid of them fast so I think I’ll go with the castor oil wrap an the potato juice tnx alot for helping an ill consider trying the sandalwood oil….

    1. I have had stretch marks on my upper arms for a year now I started applying shea butter a week ago nd I noticed that its getting lighter but I’m going to add the lemon juice and egg therapy too

    1. Did the lemon juice work successfully in removing the stretch marks…… And if so how long did it take? And what was your method?

  10. i have black stretch marks from my upper inner thigh running down my legs i have been using cocoa butter with bio oil but no change. hate them ant wear anything short.hope these remedies will help. thx alot

  11. Hi I’m a 14 year old and I found these remides to help me with my lady marks so thank u home remides

  12. I’m 13 and I’ve stretchmarks on my legs. Is because I’m growing fast or I’m getting fat? Cuz both of the things are happening. But thank You so much this realllyyy helped. πŸ™‚

  13. My dream is to one day be a model but my stretch marks get in the way of that so I’m going to try lemon juice sounds easy and fast I will try consistently

  14. I am 16 and have stretch marks on my hips and thighs and as i am fair my marks have turned red on my hips and it make me feel very conscious about it….well am going to try the potato recipe hope it works…….thanx alot

  15. Well am 18 n i’ve never had stretch marks b4 until last month after i actuatly started using some appetite boosting drugs…am growing fast n my stretch marks are growin 2 i’ll try d aloe vera n lemon first looks pretty cool 2 me n then any other method i can afford…thanks for d tips i pray it works…

  16. I have stretch marks on my hips and legs….I’m 21 and I wanna be a model. I used forever living products combination of aloe jelly and vitamim A &E..d marks r still there! I’m going to try water and natural aloe vera mixed with d vitamin A and E…I hope it works……

  17. im 16 and i have stretch marks on my upper thighs and hips and back i’ve had them for years and tried so many products but nothing worked i really reallly HOPE these will work thanks for posting im going to try the egg whites first

  18. I’ve been exfoliating intensely for one week now and have already noticed a major improvement on my stretch marks. I have some on my bum, hips, and one knee. They are white and shallow. Once I noticed the improvement from mere exfoliation I went and bought the alfalfa powder. Instead of camamille oil I have been using organic coconut oil to mix with it. It has only been three days of applying twice a day and I have noticed even more impressive results! Not to mention alfalfa is terrific for the skin altogether. I started using it on my entire legs and arms. Does terrific work with tone an overall health of the skin. Truly recommend trying the alfalfa mixture. And be consistent! I wonder why I didn’t do this years ago.

    1. Hi Amanda, am intersted in ur post, i have strech marks and hv tried many ways to get rid of it but to no avail, pls how do i get the alfaifa powder, is difficult for me to find over here, i want to try it and see if it’ll work for me. Will appreciate ur assistance, thanks.

    2. Hi Amanda, am interested in ur post on hw u got rid of ur stretch marks, i hv them and hv tried getting rid of them bt to no avail,i want to try d alfalfa bt can’t find it over here, pls kindly assist me on hw i can get it, i’ll appreciat, thanks.

    3. Hi Amanda!!

      How you prepared the mixture? my wife has got the same shallow white stretches on her stomach & thighs…..

  19. i turned 13 this month and I’ve got these hideous marks on my skin I hate them I hope by the time school reopens in September they will be gone I will try the cocoa butter and the lemon juice …hope they work best of luck πŸ™‚

  20. I am 12 but I started getting strech marks last year they are cap anoying I have them on my knees,hips and inner thigh I will try the lemon and water I really hope they work. Summers pretty much over but it would be nice if they are gone by next summer. Thanks for the ideas.

  21. i am a 16 year old boy and i have had stretch marks for about 6 months, they have really put me down and i lost alot of confidence in my body. i do have alot of girls that say im really cute and some say i have a nice body, but they never see me under my long sleeve shirts that i wear every day to cover up the marks. i have bad ones on my biceps that are red, bad ones on my hips, barely noticable ones on my calves that i don’t really care about, and some on the back of my arms that are not that bad but i still don’t like them. i got them from a 20 pound weight game over a 3 month span after football season and i never saw this coming. but i have lost a little weight(8 pounds) and i have a athletic body, but covered in marks.but one thing i have to say is that i’m no where near fat. i have tried using vitamin e oil, palmers cocoa butter, and other stuff. none have worked so i have just recently changed up my routine last week. i am now exfoliating with a loofah and salt scrub, putting on vitamin e oil, 100% cocoa butter, and i just bought total moisture aloe fresh today.. and i am now starting to drink alot of water. i hope to see my self with barely any stretch marks that don’t look bad by lets say july 2014. stretch marks take time to get them to go away and people need to realize that, no matter how much optimism you have, the routine that you do may not work for you, but could work for someone else. you gotta hope you get lucky.

    1. The main reason you might have gotten stretch marks is because you’re so ‘buff’. The 20 pounds you gained was either muscle or fat. Either way, it’s not a big deal. I’m sure girls would still like you πŸ˜›

      Hope your marks went away by now πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

    2. NICCCEEE Just a quick one though it shouldnt matter whats thought of you under your clothes personality is whats more attractive

  22. I have stretch marks, and it makes me so self-conscious. I hate it! I tried cocoa butter, and it didn’t do the job! I have them on my upper thighs and hips, I really hate it because I can’t wear low cut shirts, nor shorts! Does anyone know if bio-oil works? If so, please notify me. I am considering buying it. (-:

  23. i’m 15 and i have stretchmarks too on my upper thighs..i mean close to my butt..there’s alot of it..and i need these marks to be gone until my friend’s birthday on September..i don’t want to get embarrass..i hope these stuffs will work…thanks for the post!

    1. yes same 4 me, i thought i’d b the only 14/ 15 yr old girl wif dem on ma legs and they make me so self – conscious!!!! i am glad i’m not the only 1 wif stretch marks!!!
      thanx every1, i’ll try vaselind, aloevera……

  24. Hi everyone!!!
    I am a 47 yr. old woman, I did not have
    Stretch marks when I was young it was only after I had a child that
    My AbS became so bad with exercise and all the remedies listed I use cocoa butter,vit E oil

  25. am 15 nd av gat stretch marks on my shoulders,boobs, waist, bum, hips, bywn ma legs nd @ d back of ma leg. am rili concerned abt d ones on ma shoulders and @ d back of ma leg. pls i nid a fast treatment and PERMANENT cure to it. tnks a lot.

  26. im 16 & have stretch marks on my arms & hips. I hate them so much! I became very insecure with them & I really hope this works! good luck to everyone.

  27. I’ve had stretch marks for years, since I hit puberty on my hips, calves and thighs. None of these remedies will make them disappear forever, it will help lighten the appearance of them. The most effective is to start a method when they are still red. I’ve found the vitamin E oil the best and stay hydrated. Like I said I still have them they’re just a lot lighter and not quite as noticeable.

  28. i have been using the pure white sugar mixed with almond oil and lemon for a week now and am seeing some results. think thats going to work. will keep going for atleast two months and see how it goes. its a little time consuming doing it every day before shower but if results are good, then its worth all the stress. will give you guys feedback after two months of use

  29. Lots of people says to me that I am fit for modeling, But they dont know that I feel self concious about my stretch marks on my hips and side area of my butt, I wanna try lemon or potato I hope it works.. thanks for this site.

  30. Hi everyone,bn using lemon juice and hunny on my marks,and then after shower i use castor oil..realy works my marks are a thing of the past now…thankx a milli..

  31. Last summer I watched the Dr. Oz show. On was one of his shows, he said that the best thing for stretch marks is vitamin C. However, he was not specific on what to actually use that contains the vitamin C. Has anyone else heard this before?

    1. I heard this too,but I don’t know if it really works. I take vitamin c supplements… About 500 , grams or milligrams, not sure which.the container says 500 on it. Anyway, that’s the suggested amount of vitamin c supplements. But I take vitamin c alot, and it does not help me really at with the stretch marks. Helps with your immune system though, and helps ward off colds and the flu really well. πŸ™‚

  32. Hi all, try applying / rubbing aloe Vera directly on the skin, u will feel the fluid coming out, keep rubbing on the street mark affected area, leave it for few minutes unless it’s dry, then wash with Normal water. Try this for 1 month, stretch marks will definitely be lighter. Also try the lemon juice treatment earlier discussed in the article above. This will really help. Regards

  33. Am 23 n my stretch marks just appeared few months ago,but its black in color,its mine serious or what?Aside i dont know which method to start with.Pls help me!

  34. I’m holding thumbs that these remedies will help me…I’m 19 and my stretch marks started after the birth of my twinz…I’m so self conscious and thank u for dis great post

  35. hayy ladies…go for the potato remedy…& den u will mark out the changes….but u have to be patient and use it continously for 1 month and check and leave the posts that whether it works or not…

  36. Wow, this is good. I’v got stretch marks on me for like 15yrs now and i’v been desperate to get rid of them…i hope these will work. Great job guys!

  37. hey guys, i really relate to you. i develop stretch marks since at adolescent stage even now i still have i tried many products as well but nothing worked even Bio-oil. i think this products goes by an individual skin. i was even wearing a trouser to school. now in university i cannot even wear shorts. am always hiding them i cant even take off my clothes infront of my room mate. i will try the potato one i hope it works

  38. Thanks for your contributions.I m 22 and had stretch marks since i was 14,tried palmers cocoa butter and aloevera but wasn’t patient to see it work.Visited a dermatologist who told me there was no remedy but i choose not to believe..From all d posts here and other sites i think d most effective as reported are : the loofah,natural white sugar ,lime or lemon juice,castor oil, bio oil(though not cost effective),exfoliation and hydration .So pips,i wd use lim juice,castor oil.Consistency is d rule of d game.Let’s all be patient and make ourselves more beautiful than we already are.Good luck to us all.Don’t fail to give is feed backs please.God bless you all.

  39. Im going to use the suger remedies but wanted to no after i mix the almond oil ,lemon and suger n exfoliate do i take a shower with water only or take a normal shower with soap

  40. hy, i also do hav it. bt it seems most of u guys r talking of de alfalfa. wer can it be purchased. i will really appreciate it if u help. tanx.

  41. hi.., sugar remedie before taking bath, olive oil before going to bed.
    hope these two combination works effectively. Frnds, try this you ll get a good result on your skin & enjoy your beauty

  42. I had DermaEraze treatment in the UK. Im black and tried bio oil, cocoa butter etc etc etc. It worked in a matter of weeks! It was so nice to finally find something that worked!

  43. I really hope that these home remedies work for me I have been stressing over this for at least a couple of months now and I just want them to go away.

  44. hi im 13 and i have stretch marks in my hips and a little bit in my breast i really need to remove this….i try already the palmer’s cocoa butter formula im using it for two months but its not working….so i will try this treatment so gud luck to me hope it works….i really really to remove this before i go in america….cuz im here in the philippines..

  45. hi im sooo sad bc of these stretch marks im 12,u guys might be having it near the thigh but me !OMG!i have it ON my knee i cant even wear a frock.some times my school uniform too!ugh!im too jealous ofthose who dont have these stretch marks.I was using elastoderm for the last5 months and no improvements πŸ™ .so i thought of searching on the net and thank god i found this sight .I first used the potato thing and i dont know wether it will work or not ugh!.hopefully it will work.but the most worst thing is that i did gove much intension to it when it was starting as i didnt know what it was and after3 to 5 month i went to a skin doctor and her told me that they were stretch marks.i wonder why the appear on to vary few ppl!

    1. Best is try using makeup to cover them.Use can get makeup for your skin colour. One can lighten them but they nva go away!ask any dermatologist (skin specialist) for better info they tell you wat is best for your stretch marks becus they r of different types.White ones r d oldest they take time to lighten red ones r new they may go!so best of luck guys!

  46. I have stretch marks on my belly from three babies. young girls i know its hard but listen one day you won’t care about them no one is perfect . if some one judges you about them that’s there problem they will most likely get them to. your just a tiger earning its stripes. but madarma works awesome but they will never completely go away you will always see thrm no matter what you try. i heard on tv the Drs peanut butter and veggie oil or shortening mixed together works the best never tried it. but I’m always looking for something else to help keep the stretch marks from become ing red or purple

  47. I had a really bad problem with pimples on my face, then i tried castor oil and table salt facial scrub. Magical. I started last week friday and already I see results. I apply haarlemensis and vaseline after i cleansed my face

  48. I’m 16 and I have stretch marks on my biceps, ribs near my triceps. I got them from lifting weights and always wear cut-off shirts. Hope these remedies can get rid of them and keep them away!

  49. Ladies you won’t be able to get rid of stretch marks but you can reduce it significantly. Here is how: exfoliate using grounded coffee to make a paste with aloe versa or olive oil, loofah, salt or sugar to make scrub.. dry brushing helps too. What I did d was to make my own treatment using Shea butter, cocoa butter, argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin e oil, castor oil, rosemary oil and aloe versa. These are 100% natural. I also use bio oil and anti cellulite treatments along with a cream for crack heel. My stretch marks are improving after 2 months. I use this 2 to 3 times per day. These stretch marks are white so it’s harder to get rid of. I will give mine a year to significantly reduce it. Also I am planning on getting a derma roller and a collagen gel, vitamin c and retain a to do a collagen induction. Retain a is used to build collagen especially for red stretch marks and also to prep the skin for derma rolling which should be 1.5 in length. This method will make them disappear

  50. I mixed Vitamin E with Aloe Vera which I applied on the affected areas and drank enough water on a daily basis. It worked like crazy, they are GONE!!!!!

    1. Ohplz help me i am 14 and i have strech marks all over my but and my legs i cant were shorts or any things that is short to show my leg

  51. Stretch marks! when they appear on your skin, you,ll no more like yourself, and become ashamed of wearing certain cloths.This is good news to spread.Thank you so much!

  52. I had stretch marks on my thin,upper arm,belly n legs.they were so bad dat I cried each tym I stand in d mirrow.a friend suggested bio oil and I used it consistently.I saw no result in d 1st month.d gud news is dat I neva lost hope and continued.am in d third month and guess wat,d stretch marks are gone but I still use it as my cream to prevent it from reoccuring agn.so just try BIO OIL.

  53. Hey guys.i hav strechmarks around ma buttocks and i cant wear even bikini when am out fo swiming.i would like to use the potato but i dont know if its the irish or sweet.pliz help me

  54. i expected a mail in response to my question buh I didnt get any.. pls i’d expect a reply…. which potato is useful 4 d potato remedy, the Irish or sweet potato??…. nd is bio-oil d same as bio-claire? asked 4 bio-oil in a store nd wz given bio-claire soap

  55. I’ve been using olive oil mixed with coconut oil for a month now and it works! Stretch marks are getting lighter every time I use it.

  56. I am 14 years old and I had strech marks for awhile and.. I HATE them!! They are on my legs . I just hopes this works.

  57. @tiaar
    I suggest you try coconut oil, thos oil really helps fade stretch marks and can moisture your stretch marks and can decrease the thickness of them also I suggest you use this remedy.
    Arabica Coffee-1 cup
    Brown/Raw Sugar- 1 cup
    Almond/Olive Oil-Enough to have a pasty consistency preferably 1/2 a cup or 1/4 of a cup. πŸ™‚ Hope this works out for you darl!

  58. If you’re suffering from stretch marks please look into DermaEraze. I saw a 60% to 80% improvement with one treatment in 4 weeks time. I want to shout it from the roof tops! There is lots of information about it so just do your research and you will see all the good reviews!

  59. i am 14……..I dont have them bad but i am sorrta getting them on my hips & inner thigh………….I mean summers almost here and I REALLY dont want to have to put up with this in my swimsuit bikini lol………who has had them in similar places and knows what works best? plz help

    1. I drink a lot of water and use olive oil for 4 weeks and you can barely see them. I used to never wear shorts now I can. It worked wonders for me.

  60. Guys, Im 12 and I have them too and its so hard because I never get to wear shorts. It sucks but im trying tomato juice rubbing and lemon juice rubbing and I seen some results. Since summer is coming up I really want to go swimming so I hope they go away, soon…so to all the girls out there don’t feel bad u are not alone.. πŸ™‚

  61. im 13 and have had small but kinda long stretch marks on my hips. i got them because i weighed 80 pounds in the 7th grade and everyone would tell me how small i am compared to my other friends. i had a thigh gap and i wanted it to vanish so i started eating more. at first when i noticed them i thought they were scratches but as weeks went by, they stayed. i realized i had been growing too fast then my body is used too. i just wanted to fit in but now im sad because my mom has an amazing body and shes skinny. i weigh 90 pounds>>2 months later from being at 80. i feel dissapointed that i ate like a pig.

  62. Hy…av gat stretch marks on my body for God knws aw many years now….av tried shea butter nd coconut oil buh all to no avail….but am gonna try d potatoes,aloe vera nd water…just hp its works out for me tenx!

  63. I’m 16 and i have stretch marks which ive also been told by my doctor it may be hard for me to get rid of, considering i also have eczema.
    #thestruggle :/
    i will try the aloe vera method because aloe vera is very good for various things! (:
    and i will also try the olive oil, and maybe the potato juice (:
    of course i will also make sure my whole body stays hydrated by drinking water (as always) and making sure i use lotion haha (:

  64. oh btw, they’re on my hips and butt :/ i know nobody can see them on my butt, but I CAN ! -.- :/ i’m praying this will work, and thank you all for the comments and experience and tips! πŸ˜€

  65. hi guys, im positive about the castor oil but instead of u
    sing a cotton colth, rather use a plastic and steam the stretchmarks off with a hot water bottle. Good luck

  66. my sister in law started using Lou Anna coconut oil for her skin because she had really bad eczema, she noticed her stretchmarks were getting lighter , well guys I went to walmart in the cake mix isle and bought me a jar of it and have been using it everyday for almost a week now and it has really made a difference I had my daughter in may of 2011 I got pregnant 5 weeks after with my son they are exactly ten months apart he was born march 26 2012 so my point is I stretched big time back to back and my stretch marks were very wide and long and a pinkish color in the short amount of time I been using this coconut oil I have noticed a drastic change, I shower normal wash all that than just rub the oil all over my body and just rinse off with water don’t wash it off , just towel dry makes ur skin silky smooth , my skin feels refreshed and the jar is only $5.78 I love it a inexpensive way to help all of us ladies , its a good size container . … also the oil in the jar is almost like its solid but the warmth of your skin melts it down as u put it on lol so don’t freak out !!!! hope everyone has some luck ;}

  67. and also it is good for tanning!!!! ur skin gets a great tan without having to use bronzer type lotions so u do not look orange lol just another good tip ;}

  68. I’m 12 and I have really red stretch marks on my inner thighs and whitish marks on outer thighs. I’m upset and embarrassed because I have a summer camp for girls this summer (next month-eek!) and we’re gonna be swimming. So, I was worried about my marks showing and stuff and then me and my mom went shopping for bathing suits and we found a really cute one that has a short skirt that I can pull down to cover my upper thighs. So, if any of y’all have my problem, you can look for a swim suit with a skirt! πŸ™‚

  69. I hate having stretch mark on my skin. I so badly hope these work am gonna try the Aloe Vera and see what happen. The summer is coming and i want to feel comfortable in my bikini on the beach

  70. Im 15 and i have stretch marks on the side of my thighs & on my bottom πŸ™ . It sucks i cant wear shorts because i fell like they’re really noticable .. does anyone know how i can get rid of them or atleast make them less noticable ?

  71. hey im 14 this year and ive noticed i have a lot of stretch marks. tbh im not at the best weight (hence the marks) hopefully i have got them early because they are still red. The most popular choices seems to be lemon or potato juice so ill guess ill give them a try. If anyone suggests something different please comment.

    1. I have red stretch mark I ‘k using white eggs and vasaline total moisture body lotion I feel that my stretch mark now little lighter I will use this for 3 month

  72. Why does everyone keep posting their ages?? What does your age have to do with the fact that you have stretch marks??

  73. The other day I noticed some really dark stretck marks on my sisters upper arm and the is only 11 and I’m 13 and I felt really bad for her cause u could tell she was try in to hide them and I’m really want to help her. I will ask her to try some of these.thnx

  74. Plastic wrap and olive oil is the best.it will not just clear the stretch mark but also firm all the sagging n flappy area,especiall ur thighs n belly.I have stretch marks too but they av all gone.try it and give me feedback.gudluck to u guys.

  75. For the young girls who feel self conscious, try not to be. Nearly every girl gets them, and it has to do with your family genes; some girls don’t get any and some get them even if they’re thin. I have really thin skin, when i went through puberty at age 11 I got really deep stretch marks on my breasts and thighs. Now I’m 19 and those ones have almost completely faded, but I had to go on some medicine that made me gain weight really quickly and I got some deep ones on my stomach. Now I’m upset because I’m losing a lot of weight and I’m actually getting new stretch marks… Ofcourse we don’t want them to be noticeable, but the truth is they never completely go away, they’re scars. These treatments will definitely help stretch marks fade, but there’s no miracle solution to make them disappear over night. It will take atleast a few months to be effective. I’ve heard that they’re less noticeable on darker skin πŸ™‚ anyway, stretchmarks are normal so don’t feel ashamed or anything

  76. I have been using grape seed oil from the whole foods store for less than a week and I have found good results already , if anyone wants to try it out. I haven’t tried anything else yet

  77. I’m 14 I’ve gained aboit 20 pounds nd grew about half a foot Okay the last 5 months and I ghetto horrible stretch marks I have them on my upper arm all the way to my elbows on the bck nd front nd inner arm I have them all over my belly all the way around to my spine I hve them on the back of my legs all the way down to my knees there very red and purple and very deep I have to wear pants and long sleeves just to feel comfortable I’m a freshman and I’m about the only guy with stretch marks I have a girlfriend she doesn’t mind them but I don’t even like to look in the mirror anymore I would really like a good remedy to already make them a lighter color so there not so noticeable I’m going on a diet and wanting to look my best please help ):

  78. To all young ladies with fresh stretch marks that are red or blue, try and get blood circulation in the area where there is strech marks. You can do this by having cold showers or apply cold water to the areas only, exfolating lightly, not wear very tight clothes, drink plenty of water. Do not be shy to wear shorts and bikinis because your skin needs to see some light. Do pilates to tonne your body and eat dairy foods to get a stronger skin. Keep your skin moist but try to choose organic products. The earlier you start to treat the better results you will see. Goodluck

  79. Thanks for all the advice, i started with my fitness work out 4 months back which helped me acheive a desirable results in my body structure and tone. However, sadly there were some strech marks on my shoulders which were developed due to my workouts.I went thru a course of applying Castor oil mixed with Lemon Juice daily for 1 month all the marks are gone.

  80. I think that using an all-natural oil of some kind is key. Anything like coconut oil, almond oil even olive oil is good! I have gained 45 lbs this pregnancy and not one stretch mark! I also have been using a tank top called Stretch Softly by SoftSkin. It’s a pretty cool product, it’s a tank & shorts that you wear over the oils. I just wear for a few hours every day to moisturize my belly and skin feels great.

  81. I have had stretchmark’s ever since I was 7 and they are on my arms, thighs, shoulders, stomach, and breasts I am very embarrassed of my body.I really hope this work because I have tried coconut oil, vitamin E, and I do drink 5 16oz water bottles a day so hopefully I will change my wardrobe and get some clothes that don’t cover my whole arm, and want to ware shorts. Give me luck! πŸ™‚

  82. i have had stretch marks since I had my second child. With my first one I used the palmers lotion every night and didn’t get them with her. I am starting an exercise routine to lose weight and I would love to get rid of the marks I have. I am going to try the potato juice and olive oil. I hope this works I’ve had them for 8 years

  83. I am 20 years of age. all my friends says i have a very beautiful, they haven’t seen my real skin. the stretch marks got me feeling so shame.
    i have the black stretch marks on my hips, breast and thigh. i think i will use the lemon juice and “Vaseline total moisture aloe fresh. hope it works.
    May God help us all.

  84. I gain weight that is why i had this problem for now in my stomach and shoulder area. But, i am using for 1 month now the Bio oil to see the best result if it’s works or not. But, it seems not yet so i have to wait atleast 3 months according to the instruction of Bio oil company. Anyway, i will try to make experiment to mix the egg whites, lemon juice, sugar, maybe some Bio oil at one time. Then maybe will give it try to use the Aloe Vera too if needed. Hope it will works on me. Will tell you guys if i had the good result asap.ツ

  85. I’ll try egg and aloe Vera gel, I Hope it’ll work before two months… I’ll return and tell you guys of it works…. Thanks in anticipation.

  86. wow! Av really learnt a lot,am also 17 and it just started showing up nd am not liking it,will try usin any1 of these :):):)…

  87. Hi. Thanks, i like this website. I have some stretch marks on my thighs. I will try the egg whites, Aloe Vera lotion, and organic coconut oil. I wish it helps me to rid them.

  88. I’am 16 and i’ve had stretch marks on my thighs and at the back of my knees for about 2 years and I really didn’t mind it cause the ones at the back of my knees(calf) are kind of faint but then like 1 month ago I got more stretch marks on my upper right arm I think it might be because my arm muscles have gotten bigger and it’s so annoying I feel like if I wear short sleeves people will be looking at me. so i’am going to use the white eggs method before I get a shower and the Aloe Vera after…I’m really hoping it works

  89. am 20 and i have stretch marks on my breast its has not been long i just noticed it a few weeks but i will used the lemon juice hope its works

  90. I had white stretch marks in my butt and inner thighs. I drink like 3 lt of water in a day and use olive oil every morning & night.After 3 months i could barely see my stretch marks. I use aloe vera gel not the gel creme. Olive oil is miracle. And stay hydrated.

  91. I love ths site,i have got some stretch mark on hip,upper arm n new ones on my breast and they irritate me.i wil try mixing egg white,raw sugar,olive oil and lime,hope this works for me

  92. I’m 12 people say i’m really pretty, but thats because i usually wear tights, jeans and bermuda shorts, ive had my stretch marks for just 3 years on my outer thighs, i didn’t mind them until i started wearing shorts and i noticed them, i just started using olive oil 4 weeks ago and drinking a lot of water and now my stretch marks are barely noticable, now i actually do wear shorts, but not really short ones, hopefully when i’m 13 they’ll be gone. hope this helps c:

  93. Am 19 ihave stretch marks during my pregnent after being pregnent imix tissue oil,castor oil.olive oil and coconut oil and my stretch they become light

  94. I am 17 and I have stretch marks on my inner thighs, hips, and chest. I’ve never tried to deal with them before but I think I’m going to try the lemon juice option or the aloe vera.

  95. Hi! I started having stretch marks for 2 months now on my hip. I did not worry so much because it dont show under my clothes…. but now i see them appearing on my arm and i started to worry because they dont go away and i would feel bad having to wear tops with short sleaves and go out u know. It gives me a low self esteem of my self and my body, especially exposed areas. It looks horrible. I’m gonna try some of these remedies. I hope it helps

  96. hi ! I’m a 16 year old girl and i recently started with a gym programme to build my leg muscles and I’ve seen great results but with the results i gort stretch marks. I have used Bio Oil , and honestly it doesn’t work for me. I’ve been using egg whites and olive oil it has done wonders to my stretch marks. so i REALLY RECOMMEND egg whites and olive oil!!

  97. I’m 12 and I have stretch marks on my waist I hate it soo much, I’ve been using bio oil for a long time but it really didn’t work for me so I’ll try the egg whites and pray it works

    1. You can use coconut oil and coffee mixture really it will be work,, I used bio oil also but I was not benefit bio oil did not any work for me,,I had lots of stretch mark red and pink,,, when I used coconut oil and coffee mixture after that my stretch mark are remove,, I used it 4 month

  98. The explanation on how to use egg whites is not clear,how will i use make up brush……..what is make up brush and dat of the aloe vera can i use d one i that i plant,answer pls.

  99. I have had them for a year now……I am just seeing this after I got so troubled and decided to search for solutions…..your comments have been helpful I’ll try lemon and vitamin E and anything else of the things you have mentioned I really want them gone. Thank you so much….

  100. Hi frnds I had stretch mark on my Brest knees hips I was very worried about that and then I used many things but I have no benefit and at last I used coconut oil and coffee with mixture after 4 month my stretch has remove and now I m realy happy,,

  101. Im Angelina, have heard stretch marks for God knows for how long.. recently started using olive oil. Im positive that it will work. Also considering castor oil, many have talked positive about it hopes it works in me as well. Stretch marks are so ugly i would do anything just to get rid of them. God help us get rid of this traumatizing thing called strech marks

  102. I had red stretch mark on my Brest thigh leg knees I was very worried about it I was very sad about that and I used bio oil long time but it didn’t work for me..u used many things but I have no benefit then I used coconut oil and coffee with mixture my stretch mark are light and now I have no stretch mark…so u can use coconut oil and coffee with mixture.. Its work..

  103. i am only 11 and i have had stretch marks since i was 9 mainly on my inner and outer thigh i have been using bio oil vigorously on it every day and nothing seems to be happening. i am yet to try the recommendations on here but i am wondering if there is anything specific to my stretch marks there purple and very bright please help i am going on holiday soon i want them to go. please help x πŸ˜‰

  104. I have been using home remedies and a combination of stretch mark creams… It’s been just a week but the improvement in my stretch marks are unbelievable.. I will have shared the before and after pictures of I could

  105. Cocconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, bio oil and glycerine mixed together and to be applied on daily basis works wonders.trust me…

  106. Okay so what I did was buy a body scrub and a lofa(I think that’s how you spell it)and used lotion and also I rub lemon juice on my stretch marks and I been doing this for 2 months and my stretch marks aren’t visible as how they used to be and now I can wear bikinis (don’t be uncomfortable with stretch marks all it means is that you have earned your strips )?❀️


  108. I have skin infection on my left and right Ties, (This is Red stretch marks with thin lines running throughout the upper layers of skin area), what are the steps it to be take….please suggest…. Thank you

  109. hey guys ank yu ol fo the advice hope it works for me tuu…oh and the vaseline tu make my lashes longer am surely gonna try that anx a lot

  110. I’m currently 15 and I’ve had stretch marks for at least a few yrs now and to be completely honest, very few of these remedies work for most skin types. The best advice anyone can give, including myself, is that to try an organic or natural solution such as lemon juice, or coconut oil, or for some you can try Vaseline. I’ve alternated between the three to help my skin care with any breakouts or inflammation. For me, and a few other commentators, they seem to work fairly well. For most women, stretch marks will appear at some point and time in our lives and it’s natural, so embrace who you are and what you have. They may not go away completely, but a few of these solutions could help you…

  111. I have stretch marks so bad I was informed that it looks like some one took a knife to my belly. I’ve had them for 18 years and never really thought about them tell that day. Now I’m trying to find something that will work. If anyone could help that would be great. Thank you

  112. I havent tried them yet but I think aloe vera is actually very good for it. Is it okay if I use the aloe vera plant instead? I live in a place where it is oftenly found and I think its the best way to make my stretch marks fade. I got them because I lost a lot of weight and I think I’d actually even look more thin without the stretch marks..

  113. Comment: i thik the best you must try eag or coconut oil…. It will help you…. Use more then more… Day night……….. Or one think is castor oil from your near by shop

  114. Thank you for this information on how to get rid of stretch marks, I just recently had a baby and due to not using a cream during my pregnancy I’m now suffering from them.

    They aren’t too bad as they could be worse, but I would like to remove them completely.

    I have tried the aloe Vera jelly and I haven’t seen any positive results so far, I never thought to use lemon juice but I will add that to my to-do list.

    Does it need to be a freshly squeezed lemon or can I use just the regular lemon juice out of the squeeze bottle?

  115. I’ve had stretch marks since i was 10, and i’m 13 now. I used to be really obese and when i lost a tremendous amount of weight they all just came at me and increased as i got older. I tried bio oil, she butter, and a lot of other things but they didn’t work for me. I spent so long being self conscious about my arms and tummy, and thighs and shoulders, not wearing off shoulder or sleeveless tops or swimsuits. I was so insecure but then earlier this year i had a formal event and i had to wear this off shoulder dress and a friend of mine told me my stretch marks were sexy and for the first time in my life i felt kind of proud of them. I still feel insecure about them and i still try to remove them but for now they are a part of me and im trying to accept them. If anyone here needs someone to talk to just reply my message and maybe we can support each other.

  116. Honestly, I have stretch marks on my upper legs and I’m super self-conscious about them. I’m 12 and in the last few months, they’ve appeared. I’ve tried moisturizing with oils and such but I’m limited to the things I can do (Because I don’t want to tell my parents). I want to do something about them because I feel terrible with them and I know if I wait they could get worse and stay forever. I don’t comment much but this has impacted me so much, and when I saw that others had the same problems it comforted me, pushing me to make this comment. Especially recently because of swimming trips at school that I really will do anything to avoid. Luckily these events don’t happen much and my everyday school uniform thankfully covers them. But still, I don’t want to go swimming or wear normal shorts ever again. I’ll try the recommended tricks, wish me luck, as will I for all of you. Love Random person #8

  117. That’s absolutely beautiful. I just got my stretch marks on my inner thighs and your message was very comforting, especially the part about your friend saying stretch marks are sexy πŸ™‚ I’m having trouble accepting them and I hope I can come to be happy about them. I haven’t tried any remedies though. Anyway, I’m glad you said what you said. The next time I get very self-conscious, I’ll try to remember what your friend said.

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