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How to Enhance Brain Development in Children

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7. Feed Your Child Healthy Food

The habit of eating healthy food should be ingrained right from childhood.

Growing bodies need good nutrition not just for physical development. It is important for mental development, too.

feed healthy food to your child


To provide the right nutrients for your child’s growing body, feed them spinach, berries, apples, oatmeal, broccoli, dark chocolate, oranges, kale, watermelon, milk, legumes and all sorts of nuts and seeds.

Avoid fast food, junk food, processed food and beverages loaded with artificial sweeteners. Such foods do not provide the necessary nutrients to your child and can even cause great harm to their health.

Also, allow your infant to eat with their hands (make sure they wash their hands properly before eating) to help develop fine motor skills. It also lets your child explore textures, understand what foods do, develop hand-eye coordination and have fun while eating.

No matter what, never have the TV on in the background when you serve food to your child.


8. Say No to Caffeine

Caffeine can be found in energy drinks, soft drinks, and chewing gums marketed to children and young adults. Too much caffeine can hamper your child’s brain development.

Caffeine disrupts the formation of key connections in the brain. Plus, it affects behavioral and structural markers of brain maturation.

don't give caffeine to your kid

A 2013 study published in PLOS ONE found that pubescent lab rats that consumed caffeine experienced reduced deep sleep and delayed brain development.

Keep a close eye on your child’s caffeine consumption and limit it to ensure healthy brain development.

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