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Home Remedies for Moles

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7. Grapefruit Seed Extract


Being rich in vitamin E and flavonoids, grapefruit seed extract works as a good natural home remedy to get rid of moles.

  • Apply one drop of grapefruit seed extract on your mole, cover it with a bandage or gauze and leave it on for a few hours. Do this two or three times a day for about one month.
  • Alternatively, you can combine one part grapefruit seed extract and 10 parts avocado oil. Apply it on the affected area and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this daily until you are satisfied with the results.

8. Onion Juice

onions juice


Onion juice can help get rid of moles and maintain an even skin tone because of its acidic properties.

  • Extract fresh onion juice and apply it on the affected area using a cotton swab. Leave it on for 30 minutes or more and then wash it off. Do this two or three times daily for at least three weeks.
  • Alternatively, apply a mixture of equal parts of onion juice and apple cider vinegar. Leave it on overnight or at least for half an hour. Do this daily for a month or until your mole fades away.

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46 thoughts on “Home Remedies for Moles”

  1. I tried the Garlic, and got burned pretty bad by it. It stung quite a bit, I just figured it was working. Anyway, do not apply garlic to skin!!

  2. Just try amman pacharisi(tamil name of d plant) …when u pluck the leaves of tat plant u will get a milky substance just apply it ovr d mole……and mole falls of depending on its size….

  3. OMG!!! I can’t believe it….the apple cider vinegar really worked. I had this annoying mole inside my ear and it was not only ugly but irritating. I follow your instruction and put a tiny piece of cotton soaked in apple cider vinegar inserted in my ear for about 2 hours every night for 3 days and on the 4th day it was so dried out I picked it off and it didn’t even leave a scar. I am so amazed because I found out apple cider vinegar has so many medicinal uses as well as this miracle of getting rid of a nasty mole. I thought it would take a long time but honestly in three days that sucker was so dry I picked it off in a moment. I know that sounds gross but thank you very very much for such a great tip.

  4. use apple cider and vinegar …garlic can harm ur skin by creating dark spot around mole. and what ever u use do not bandaid bkz for some time the used ingredient spheres over around skin.

  5. Thanks for sharing this informative post.There are some of home remedies mentioned in this article, it’s very useful for those who are suffering from moles diseases.We can easily get benefit with using these home remedies.Great post,keep updating new stuff.

  6. The most inexpensive and easiest way to remove a mole is with a $1 bottle of tincture of iodine. Apply one drop on the mole before bedtime. Repeat for 10 to 14 days or until mole falls off. It will typically take one year for the mole to grow back.

  7. i have many moles on my neck and two on face .suddenly few days back a small mole like growth but in white colour is grown .it is just below my lower lip .looks very dirty kind.what to do

  8. I used 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide on face and leg area… protect the area with Vaseline around the mole and put on with Q tip until it turns white keep doing it for bout 5 days it will dry up and it will kill it to its roots…be sure any suspicious looking moles get it checked out by the dermatologist…lots of people die from skin cancer b every year

  9. 35% hydrogen peroxide…kills it to the root…put it on until it turns white for 5 days protect surrounding area with Vaseline

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