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Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

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9. Hot Water Compresses

hot water compress

Regular use of hot water compresses will help minimize bladder pressure and give you relief from pain caused by the infection. A hot compress also will decrease the inflammation and help prevent growth of the bacteria that causes the infection.

  • Put some hot water in a flexible water bottle. Place the hot water bottle on your lower abdomen for a few minutes.
  • You can also place a heating pad on the lower abdominal area to get relief from the pain.

10. Water

drinking water

Drink plenty of water when suffering from a urinary tract infection. Try to drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water daily. By drinking more water, you will urinate more often, which is essential for dealing with this kind of infection.

Also, your urine will become less concentrated and the infection-causing bacteria will be flushed out of your system, helping you recover faster. Along with water, you can drink fruit and vegetable juices to provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it requires to fight off the infection.

These home remedies are effective in dealing with urinary tract infections. But you should consult a doctor if you have symptoms like blood in the urine, vomiting or high fever.



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  1. It’s been a long time since i am suffering from UTI and OMG i am fed up with this and wanna get rid of it. I’ll make sure to try these things.

    1. I tried the cranberry juice, pineapple juice, other sources of vitamin C. Advil just masked the pain for awhile until it came back stronger than before. Soon my UTI developed into a very painful lower back ache on both sides for days that made it impossible to sleep (this I mistakenly ignored because it was also my time of month). Then the fever started, which turned into *violent chills so that I could not even walk or get warm. My body needed to be warm but my burning head needed cooling. The only thing that helped me feel better was to put a dampened cold cloth on my burning head and put every cover I could find on my freezing body. I finally went to a doctor who rightly scolded me for not coming in sooner. I wasn’t an actual employee of the center so after running a Urine analysis that definitely affirmed it was a UTI, she sent me to a great local medical center that takes walk-ins (an E.R. room would’ve been too long a wait, she said). The doctor was great, he gave me antibiotics, very strong ibuprofen for the pain, and another pain killer. THIS ALL HAPPENED on holiday in Switzerland! The Swiss system did not fail me. I am writing this because I don’t wish this pain on anybody else. If serious symptoms develop, don’t waste time, go to a doctor. And hopefully the doctor will be good enough to do something about it (I hate to get sent home with come back 3 days later if it isn’t better!). Best wishes.

      1. I forgot to mention, I also drank lots of water. And it’s true that any fizzy or carbonated drinks will make things worse. I currently have a painful bloated stomach as a result of mistakenly having carbonated drinks (juice) in this period.

        1. I’ve been having UTI symtoms since morning, with burning and needle like stinging sensations .. haven’t tried all the wonderful tips on this page but feeling much better after drinking loads of water throughout the day. Alhamdulillah !

    2. Very good to drink as well are aronia and blackcurrant juices – both loaded with vitamin C, that prevents bacteria from propagating. And drink, drink, drink a lot, preferably water or diluted juices mentioned in the article. Absolutely no caffeine. And best just go to the doctor as soon as you can; the pain that might develop is just not worth it. And yeah, no ibuprofen for pain, can bugger up your kidneys.

    3. Like ‘onantibiotics’ post but i was rushed to hospitals by my doc in an ambulance spent 3 nights in ICU then week on medical ward with cannulas everywhere. I didnt have any sympton of uti just didnt feel well at all…..turned out i had septicemia and rhs kidney very sore….after going home i keep getting uti’s constantly. Sick of being on antibiotics

  2. I have one kidney due to cancer, because of strokes, diabetes, epilepsy I cannot drink cranberry. Most oral antibiotic I cannotI have to take IV’s or get shots any suggestions?

    1. Can you have cranberry juice if it’s sugar free? How about sugar free yogurt? Most important one is drinking as much water as you can. You really need to speak with a doctor or pharmacist to find out if there is an alternative antibiotic you can have. Hope something works for you. Best of luck.

    2. Try fresh plain fruit with no sweeteners at all. Sugar free juices have artificial sweeteners, which according to article, you should avoid. Use the fresh fruit as part of your regular diet. Unfortunately, if you’re like me and cannot deal with high acid fruits, then that wouldn’t work either. I tried the baking soda/water mixture right now. So far it’s working! I just hope it stays that way until I can get into a Drs office in a few days.

  3. Thank you this is working I have a urine tract infection for almost 3 weeks and I just use all the spot its a one evening in it works no pain

  4. I have had multiple uti’s in the past 2 years. Most of the time I end up going to the doctor to get a antibiotic. I am so tires of being on an antibiotic and I’m ready to try the more natural way of getting rid of this “no fun” infection! I have upped my water intake and cranberry intake and already feel the difference! Tonight I’m trying the tea tree bath along with the apple cider drink, blueberry tea,hot pad,and baking soda. Can’t wait to see more results!

  5. I am stunned but 2 hours after trying a few of these suggestions I am feeling so much better. I am on day 2 of feeling symptoms of a UTI. I’m not a the point of seeing a Dr. yet but I came online looking for information just like this.

    I drank the baking soda with water as well as the vinegar/honey with water. I only had canned pineapple but I figured a couple rings couldn’t hurt. I also took an ester C vitamin and drank an extra glass of water for good measure.

    The sensation to urinate went away after about 30mins with only a mild discomfort of lower abdomen pain. I thought maybe it was mind over matter but now that it’s been 2 hours and I was able to urinate without any burning sensation or the feeling of not having emptied my bladder… I’m sure that it’s not all in my head but that these measures really worked.

    Thank you for the great information and I would encourage anyone else to give these suggestions a try!

    1. Actually, there are quite a few studies that itiacdne that cranberry juice does help prevent urinary tract infections, which is why I mentioned drinking it as one of the things a woman can do to avoid getting a UTI in the first place. I was not suggesting foregoing proper treatment and drinking cranberry juice instead once someone already has a UTI, obviously once someone has a UTI, proper medical help is needed.

      1. Not true! I have completely cured at least 3 utis over the past 10 years with apple cider vinegar, garlic, baking soda, and cranberry in less than a week. You absolutely do not need an antibiotic. God already put everything we need right in front of us.

        1. Stacy please tell us how you cured your uti give us the mixtures or how you took each item. I will try anything at this point. I have had uti for 5 months now each time I get shot and meds it comes back within a week. thank you

          1. When u take antibiotics you also need to eat live culture yogurt. When you take antibiotics they kill the bad but they also kill the good bacteria. Soon then you can’t fight off another infection right away .A spoonful of live cultures a couple times a day helps.

        2. Hi, I keep getting UTI’S and they are miserable. I have been using kefir on a tampon and that has helped. I need to drink more water I know. I am going to try the baking soda in water and the ACV in water too. I am addicted to kombucha and I think the
          carbonation is not helping my problem, but I love it. I really love that people are getting relief without antibiotics..it is so much better than the side effects of antibiotics. I’m doing a liver cleanse starting tomorrow and I hope this will not aggravate my UTI. Thank you so much, this has been very helpful.

        3. I went two days ago to see my GP about pain with passing urine as I just had an operation two weeks ago. GP said it was from the catheter I had. He tested my urine and said it is mild UTI. He suggested while I am waiting for my result to come within a week. I need to take some antibiotic. He gave cephalexin to take 2x a day. I took one that evening and one the next morning. Since I took it I had ongoing headache, on and off chest pain, on and off chill, weakness that I sleep the whole next day. I felt sick than before I took this antibiotic. I searched the cephalexin and found that possibly he gave me too much dose which was 500mg to take twice a day. I contacted the nurse to let the GP know about my side effect. Nurse suggested to stop taking the antibiotic and GP will contact sometimes yesterday evening or today which this is afternoon and I havent heard from my GP. I feel much better since I stopped the antibiotic all side effects gonne when I woke up this morning. The only good thing I found was a slight change to my pain with passing urine but the side effect was horrible . I am now trying apple cidar vinegar just an hour ago. I will see how I go. However I still feel pain with passing urine this morning and chill on and off but no fever.Fingers cross that cidar vinager will help.

  6. Baking Soda works if your body has enough vitamin C. Without the vitamin C you’ll just be drinking the baking soda without any effect. Be careful not to drink to much baking soda as it can give you serious stomach aches (build up of gases)

  7. I have a UTI and I’m 15 this is my first EVER its VERY uncomfortable, especially in public place I’m going to do at least three of these tonight, i REALLLLYYY hope these remedies work

  8. I did the baking soda and the vinegar drinks and felt a definite difference within three hours. I could tell the painful pinch had lessened significantly and I was urinating a lot more freely. Great advice!

  9. I had a severe UTI brewing, went to the toilet 10 times in one hour and was dreading going through a whole night. Was really worried it would reach my kidneys as it had done once before. Thought I would try the baking soda, I put two teaspoons in a glass of water, noticed a difference within an hour! Did the same four hours later before I went to bed, was up only once during the night and definitely a significant difference with the pain! Highly recommend trying this. I am feeling heaps better today!!!

      1. I have a uti for over a year. The frequent and urgent urination always makes me embarrassed in public place. I really want to get rid of the painful condition. I’m so glad to know there are so many home remedies can help to cure uti. I will try these remedies. BTW, i’m taking a herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill now, hope these are helpful.

  10. I’m so glad there are sights like this out there. I already knew about the cranberry juice, vinegar vit c and drinking lots of water…never heard of some of the other treatments, going to especially try the baking soda…thanks!

  11. Well, I’m 17..Firstly, I was living the wrong way knowing my dad is a pastor! Having sex drinking, &smoking sometimes! Anyway after sex last week, I got a strange feeling and I had no idea what it was when I pee so I thought nothing of it ! However mMonday morning, there was pain when I pee so I googled “it hurts when I pee” then I seen it, boom! You may have a uti! I thought “nooo god, not me!” So I looked up home remedies BC I didn’t want to go to the Dr. For a series of other reasons, but I tried the baking soda & acv, which worked wonders so I thought!I prayed evey day that god take this pain away but I realized my prayer wasn’t as genuine as I thought! I don’t think I had enough faith! Until yesterday Saturday morning, all the scriptures I read had the number 7 in it (the number of completion!)& one day in the week I was praying in my room &my light came on, so in conclusion I knew he would turn darkness to light &this will end on day 7!! Saturday evening I was in the shower praying to god pleading that he heal me, after I got out the song by Georgia mass choir song come on in the room came on, so I got in my “room” the closet as the woman did on the song and called for Dr Jesus! After that the song came on by john p. Kee, he’s able to keep you! Which was confirmation to me as I looked up in my closet and seen the number 702 on a box!!!!!the number 7! So that night I didn’t take any account or baking soda b I trusted god , I even had some ice cream! I slept great! I got up at 4and the symptoms were GONE! Even today, Sunday, the 7th day I thank god for my healing! Just wanted to share my testimony!!!!!!!

    1. Did you think after unprotected sex, it may not be a UTI? It could be an STD, which can eventually kill you if left untreated. God lets us reap what we sow. Reading all the “seven” verses, looking for “signs and wonders”, like the lights coming on and that song coming on, and the number seven included on a box, are not ways to get God to stop it from getting you. Perhaps what you need is to go to a doctor and tell him/her you are having unprotected sex, and need to learn how to protect yourself from yourself. No amount of using religion as an amulet to ward off the evil spirits will work. God is not a magician, don’t use Him as such. Read your Bible with an understanding to doing His word, not with a heart towards just getting what you want at any given time. And respect yourself. But, DO go to the doctor, and maybe tell your mother. And good luck.

      1. Carole, I enjoy having unprotected sex, I’ve enjoyed it for the past four years. I believe once I married my husband we were each others whole world and protection is a necessity to people who have one permanent sex partner. I am a happy Christian and take my blessings as they come and I work my way through my problems knowing God is there and he’s not the answer to everything. I have great medical insurance but think it’s a last resort to fill my body with drugs when there are so many natural ways. Things like blue berrys have been around for thousands of years and have always been food. God has taken care of his children in many ways in secrecy and you mean to scorn his love for man kind. You need to read your Bible with an understanding to doing his word. Good day!

      2. Actually, God IS A MIRACLE worker, plz don’t say thoughts that confine our Father, but I agree that she should b checked but let’s not use God to argue an agreement or thought. GOD can n any thing he chooses to be..ty

    2. Scriptures have nothing to do with feeling better. If all you did was pray and tried none of the above remedies, your symptoms would probably be getting worse right now. You feel better because you decided to try some natural remedies. You did that, not god. I am glad you are feeling better but please don’t rely on prayer to cure you. You need to take better care of yourself and start by getting tested for sexually transmitted infections if you are having unprotected sex. Have your partner tested too if you want to keep having unprotected sex with him. Use a condom if you want to have different sexual partners as this is the only proven way to prevent std’s/sti’s short of abstinence. Most sti’s/std’s have the same symptoms as a uti or none at all. Please don’t be so naive, learn from your mistakes and be more careful in the future.

      1. Honestly, carole and stacy are completely wrong. Sure, Jesus does not want you to go out and have sex and sin. but His grace and love will make up for your wrong decisions. Jesus Christ IS the ultimate physician. His scriptures tell us that He will heal us, but it is all about our faith and belief in His healing. When we accept The Lord into our hearts, He gives us the power of healing, through Him. This way, we don’t have to beg God for healing, because when Jesus died on the cross, he took our sickness with Him. We simply pray, “Lord, I know that this is an attack from Satan, and I am already healed. I rebuke the enemy, and praise Your name, Jesus. I believe that I am already healed, by Your stripes.” And porknbeans, when the deciever sends people like carol and Stacy your way, just keep praising God!

        1. you people are friggen stupid
          if jesus worked why do doctors even exist
          stop giving credit to a magical man in the sky who dosent even exist and start crediting the people who actually and actively help people with medical issues

          1. Kim, without the Lord, doctors wouldn’t exist. Just because you have no faith, is no reason to insult people who do.

          2. An old time minister by the name of Billie Sunday used to say, “People have a tendency of burning the candle of life for the devil, and when they about to die they blow the smoke out in God’s face.” The reason bad things generally happen is not because God doesn’t care, but rather because He gave us our moral agency which permits us to make choices, both good and bad, and to choose between good and evil. If we choose to do things which are contrary to His laws, ordinances, and commandments, then we can expect to reap what we sow. STD’s are just one of those consequences, but some things, such as UTI’s are related to the fact that we are mortal beings living in a mortal world where bad things happen even to good people. It always amazes me when something bad happens, or someone gets caught doing something they should not be doing, (this especially applies to politicians), the first thing they do is to either blame God, or call it “a mistake.” What they really mean is that they got caught in the act and it’s embarrassing for them to have to publically admit their secret sins. UTI’s can come from STD, or it can be caused by any number of things such as bacteria picked up from unclean restrooms, not cleaning one’s self properly after having a stool, hand to hand contact (that’s why hand washing is especially important), being exposed to spores transmitted by other human carriers, etc. It is not something that should be deferred or put off until you become so miserable you don’t know what to do with yourself. God “is a God of miracles,” but He is also a God of laws, ordinances, and commandments, and He expects us to be obedient to them; however, if we choose to do as we quite well please then we must reap what we sow. You cannot have it both ways. UTI’s or STD’s that go untreated can cause serious consequences, even death. Sometimes they need to be treated with antibiotics because that is the only way of dealing with them; however, you should also be aware that some antibiotics (especially Ciprofloxacin) can also create other problems such as Clostridium Difficile (also known as C-Diff), which is very contagious and it can even kill you if left untreated. There are those who mock God because He allows bad things to happen to people, but usually bad things happen because He gave us our moral agency to make choices, and sometimes the choices we make have dire consequences, and it has nothing to do with God except for the natural laws that are imposed upon us as mortal beings. Since we choose to ignore those laws, and to exercise our free will or moral agency to do as we quite well please, then we can expect bad results. We are fortunate to be living in an age where we have access to have trained medical professionals, so called miracle drugs and numerous medications, and various methods and procedures for diagnosing some of these problems and to obtain cures for many diseases. UTI’s and STD’s are not something you can afford to put off doing something about. You need to contact a urologist or an infectious disease doctor immediately so they can conduct various lab tests, and get you the necessary treatment you need as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the more complicated it will be to obtain relief or a cure. They may have to use antibiotics, which in and of themselves can create another whole new set of problems you have to deal with, and you can expect several months of having to cope with the constant pain, aggravation, and the inconvenience of wearing Depends or other padding because you can no longer control your urinary problems. Sometimes, God expects us to use a little commonsense. Like I said, He is a God of miracles, but He also expects us to behave ourselves in a manner that are consistent with His standards, which are totally the opposite of mankind which appeals to our carnal, sensual, and devilish ways. If you need help find a good doctor and get the kind of treatment you need right away. Home remedies can and do occasionally help some people, and it may alleviate some of the UTI problems you have, but if you have a case bad bacteria growing in your bladder, or you have some sexually transmitted disease you need to see a doctor right away, and the sooner the better. Good luck, and God bless.

          3. KIM, You are SO ignorant. ! God is VERY Real..You need to be in a situation where your life is in danger..and nobody there to help you, and you are about to die..I BET you would cry out to God for Help then..the one you say is a magical man in the sky..and YES He is..and He does exist!! Grow up!!

        2. Carol and Stacy are not wrong. I love and believe in God and the power of healing. However, if any of you think that you can do what you know you shouldn’t and then pray to God and ask him to deliver you from your stupidity, is acenine. I did not say he won’t heal you…but, keep pressing your luck and see how many times your prayer works. Do your part and God will do his!

        3. Chelly, if Christ could do an eyeroll right now, He would. Illness doesn’t come from Satan, it comes from genetics, abuse of the body and microscopic invaders called viruses and bacteria. Read– faith without works is dead. He never promised He would remove every little sniffle from our lives. What he did promise was that if we lived good lives and maintained faith with good works, then we would be exalted. Your remarks make a mockery of God and every person who has suffered on this planet. The bible references that leaves of plants should be used as medicine. I believe the hope is….that as a collective people, we share the historical knowledge in natural healing. I believe He knew that the medical industry would become so corrupt that he would provide alternatives. This is not to say that modern medicine is unnecessary. I believe the hand of God rests on many physician’s shoulder. In a nutshell…we are our brother’s keeper. We are meant to pass on our knowledge to each other…..not to ask God to remove every ailment in our lives.

        4. Chelly, YES thank you for saying that. It needed to be said. I think you are absolutely right. When darkness sends people who completely close down the works of God and his healing power you have to remember to stay strong and brush them away. Keep your eyes and your thought looking upwards towards what is real. Porknbeans- your post was wonderful and I cant tell you how scarily closely I related to you and your testimony. It actually inspired me. Don’t worry about those who hate on you for your belief in the Truth.

    3. Thank you for that wonderful testimony. It comes to show that you put your complete trust in God, and you even prove it by eating ice cream which is not good for a UTI sufferer……God is a healer. If he did it for you, then I know that its already done it for me. Thank you heavenly father.

    4. So glad you heard the Lords voice and believed you were healed. Believe first. Give Him all the Glory. Now, go on and live the way that is honoring to the body He gave you.

  12. I have found UTI relief from drinking comfort tea (www.comfortteas.com). It usually works within 24 hours and most times I never need to go to the docto. The infection just clears up. It does make you pee a LOT!

  13. I looked up a remedy for a UTI because I constantly get them and it was told to me, to take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 3 teaspoons with vinegar and I must admit….it was nasty but it helped a whole lot compared to the high hospital bills with antibiotics and the UTI would come back so I recommend the baking soda and vinegar.

  14. The baking soda works. That and flushing with water. I was amazed. Amazed. Also, D-Mannose really helps clear it up and taken daily will keep UTIs away 🙂

  15. Itworked!!! I am so happy!! I have gone to the doctor countless times and I am so excited!!! I will always do this now whenever I feel one coming on!!!! Thank you soooooo much!!!!

  16. I tried the cider vinegar/honey one and got relief after a few doses.I’ll do it for a few more days to make sure,but it definitely worked for me.

  17. The article is missing one important natural remedy: yogurt. Yogurt has natural good bacteria that your body needs to fight infections. Eating a cup or two of yogurt everyday in conjunction with eating blueberries, drinking cranberry juice and most importantly, drinking as much water as you can help treat mild cases of uti’s. However, if you have blood in your urine, you should get yourself on antibiotics immediately because that means it will soon enter your kidneys which could lead to a kidney infection and that is potentially life threatening if left untreated. If you have a fever, nausea and/or vomiting along with back pain with the other typical uti symptoms, you could already have a kidney infection and need antibiotics. These remedies should only be used on their own for MILD cases of uti’s. If it’s more severe, antibiotics are needed otherwise, you are putting your health at risk.

    I live in Canada so seeing a doctor for me is free. Every citizen pays extra taxes to have free health care but to me this is better than wondering whether or not I should go to the doctor when I’m sick. If I need to see a doctor, I see one. I had blood in my urine so I got antibiotics immediately. Only thing I have to pay for is the antibiotic which is Macrobid in my case. Cost of the antibiotic was around $15 so very affordable. Penicillin is even cheaper but I’m allergic. I have friends in the states who will purposely cross the border to be seen by a doctor in Canada because it’s apparently significantly cheaper than it would be for them to see a local doctor. Medications here are not marked up nearly as much as in the U.S. I truly empathize for anyone who does not see a doctor because they feel they can’t afford to. No one should ever have put their health at risk.

    1. @Stacy, I’m not sure how Americans can cross over for ‘medical tourism’ without confronting problems. Isn’t assumed that if a person is seeing a Canadian doctor and they are American or from the US that they are simply seeing medical help at a cheaper price?? Anyway, I’m dealing with a UTI and tested with an at home kit and tested positive Leukacytes. I’m going to try Baking soda, Honey and the Apple cider vinegar, Wish me luck! 🙂

  18. I am so gonna try what i have read tonight,been battling with UTI past one year,was at the clinic yesterday same old antibiotics 🙁

  19. very very thanks for best advice,today early morning since 3.30 i suffer from Uti,i do something but no effect,,so i seaching net,,i foind good information about it,,so i take banking soda ,,and i m in relief,,thanks again

    1. seema does baking soda means dat we put in our cholas to soften them i should tke a tea spoon and drink it wit simple water just like dat

  20. its being dificult to urinate. Just a drop comes n it pains. I thought its bcoz i drink les water. N when i drink more water i.e.8to 10glases of water then am relievd, but again if amt of water is lowered, same prblm occurS. What could b d reason behin that? Is it lyk i hav to drin 10glases of water everyday entire my lyf! Please some sugesn. I am going to try bakin soda but wil that do?

    1. You should be drinking at least half your body weight in oz of water. So if you weigh 160 lbs, then yes you would need 10 8 oz cups of water. That’s 80 oz a day. Hope that makes sense. Most people don’t drink enough and don’t realize they are dehydrated.

  21. I had to use the bathroom really bad and I held it in for a veryyy long time. When I finally went to go use the rest room there was blood in my urine. I had no idea what was going on. I finally found out what was wrong and now I am trying these AT HOME remedies. I am 17 so I can’t just get up and go to the DR. I don’t feel like telling any of my family members. I know my UTI is more severe but I think this should work. I have not experienced any pain at all. Only just that there is blood -_- That freaks me out and I’m trying to get it cleared up. I’m doing the vitamin C, extra water, apple cider vinegar, and baking powder.

    1. I’ve read a lot of the home remedy answers and many of them have worked for me in the past. I am an RN and do understand the value of both some of the home remedies and also, the need to see an MD if symptoms don’t subside within a couple of days. But, in your case, see a doctor immediately. Blood in the urine is not something to put of. Your family will be much more negatively affected if they find that you had a problem that could have been addressed if treated early enough, rather than spare them whatever it is that you are concerned about. If you were my daughter, i would absolutely want to know and be given the opportunity to help you. Please talk to them or at least see a school nurse if you have one available to you. This is serious.

  22. On the onset of my UTI two days ago, I drank an 8 oz. glass of water with 2 tsps. of baking soda in the morning. Throughout the morning I was feeling fine until around noon. I was getting the UTI Pain in my bladder after relieving myself. Since I was at work I had no access to more baking soda. During lunch I went to my local drug store and purchased AZO (maximum strength to relieve UTI Pain) and within 20 min the pain was gone. BUT, AZO is just to relieve the UTI Pain, not to treat the UTI itself. (Must warn you, the AZO makes your urine orange in color).

    However, after searching the internet for more home remedies, I read that Apple Cider Vinegar (with Mother) mixed with 8 oz. of water is very beneficial. Because of its acids, when you drink this mixture 3 times a day along with more water, it flushes out the bacteria very quickly everytime you urinate because it is so potent. I strongly believe that this is the more natural antibiotic. I have been drinking this mixture for a day and a half now and it has been a life saver.

    Hoping these remedies are helping you all out!!

  23. Hi, I am so glad I stumbled upon your site while trying to read up on UTI… and the whole works. I was looking for alternative cures.
    I had a relapse after a dose of antibiotics 3 weeks back. I do have my reservations for antibiotics but sometimes you don’t have timelly options. Now I am on a vaginal estrogen, for UTI caused by hormonal changes, according to my gyny.

    However, aside from things beyond my control, in my case I must say..the additional reasons could also be due to the habit of not drinking enough water, low fibre diet, neglecting health routines,etc.

    TQ for the comments…its interesting & helpful. I shall try out some of the natural/folk remedies given.

  24. I am seventy-seventy and i always have UTI and i can’t go to the dr all the time and antibiotics don’t always work so i find this website,and i tried the baking soda and cider vineger and it worked!! Thanks for the helpful people,because i would still be in pain. What a blessing!

  25. This morning I was awoken with the worst burning feeling in a long time and needed relief right away. It was 3am so the doctor’s office wasn’t open. I dug through my sister’s medicine cabinet (I was staying at her house thank god) and found Lady Soma Cranberry Tablets. I highly recommend this product in everybody’s medicine cabinet. The product worked within 20 minutes and I was able to go back to sleep!

  26. The minute I even THINK I may have UTI, I start chugging pineapple juice. If it really feels bad, I get a giant pineapple smoothie from Smoothie King. Its a small miracle when you need relief and FAST. I also take Antioxidiants (Quercetin w/ Ester C) and Alka Seltzer morning and night. The Alka Seltzer works bc of the baking soda. Of course, if the infection isn’t gone within a day or two, it is time for antibiotics bc your UTI can spread and you’ll end up with a kidney infection.

  27. heyy…..i recently had an intercourse and aftr it.next day i m suffering from this infection .i got a urine test done n consulted a doctor too….the percentage of infection is 45%.can u suggest me quick remedies to remove this problem completely coz i m not able to concentrate in studies because of this

  28. I am suffering from UTI for the last 4 years but I always ignore this problem. Last time it was verse and I visit doctor so he give me antibiotic which was good but when I stopped the antibiotic it starts again. Today I drink baking soda with a glass of water. With in one hour I get rid of pain and swelling.

  29. I tried the baking soda and water fallowed by the vinegar and water then sat down with a hot water bottle between my legs and feel 100 percent better!!! Ty very much Kat

  30. I have had recurrent UTIs for years.. Usually resorted to antibiotics to get rid of. Even taking a low dose antibiotic before sex to prevent. I tried d mannose and that seemed to help. I recently had a UTI that was treated with a 10 day course of antibiotics, and the symptoms were lessened but remained.. The funny feeling you get when you know one is coming on, slight burning.. Etc.. Subsequent cultures were negative for Uti.. Very frustrating to have all the symptoms and no infection and not knowing what to do..
    I firmly believe my bladder was inflamed from the antibiotic use..
    I went on acididophillis twice daily, drank warm lemon water twice a day..took tumeric powder pills three times a day (tumeric is a huge anti-inflammatory)
    Along with once a day Acv with water..
    For anyone who was having symptoms but no infection, give this a try..
    It took more then a month.. But I finally feel nearly 100% normal
    I will do anything possible to avoid antibiotic use in the future and find a natural way to treat UTIs..hope this helps someone with similiar concerns..:)

    1. Beth it sounds like IC. Interstitial cystitis. I have IC and the AZO is the best for me because there is no infection. The bladder wall itself Is inflamed. Stay away from diet drinks and things with artificial sweeteners ( i.e. aspartame), ginger, alcohol, prolonged periods of holding your urine (long car rides with no breaks), and always use a lubricant for sexual intercourse regardless. Again…. If you are SURE there is no infection but you have recurring pain it might be IC.

  31. I am suffering from painful bladder symdrome.After a few research,I found a solution.I drink Marshmallow root tea.Yes,it works.The pain gone and the freguency of going toilet often decreased.But what worrys me is that after one day drinking,I urine blood.What does it means?

  32. The ‘natural remedy’ world needs to meet the hard-science world when it comes to UTI’s. Treating a UTI has everything to do with which microbe you’re trying to kick.

    If you have an e-coli infection, D-Mannose, cranberry pills, and tons of water work great to wash out the infection. Cystex tablets also help.

    However, if you’re working with a gram positive bacteria like staph saprophyticus, it’s a whole different ball game. You can’t just wash saprophyticus out. You must actively kill it. You can do this by taking curcumin, turmeric, or forskolin which raise the cAMP levels in your immune system. cAMP kills gram positive bacteria by creating pores in bacteria cell membrane walls. Substances that directly hurt staph are onions, raw garlic and paprika. So eating raw onions, garlic and ‘shoving it up there’ may help. You can keep gram positive bacteria infections from getting worse by keeping the pH of your urine high by drinking baking soda water. This inhibits the bacteria from creating slimy biofilms, but doesn’t completely kill bacteria cultures.

    A lot of times women get reinfected with the same bacteria, so simply diagnosing which strain goes a long way towards treating it for years.

    1. Thanks for this information. My infections are never e-coli and I always end up on anti-biotics. Now I have resistant bacteria so there is always some in there. Will try this and see if it helps.

  33. A UTI is a physical infection. A person’s faith is a personal matter. Not sure why a rather unkind religious debate needed to get started over this.

    D-Mannose is such a great treatment for me. Works most of the time on the pain within 1/2 an hour, although I do the whole course and take it for several days. I drink a glass of water every half hour. I also drink unsweetened bluebery juice if I can get it or unsweetened cranberry juice, both mixed into water. No sugary foods for several days. This regimen works every time.

    I didn’t know about pineapple or baking soda or vinegar. Thanks for those suggestions.

  34. Drink 2 liters or at least 1.5 of coconut juice for 1 week. After I did this, I experienced a severe pain in my bladder then when I peed a big stone came out.

  35. I used to read your articles on Home Remedies and appreciate them too much.I request you to throw light on the following problems at your earliest.
    1:- Reasons and home remedies for Hypertension.
    2:-Due to COPD,airways blocked and difficult to walk beyond 30 metres approx.
    on account of breathing problem.After resting a while the normal condition is
    restored again.I think due to airways blockage,sufficient oxygen is not being
    Inhaled in lungs as per requirement.
    These problems are related to me.I am running in 80th year.
    Thank you too much in anticipation for an early response.

  36. the best 4 uti is drinking buco juice everyday it works for me..

    drinking buco juice really works for me try it regularly…

  37. I hate UTS’s! They’re painful and disrupt your entire life. Right now I’m trying the baking soda and water mixture and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how fast it started working! Within 30 minutes the pain, cramping and backache were almost totally gone. These symptoms, along with the frantic back and forth trips to the bathroom have kept me up all night. I was actually able to get almost 2 hrs sleep! I wonder just how long it’ll work? I know it says to take it 1-2 times a day but my body processes things so fast that I might try up to 3 times a day.

  38. Apple cider vinegar definitely works. I used the organic. By the third day I was pain free and feeling much better. Great home remedy!

  39. So far I have been reading over and over that your body should be kept acidic in order to prevent UTI’s from coming back, and now I am very confused by some of the posts left here – that people take baking soda to alleviate or prevent UTI’s! It just doesn’t make sense. If you’re being advised to drink cranberry juice or apple cider to keep your body acidic, then how could mixing baking soda in water be helpful in this case – knowing that baking soda is highly basic? I think that baking soda would actually make the infection get worse. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. I gather that Cider Vinegar and the other things go from Acid to Alkaline.
      Usually ACV will cause the urine pH to be acid after taking this a couple of hours, usually upon the first or second urination after drinking apple cider vinegar, thereafter the next day it tends to become more alkaline from the minerals provided in the apple cider vinegar, hence the controversy. And the same thing seems to happen with both ascorbic acid vitamin C, citric acid, vinegar and apple cider vinegar.

  40. Its my experience that m sharing
    M a 12 weeks pregnant and suffering from uti from few after I conceived .it was so severe that I was not even able to sit properly.consulted doctor nothing worked, my husband said let’s visit another doctor…which I dint want and looked over the internet and fortunately found this site.

    Amazingly I had a cup of Indian gooseberry today morning for empty stomach believe me I am 70% recovered in a day.
    Amla juice worked wonderfully m so happy.
    Just separate tyre seeds an make juice of it as little salt and drink.
    I even tried baboon soda which dint work on me.
    Guys those who suffering with this problem better try this once before you consult, if doesn’t work then move ahead especially for pregnant ladies taking allopathy isn’t always good.

  41. Drinking coconut water is the common remedy for UTI here in the Philippines. Some pregnant women drink coconut water daily as a precautionary measure.

  42. When i was still on the job i experienced this UTI but our school nurse advised me just to drink plenty of plain water to wash out the infection from the kidney bladder…also control eating of red meat..and avoid eating junk food and too much salts…

  43. Interesting discussions! I love the fact that the most of the discussions are genuine and sincere. I never knew the world has such wonderful people as the people involved in this discussion.Please let us keep the conversation going! This is wonderful!!!!

  44. My first time reading this site..so helpul. I also have a recurrent UTI for more or less 10 years which I treat with antibiotics prescribed by my doctor. I will try tis ACV treatment. Many thanks. 🙂

  45. Nice reading all the comments and happy to know that even though we don’t know each other trying to help by giving advice.

  46. I drunk water with apple cider vinegar couple of hours ago. I don’t feel cystitis of symptom now! I think it is important to remain on guard it every day.

  47. I know this is a women’s forum but I’m a married faithful guy who gets prostate infections quite often. My wife is a diabetic and suffered from UTI’s and yeast for years until she got her sugar under control and It would spread to me (love her anyways dispute the skin getting burned off you know what) LOL. I know what you woman go through now.

    Anyways I get UTIs periodically now. Has there been any research on if this works in men too and potentially revealing UTI from prostrate yeast infections. They have been giving constant cipro treatments but it seems like this just beats it back for a while and it comes back. I’m convinced its a very stubborn yeast infection that is nested in the prostrate that gives me my bladder issues.

    1. Mike…frequent toilet visits, especially at night, may mean an enlarged prostate..something very common in men as they get older. This is easily treated by a visit to your doctor. In some men, it can mean prostate cancer, so you should ask your doctor for a P.S.A. test, which is easily done with a blood test. The prostate and bladder are right next to each other, so an enlarged prostate will press upon the bladder..hence the frequent toilet visits. Good luck.

  48. am impressed about what am reading here,but then,I real wanted to know what can heal /cure UTI for good because according what I have been reading from different people’s comments,baking soda just takes away the pain but does not heal such infections completely.I real feel terriable thou I pray.

    1. Take Vitamin C pills every day. Our urinary track needs the acid in Vitamin C every day to keep from getting urinary track infection.

  49. All of these suggestions are great, and they do make you FEEL better, but you do not GET better….UTI is very serious & anyone who is going through one, should definitely seek medical care, either with your primary physician, or a walk-in clinic. If left untreated, the infection could move into your kidneys. Best to get everything over with quickly with the 3-day antibiotic regiment.

    1. easy for you to say evidentally, but i beg to differ with u miss!! i have been fighting a UTI since 2-3-16 and becuz i am low tolerant to any medication and mostly all foods because of past drug abuse, the so called ‘DOCTORS’ that can help most all people ‘CAN NOT’ and have not been able to help me one bit, so please dont come on here like u know everyone and everyone’s situation! each of us is different, that is why there are so many on here trying to help one another, cuz what dont work for one of us, might just work for another and i find all of this very refreshing–to know that i am not the only one who cant take so called ‘doctors’ meds and be healed!! And i am in the process right now–fighting for my life cuz i have not been able to beat this monster inside me–and for 2 days now i have been drinking 1/4 tsp baking soda in 1/2 cup of water and so far it seems to keep the UTI at bay, so those of u that pray–PLEASE pray that i will finally get the answer to my prayers and the healing i have begged for since this started many months ago, and yes, i know–we r not suppose to beg our Creator either, but when u r screaming and crying in pain and feel like for the 1000th time in a yr, u feel like u r dying, one would say just about anything and we wont even get into what else i have said to Him as well–matter of fact, i am surprised i am typing this to u right now! Please have a blessed one and how ever any of u get healed from this monster, PLEASE post till your hearts content–cuz a dying person such as myself, sure needs all the help I can get!!! God/Yh bless and keep all of you safe and healthy–i pray!!!

  50. I personally know several women who have died due to not getting help for their UTI, they became septic and then a coma and then died. So I run not walk to the nearest bladder doc.
    I do appreciate this site, I am taking antibiotics, I am also going to try several of your suggestions due they keep coming back.. I think this is due not being completely cured by antibiotics. I also read a book Healthy Healing by Linda Paige. It also has helpful hints for certain foods to avoid etc. good book to look into for many health issues.

  51. I’m only fifteen, and I’m not sure if I really have a uti. Although, I do feel a burning sensation when and after I pee. My mom is currently out of state and I’m being watched by my grandmother. I don’t want to bother about going to the doctor, so I tried the baking soda remedy. So far, it’s relieving the pain.

  52. Thanks for the advice! I will try these ways. I cant focus on my studies because of this UTI. By the way, some also says that young coconut water is also good in UTI. Hope these works. Thanks!

  53. Will regular vinegar work instead of the cider vinegar. I’m at deer camp on an island so things are very limited for me to deal with the painful uti. I can’t even go hunting with my husband

  54. The last time I had a UTI, the doctor prescribed me an antibiotic in which I ended up being severely allergic to, and actually damaged my liver. Now, I will do all I can to avoid getting “help” from that sector. So far the baking soda and water seems to help…along with drinking loads of water.

  55. I have been prone to Urinary Tract Infections my whole life. I’ve probably tried every home remedy that I could find out on the market today! DO NOT drink Cranberry Cocktail–theres a lot of sugar in it and it will just aggravate your condition further.) Cranberry Juice has a dry taste for me, so I haven’t always been a huge fan of

    The Lady Soma cranberry Concentrate is a great alternative – I take it in the morning when I take my regular vitamins. I have made it part of my regular routine so that my body is prepared if another Urinary Tract Infection is lurking in the shadows. These pills are small and easy to swallow as well as not having any taste. Good Luck!

  56. God exist yeah right,he only exists in your heads,not mine or a lot of people I know, there is no God,never was never will be.

  57. I Drink Cranberry – Grape Juice as I do not like plan Cranberry juice for my UTI and Kidney infections . and take a bath in as much hot water as you can stand. it helps with the pain.

  58. Desperate times call for desperate measures right? I am 53 years old and this is my first UTI…very painful and a 3 day course of cipro was not doing the job completely….so I tried some of the home remedies…and within 30 minutes to an hour I began to feel so much better. First I tried baking soda and water….not tasty…but worth doing as I felt better quickly. An couple of hours later I did the apple cider vinegar, lemon juice from real lemon, and honey combo….again…not tasty…but continued to feel better. I am also taking a probiotic specifically designed for UTI healing. AND….DRINK DRINK DRINK WATER…I added fresh squeezed lemon to keep the vitamin C intake going. I don’t think the Cipro antibiotic would have killed the bacteria on it’s own…these home remedies have been a life saver for me. Thank goodness for this site and for everyone who posted these suggestions. Feel better everyone.


  60. I’ve been diagnosed with uti for over a year. I’ve tried many home remedies, but the improvement was little. Now, i’m on a herbal medication called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. Hope it helps.

  61. I take care of an 88yr old lady that just got over a UTI, and a month later she has another one. I’m going to try this with her.

  62. Maybe leaving sex til marriage with one man, as follows from God’s 10 commands, could be a huge preventive.– especially unwise are multiple partners. Sadly, here is such pressure in our current culture to engage in sex as though it is form of recreation rather than a special sacred gift. However there are other sources of UTIs. Helps for women are as suggested by careful cleanliness. But some women just have a natural weakness for UTIs and similar infections. Great ideas shared help us to avoid taking too many antibiotics if wanting to prevent their side effects. Not an easy circunstance. Blessings to all.

  63. Sad that our current culture demands women must have sex freely before marriage to one man and some of this results in UTIs. God set it up otherwise in His Ten Commandments, that sex is a gift those married give each other. Women now seem pressured to make sex part of normal dating or they are considered odd. Sad. UTI ‘s happen more frequently in that dating expectation, though many other circumstances can be causal. Thus, all this good sharing and advise is so helpful to all who wish to avoid antibiotics, with some AB’s having grave side effects & repercussions, but AB’s may otherwise be viewed as the only resort for the cure of UTIs. Thanks to all who shared their experience and wisdom.

  64. Quit white sugar forever ! Bacteria’s feed on the sugar as this white sugar sticks to the bladder wall.
    You will never get this UTI if you quit sugar. It worked for me.
    Also try homeopathy medicine .

  65. Do not take acidic products such as fruit juices or lemon juice. The problem with UTI’s is that the urine, due to the bacterial growth, has become too alkaline, which is why it burns. Drinking something acidic, like lemon juice, will not help to counterbalance the alkalinity of the urine, because the digestive system converts the acidic quality of the juice into an alkali, which will only make the problem worse.
    Apple cider vinegar is a different kind of juice, but you must ensure it is organic RAW cider vinegar, not the processed commercial kind found on supermarket shelves…

    Oh and all this God/Allah nonsense? Stop it. It’s irrational, inaccurate and totally misleading.
    UTI’s have nothing to do with sex before marriage or only one partner. It is a purely biological/anatomical thing, and nothing to do with morality. Grow up, and get an education. It is utterly ignorant to connect having a UTI with God’s alleged opinions of pre-marital sex.
    I used to attend a convent and one of the nuns used to get regular UTI’s the poor thing. Trust me, it had nothing to do with sex.
    Wearing close bulky clothing and synthetic fabrics is also a cause of UTI’s.
    So much for all this rubbish about sex and God’s plan.

    Gimme a damn break.

  66. I have frequent UTI.s and take antibiotics . Ths tome the infection is coming on. But I am trying alternative stuff. . Will get some Vit C have cranberry juice and pills. Just took glass of water with baking soda and let us see what happens.

  67. Helpful info in this article. I had uti for about 3 years. I had to urinate frequently and urgently. The frequent need to urinate at night severely affected my sleep quality. I kept strictly to the food requirements, avoid spicy foods, alcohol, smoking, coffee,etc. But the medicines I took couldn’t help to cure it. Then a friend recommended me a herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, after 3 months medication, the infection was cured completely.

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