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Home Remedies for Toothache

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Toothaches can vary greatly, from mild soreness to an unbearable throbbing pain in your teeth or around your jaws. Some of the main causes of toothaches are cavities, an infection, an exposed tooth root, a cracked tooth, gum disease, a loose filling, or jaw joint disorder.Β 


A toothache (see the above diagram) happens when the central region of the tooth, known as the pulp, becomes irritated or inflamed. The pulp consists of several nerve endings that are highly sensitive. Pulp can become inflamed or irritated for many reasons, some of which are noted above.

If you have toothache, it is best to seek immediate advice from a dentist before the problem worsens. You can also try some natural remedies to relieve the pain temporarily.

home remedies for toothache

Here are the top 10 home remedies for toothaches.

(Out of the 10, we have covered 3 highly effective home remedies in this video as well.)

1. Pepper and Salt

Salt mixed with pepper can be of great use when a tooth becomes extremely sensitive as both the ingredients have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

toothache home remedy salt pepper

  1. Mix equal amounts of pepper and common salt with a few drops of water to form a paste.
  2. Apply the paste directly on the affected tooth and allow it to sit for a few minutes.
  3. Do this daily for several days.

2. Garlic

Use of garlic can also provide immense relief from toothache. Garlic has antibiotic and other medicinal properties that can be very effective in reducing the pain.

garlic can cure toothache

  1. Mix a crushed garlic clove (or garlic powder) with some table salt or black salt and apply it directly on the affected tooth to alleviate the pain. If you prefer, you can chew one or two cloves of garlic to get relief.
  2. Repeat this natural treatment for a few days.

3. Cloves

Cloves have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant and anesthetic properties that help alleviate tooth pain and fight infection.

tooth pain cure using cloves

  • Grind two whole cloves. Mix in a little olive oil or any vegetable oil and apply on the affected tooth.
  • Another option is to dab a cotton ball in clove oil and rub it directly on the sore tooth. Or, you can mix a few drops of clove oil in half a glass of water and use it as a mouth rinse.

4. Onion

Onions have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that control a toothache. It can provide relief from pain by killing the germs causing an infection.

onion remedy for tooth pain

  • At the first sign of a toothache, chew raw onion for a few minutes to relieve the pain.
  • If you are not able to chew it, place a piece of raw onion directly on the bad tooth or gum.

5. Asafetida

Dental problems such as toothaches and bleeding gums can be treated at home with the use of asafetida.

  • Simply add a pinch or one-half teaspoon of powdered asafetida to two teaspoons of lemon juice and then warm it slightly. Use a cotton pad to apply the solution on the affected area. This will give you quick relief from the pain.
  • Alternatively, asafetida fried in clarified butter can be put in the tooth cavity for instant relief.

6. Warm Salt Water

A simple glass of warm salt water can help treat a toothache.

salt water for tooth pain

Mix half a spoon of common salt in a glass of hot water and use it to rinse your mouth thoroughly.

It will help reduce swelling and inflammation, and also fight the bacteria that cause infection.

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636 thoughts on “Home Remedies for Toothache”

  1. Thank you so much for this technits they actually work some things you see or hear on the internets are bogus these work Like it says I was in so much pain and didn’t know wat to do I done the salt and pepper almost Instantly it stopped thanks

    1. I cannot thank you enough I have sat in pain for many hours until now 4.30am. I tried the hot salt water remedy and actually saw the fluid drain for an instant temporary relief until it needs to be repeated.

      1. Wow salt and pepper is effective. It reduces the pain and thank you. I almost cried because it’s so painful. Thanks for this advice

          1. Yes the salt & pepper did work good I was in a ton of pain like unbearale to take. I will try the other ones next!!!!!!!Thx

          2. Salt and pepper is very effective and I put 2cloves of garlic ..with in two to three mins can relief pain …thanks for this remedy

          3. I have a molar with a large root cavity. My regular dentist won’t pull it because a root is too close to a sinus cavity. I have been in agony while I await getting to an oral surgeon and taking codeine which hasn’t helped at all. I tried the salt and pepper and oh my gosh it’s a miracle! Thank you Dr. Internet, DDS!

          4. I agree with Ryan G. The pain was terrible… almost passed out and broke into a cold sweat. Absolutely horrible…

        1. Yes the salt and pepper paste remedy really works fast. I’ve been in pain for hours tried it and its gone super fast like not even a minute πŸ™‚

      2. I was skeptical about pasting salt & pepper on my tooth. I was in sooo much pain, that I figured it couldn’t get any worse. Within seconds the throbbing stopped. Thank you Salt & Pepper!

        1. I was also skeptical and then read your post. Nothing to lose at this point since the pain is so bad. I didn’t use a coffee filter or tea bag just went in with straight up black pepper and salt paste. Sweet relief that I haven’t had for 3 days. Thank you! Now I might try the coffee filter or tea bag approach. Thanks so much again.

          1. me to my pain was so bad i cried for more than 3 hours straight i almost couldn’t move my mouth because the tooth would hurt bc of that. I am so glad it worked.

      3. To anyone who knows, toothache pain is enough to make you consider suicide, this pain is no joke. I was in real tears, balled up in a knot, my whole face, shoulder and arms hurt to the touch. I took ibuprofen and Tylenol and applied orajel, i was about to get the pliers and yank this bad boy right on out my mouth. I was shaking in agony. I looked up natural ways to cure a tooth ache and came to this site, well let me tell you, I would have tried anything to get rid of this pain, so I see the salt and pepper I made it out of plan ole table salt and black pepper, and brushed my tooth, and when I tell you in literally 2 minutes pain gone!!! The pepper is tolerable, heck it ain’t nothing compared to that tooth ache pain. I’d a chewed shoe soles or tire rubber if it work as good as this salt and pepper. If you’re on this site, it’s because you’re in real pain and are desperate for instant relief… try this, it works like magic!

        1. Omg! I can’t even tell you how much your review means to me! You have literally typed every single thing I just went through; the crying, the shaking, the whole face & neck hurting, being balled up in pain; all the way to exactly the same remedies I just tried. Now I’m off to make a salt & pepper paste! Thanks!

        2. Thank you so much for validating the salt & pepper method with such detail… Reading your post makes me confident this will work – I can’t wait to leave work so I can try it!

    2. Same as you Danny – pain getting to be unbearable – had rinsed in warm salt water but had not alleviated. Also used corsodyl gel during day but had not helped. Tried the salt and pepper paste and within seconds pain had pretty much gone and now some minutes later totally gone! Amazing!

      1. Hi Margaret! I’m so glad you got relief from the toothache as I’m experiencing the same thing since yesterday. Still have the solution in my mouth and its feeling a lot better. So glad to have found this site and that I could focus on reading the info since my attention span is more focused on the pain!

        1. I had a root filling today and dosed on codeine but best relief came from cutting the top off a teabag. Empty tea out and mixed black pepper and salt with olive oil. Sat here with teabag half out of mouth and definitely feeling better.many thanks

        2. I can’t thank you enough for the remedy of pepper and salt. I can’t afford a dentist and this gave me instant relief. I had tried everything I could think of.

          1. OMG I don’t know how much more I can thank u but I have been in so much pain for 4 hours. The pain was so unbearable so I decided to try the raw onion which I did and it worked. Thank u very much!!!!!

          2. I know your feels :'(
            Thank you though this saved me for a week I’ve had 00000 hours sleep so thank you I’m saved πŸ™‚

      2. I did the salt and pepper paste. I also mixed in a little garlic. It’s gone for now but , it tastes like I’m biting into a steak! So far so good n I thank you for the easy trick!!

      3. Well, it did reduce pain but was also burning in the area my family member said as she used it not me
        Another way I know is salt water gargal

        1. I am up at 3am pain is so bad. Tooth and gum inflamed. Worst pain ever agree but burning now from the salt and pepper mixture. I put a napkin in mouth this helped drain the spit from mouth while doing the process. This helped the pepper burning less also.

      4. hi that pain cant be taken for granted one has to follow such kind of treatment of pepper and salt plus few drop of water to form paste actualy am not sleepng at night let @t 3:00am the problem start

    3. Hi Danny,
      It’s 2 years later and now 2015, sitting here a severe toothache! I’m sitting here with salt and pepper in mouth as I’m typing and I almost immediately felt relief as well and will continue to use this technique. So glad it worked for you as well!

        1. I was also in great pain!! I tried the salt and pepper it really worked.im shocked i was sceptical now im a believer.thank you so much!!!?

      1. The salt and pepper past really works!!! My mother saw these post and insisted that I try it…I was in a lot of pain & could barely mix this together. I got immediate relief & wanted to share with others.. Thank you for sharing, this really works!!

      2. Hi, I had a bad toothache and headache the other night couldn’t sleep at all no pain killers worked not even to take the edge off it, felt like almost crying was in most pain next day to red up online warm water mix salt in water and swirl around my mouth pain went away fast feel much better now
        ? I would recommend to use it if tablets don’t work

    4. Used water and salt..and cloves and olive oil…but i am not relaxed….now going to try pepper and salt…hope this helps !

      1. Try rinsing your mouth with peroxide. Do not swallow. Then rinse with 1 cup of warm water mixed w/1 tsp. Of salt. Till all gone. Morning and night.

      2. use need leaves a hand full mature leaves wash them in water first. Then chew them make into a ball . locate this ball in the place of pain and hold it there as long as you can comfortably. Spit it out, if some juice goes inside don’t worry no harm done.

    5. It’s 2 am and I’m in such pain I can’t sleep. Tried salt and warm water which worked yesterday: It didn’t work. Finally mixed pepper and salt, used my finger to put paste on my rear tooth, and, HORRAY! the pain is gone. Hope it continues to kill the pain so I can sleep. Thanks to all for your insight.

      1. It’s 2:13 an finally got some relief. Thanks to all of you who advised the salt and pepper and garlic. I had garlic mixed with pepper season and made a paste with a little salt. Instant Relief. I had to reapply after about 2 hours. Hope I can get some sleep. Thanks

        1. Have been in pain waiting to see my dentist for months . Tried Tylenol, Advil , orajel nothing worked. So found this page and after reading so many success stories I cut the top off a teabag dumped out the tea and put in half teaspoon each of table salt and black pepper. Closed the teabag back up stapled it closed then doused it in olive oil then water and applied to my sore broken tooth. Instant relief. Was so surprised but does actually work. Thank you thank you thank you!!!


      1. I was in agony for days, used the salt and pepper paste: PAIN GONE!!!!! Thank goodness. Looking forward to a good nights sleep

        1. Hey guys i wasnt the one in pain my pregnant girlfriend was and i was looking for safe home remedies since she couldn’t get any rest which was causing me to lose sleep i had her rinse her mouth with warm salt water then walah she was sleep within minutes finally i get sum rest thx alot

          1. nah… salt and pepper it didn’t work for me it just worsen the pain. Instead I use the fresh one alone and without salt. Then, it works.

      1. I haven’t eaten or slept in almost 3 days. I’ve been to the ER 3 times and am on antibiotics, Motrin 600 and Norcos but nothing made the pain stop. I used equal parts salt, pepper, and garlic salt with olive oil to make it into a paste and although it still hurts a bit…I don’t currently want to scream. Thank you!

      2. Just had probably my first toothache ever, (It wasn’t painful, just a mild ache), so in despiration i came across this website & than tried the Warm Salt Water treatment, & i kid you not, but seriously, instant relief with so sign of pain, it’s like i imagined the whole fiasco, so thank you Thank You THANK YOU!!! (Keep up the good work, you guys are awesome)!!!!!

      3. Yes, here in southern Brazil, 2015, tooth abcess pain had radiated to right leg, then I was already throwing y arms out for relief…
        Almost instant relief with cayenne pepper (the only I had) and Flower of the Ocean (Fleur de Sel).

    7. Just tried garlic and salt, then garlic , salt and pepper…. Took away toothache in minutes. Gum still a bit sore…. This is great remedy…. This particular tooth had root canal several years ago, hurts off and on – this was first bout in more than a year . Started after I ate nothing but pineapple two days ago. Will juice pineapple from now on if eating a lot of it….

      1. Have you had your old root canal tooth reexamined for infection? I recently had one like that where the seal broke and the whole thing got reinfected. I’m trying these remedies here for the first time because i think another old root canal tooth of mine just got reinfected. Pain is horrible. Seemed unimportant at first, just minor discomfort, but suddenly it got real bad real fast. Just a heads up.

        1. I chewed a few small onions and then kept a paste of salt and pepper on my tooth. Within a minute the throbbing pain disappeared. Great thanks to the one who compiled this post

      2. Honeslty, I had my toothache for weeks, tried to deal with it but I cried once. I have pills but they don’t work right away, so I came to this website to get it to go away. I hate pepper,but it was the only thing I had that was the only other thing I had. And my guns are a bit sore but I am better than before thanks and I didn’t even use the power I used the other stuff ??

      3. I tried all these but got only a temporary relief.Then I tried chewing tender curry leaves.It gave better relief.

    8. God bless you! I also did the salt and pepper one. I won’t lie. It did sound too good to be true but IT WORKS!!!!!! I PUT A LITTLE TWIST ON IT THOUGH TO MAKE IT A LITTLE LESS MESSY AS FAR AS PEPPER GRAINS GO. ALTHOUGH THATS THE LEAST OF YOUR WORRIES WHEN YOUR MOUTH HAS YOU IN A WHITE HOT RAGE!!!!!

      Step 1) Take a coffee filter, small square of ladies pantie hose, womens stalkings, emptyed tea bag just cut the top and pour out tea or leave tea in for flavor equal tea to salt and peper mixture. (anything with small enough holes to contain the salt & pepper but still let water absorb quickly but durable enough not to fall apart when lightly bitten.)*I used the coffee filter*

      Step 2) Put equal parts table salt and ground pepper in the middle of the formentioned coffee filter, stalking, or material you choose. *I used prepackaged fast-food salt and pepper packs. To make salt to pepper ratio as equal as I could in a hurry*

      Step 3) Twist top of material shut so that it resembles a bigger version of those fire works that are white paper balls and snap when your throw them on the ground. Tie it off with a bread tie.
      Wet with water enough to soak entire material all the way through. Then place directly on/in sore tooth or sore gum line. Hold in place with teeth if possible and take small sips of water to soak material more. Spit excess water out and repeat. When pain lessens rinse mouth with comfortable temperature water with out mixture in mouth….This should leave grains of mixture almost non existent in teeth just lik puttinge Chewing tobacco In a paper pouch.

      1. I hate black pepper so much and my toothache is really bad but i have been having a hard time bringing myself to try the salt and pepper one even though everybody says it works best because the pepper burning my tongue doesnt sound like a fair trade and i would still not be able to sleep but your idea did the trick and i can keep the black pepper off of my tongue thank you

      2. I’m going to try your method with a coffee filter if I need to. I just put the salt and pepper on my tooth and the relief was almost instantaneous.

    9. I was in so much pain & it being 5:00 all dentist are closed & gone I was willing to try anything & I tried the salt & pepper paste & it worked like a charm. It was instant relief. Thank goodness because a toothache is the worst pain ever other than a bladder infection.

    10. Midnight and a mouthful of salt and pepper. Had onion and garlic in there too but still too sore and painful to take them pressing again a my teeth and gums so back to the salt and pepper paste. Most of the salt seems to have trickled down my throat so not sure how healthy that is but at this moment FIRST time all day I have been pain free despite loads of pills and antibiotics. Oh it’s lovely, thank you you and technology x

    11. I am on my holls and started with tooth ache a day ago. Have just tried the pepper and salt cure. Its a bit hot but it has helped to ease the pain. Going home tomorrow and will be off to the dentist asp. Thank you.

      1. after taking clove oil and loads of pill killer that didnt work .salt and pepper did the trick but i am going in to have al my back teeth pulled i dont want this pain to come back cause i know i wil kill myself

        1. I feel your pain
          Didn’t believe salt and pepper would work.
          I am now a true believer.
          I !ixed the paste with olive oil and used a qtip to apply. Sleep tonight.
          Thanks again

    12. Thanks Danny for letting everyone know about how great the salt and pepper paste worked for you… As soon as I read it and other comments I mixed me some up and let it sit on my tooth for a few mins and the pain is gone. Hopefully I will get a good nights sleep tonight… I’m glad I found this site… I will definitely be saving it…


    13. I didnt have black pepper in my house, so i used pepper sauce.
      Might not have been as effrctive as the latter, but it did reduce the pain. Its 3:17am and im fi ally getting some rest. Thank you so much for your help!

    14. OMG…..THANK YOU! I have a really horrific toothache due to a broken off tooth, and now have dry socket. I have been in tears for the last 3 hours. I tried the equal mix of black pepper, salt, and added garlic salt as well….it was instant relief. It did burn my mouth a bit, but to be out of pain IT WAS WORTH IT!

      1. I had been in pain for the last few days because one of my inside left molar has a large hole where the tooth broke off months back. Any thing too hot or sweet set it off and it has gotten progressively worse. Plus when it’s cold outside… I found this site and took used salt, pepper, and the garlic clove mix and BAM!!! That did the trick! Thank you so much and I hope to make sure to pass along the great advice!!!

    15. I thought these tips were gonna be more internet BS that don’t work when I first read this article. Just tried salt and garlic powder in warm water, and HOLY CHRIST it worked! The pain isn’t gone completely and it doesn’t last forever, but damn it provides quick relief! Wish I had read this about four days ago. Just had a root canal and am on antibiotics for less than a day so far and my tooth was throbbing with agony, now it’s a mild pulsing that’s slightly irritating at best. I didn’t try pepper because we’re out of it, will try that tomorrow when we can buy more. I’m interested to test garlic+salt+pepper in a rinse to see how effective that combo would be. THANK YOU!!! To the writer of this article, and to anyone reading it, may God bless you all. πŸ™‚

    16. Gesssshhh… been in pain for hours now ….
      seen your post on the salt n pepper and reluctantly didnt want to try it but at the same time there was nothing else I could do been taking antibiotics and pain relivers and nothing finally tried the pepper and salt and within a min or two pain gone thank you thank you thank you thank you. .

    17. Really not sure about the s n p but It worked awesome. Had a terrible toothache. Tried this and gone in a few minutes. Did the empty tea bag, put one side pepper and one side table salt. Put it on my tooth and also had warm water put on when the salt was too much. Thank you for recommendations.

    18. I would like to say i was prescribed antibiotic by the dentition and antiseptic mouthwash and also I av been taking paracetamol for an infection in my wisdom teeth it was throbbing like hell as soon as I learned the salt &pepper method it ease it pretty quick thankyou for this site of recommending me

    19. Millie. I was so much in pain last Tuesday I can’t even chew my food. I feel like my tooth is going to fall off. And I took strong pain relief tablets every 4 hrs. Then I look on the internet how to relieve toothache and salt and peppers really work. I can’t believe it. I don’t normally believe everything that I read. But it’s true.

    20. I agree. The salt and pepper just worked for my son. Tasted bad when it got on his tongue but pain went away. Had him apply it a 2nd time for 3 mins or so and it helped even more.

    21. I had Upper jaw toothache hurting terrible used the salt and pepper paste. It worke. Within few minutes the pain went away. Great remedy

    22. Oh, thank God, I found this site. I have had a fractured jaw tooth for the last 6 months. My filling fell out, and it broke off even more. I did not have the money to have it surgically removed right now. The dentist told me it was going to have to be cut out. I have been in so much pain that I wanted to just bang my head against the floor or something. Tears in my eyes. Been up all night. It is now 2:45 a.m. Monday morning November 30th, 2015….. I emptied out a tea bag, and made the salt and pepper mixture, and it was only seconds when my throbbing pain begin to ease up, I just now took it out of my mouth, and the excruciating pain is gone, in fact I am not hurting at all right now .. I had taken vicodin for pain, and that did not take my pain away at all. But the salt and pepper mixture in a tea bag worked. Thank you very much for the advice, and help. I am now going to get some sleep, thank you once again. One happy person right now. I

    23. It’s 2.50 am and I was suffering with my toothache so badly I took tablets nothing worked out, so surfed the Internet for quick remedies and finally found this page, Tried the salt and pepper and warm salt water ! OMG this works! ? People this no fake I’m writing on my own comfort ! Im relieved from my pain hope I get some sleep at least now ! Thank you so much to whoever created and shared this ! God bless you ❀

    24. thank god i found this:)
      i have been in pain since last night, have taken pain relief tablets and hasnt helped at all, i came across this and the SALT and PEPPER works great:) thanks so much

    25. So I literally have had a severe toothache since around 4:30 today at work…came home and was so miserable! I took a pain pill which semi relived the pain but made me nauseous on top of it all! So here I am hours later & googled toothache remedies & thought wth why not it can’t get any worse & I immediately & I mean IMMEDIATELY felt relief! Thank you so much! Now I can get some rest. Bless you!

    26. I couldn’t take the tooth pain. So I start looking at your site and tried you salt n pepper remedy. It worked instantly. Thank you very much for the information.

    27. My boyfriend who never complains, was really hurting tonight, I got on here looking for a home remedy and found this site, he was sceptical but thought it would not hurt to try. He could not believe the difference in a couple of minutes. He reccomends this to all those that are in pain from a tooth ache..

      1. my husband has beennin pain all day and the past hr its been getting worse so bad he wanted to pull his tooth out (molar). i looked up remedies online as he has taken so much pain relief its now not working..i came across the home remedies mixed up the salt/pepper paste and it didnt smell to good lol..he put it on and although his tounge was burning from the pepper the pain was going..he also had a pair of clean knickers filled with ice cubes in his mouth to relieve the burning sensation of pepper on his tounge..within 5mins literally his mouth is numb/pain free and hes asleep…thanku for the salt/pepper even though i mite have used to much pepper? works great….

    28. Omg…… Salt and pepper is nothing but miracle what dentist can’t do in seconds that the remedy did ……absolute miracle miracle.
      I asked to god for it and I got it.

    29. Omg…im having surgery next week for molar extraction. No doc wants to give me anything stronger than vicodin and antibiotics. They are not working! Im screaming in pain…but…i tried the salt and peppa…wow wow what a relief…thank you thank you for helping. That is what the internet is for. Helping each other out. What else is left if we cant genuinely help out humanity. Help each other truthfully…thanks so much

    30. Gosh, I wish I could hug the writer of this article. I’m in Law Vegas and my tooth started hurting terribly. I tried ice from the ice machines and it barely helped, then ibuprofen. I sat up in bed and read about the salt and pepper remedy. I walked downstairs to the casino bar and had the bartender pour me some salt and pepper. Boy, this has helped a lot. Thank you!

    31. Salt and pepper it really did the trick but I wonder after it work my wife’s mouth was on fire I guess her brain took the pain off of the teeth in focus on the pepper in her mouth because now her mouth is on fire I wonder if she get the paper out of her mouth will her teeth start back hurting. just jokeing but salt and pepper really works thanks so much

    32. People, if you’re suffering from toothache of the type where you think the nerve is exposed please try this remedy, Gently warm some milk, you can add a little cinnamon powder or cloves to it if you’ve got any, gently swill the milk over the affected tooth. I’m a 43 year old man who suffers with dental pain, always seems to flare up at xmas or bank holidays when dentists are shut or when i’ve got no money for dental treatment! I’ve been in absolute agony these last few days, pain level 10, nearly overdosing on painkillers, sweating, unable to do anything with my family, practically in tears & desperation (& i know pain i’ve been stabbed 3 times in my adult life! but this toothache was on another level!)
      The initial swill ramped the pain up even more but within a couple of minutes the pain reduced to say a level 2, managed to sleep & woke up this morning with zero pain! Just something else to try for any fellow sufferers! you have my sympathy! I got this remedy off another site, sceptical at 1st, but it worked! I hate drinking plain milk too, knocks me sick, but now milk is my friend lol!

    33. I wanted to find the first 18 wheeler and dive in front of it….
      Maaaaaaaaaaaaan salt and pepper is the BOMB…

    34. Definitely feeling relief after using the teabag method , emptied out tea and put in half teaspoon of salt , half teaspoon of black pepper and half teaspoon of granulated garlic , dipped in previously boiled water and chewed between my teeth where it was painful . This definitely relieved the worst of the pain , gonna try and get some sleep now , definitely worth the garlic breath lol.

  2. I have found that for those who are old enough to legally buy alcohol then swishing your mouth out with wild turkey wisely or any dark liquor one the tooth that is infected is a quick and easy relief.

    1. If you don’t have regular alcohol, swish with vanilla extract! But I still think the salt water works best -although it takes quite a while – because it kills the germs.

      1. That was the absolute most pain I have ever experienced in my life and I’ve been through child birth four times. It made me cry my eyes out. Personally I would not recommend anyone trying the salt water.

      1. IT WORKS NO PRESCIPTION NEEDED ONLY TABLE SALT,PEPPER AND WATER NEEDED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. It works, thank you very much. I didn’t sleep at all last night with the pain. Salt and pepper!!!!! I did it just after 0900hrs an hour later I’m getting the kids ready to go shopping. Again thank you

  3. suggestions were great! I had been to the er and given pennacil and lortab for ..DID NOT WORK!..I mixed ground clove,garlic powder and a small amount of olive oil to make a paste ..rubbed my gums. Praise God! it worked in minutes!

    1. OMG! I have been in so much pain. My gums have been sore and red in one spot for days. I took garlic powder with warm water and made a paste. Took a cutip and put it on the affected area. It burned for a minute or so but felt relief instantly after that. Thank you so much.

      1. Comment: yeah it really helps salt & pepper I was in so much pain but after I mixed salt & pepper it works like magic thank you DR INTERNET

    2. I was suffering pain in my tooth…i try ti usevthe salt and pepper and it was so effrctive…i feel better after i use it…hope it last

  4. I used my ohmibod on the third setting and put it on the side of my face where it hurts for a minute or hum while my teeth are lightly clenched and it seems to help. Cloves work well for me, however when I have no cloves I resort to my own methods. Odd but it works. πŸ™‚

  5. My Grandmother and Mother as well taught us as young children in Belgium to go outside and break off a twig of the willow tree and chew on that until it was a paste in our mouth and apply that to our sore teeth. It worked.I am 66 and have most of my teeth.

    1. I was suffering so bad with my toothache for days and I tried the salt and pepper paste. Instant relief!!! Thankyou!!!

      1. I also tried salt water and had no relief. My tooth is cracked and I was in severe pain for 4 days. I was up ALL nite until 7:30am! Last nite tried salt, pepper and garlic paste OMG , immediate relief.? so happy I could cry.Best of all I finally slept last nite!

  6. I suffer 1day over into a whole day with toothache pain but I tried the clove and the pain went within 5 mimutes thank god for tis remedy.

  7. Hi
    I was suffering with swollen gum which was paining madly. .. I have tried fresh garlic clove and olive oil remedy. .. it worked like a miracle….:) thanks a ton

  8. Salt & pepper worked wonders for me! I have a wisdom tooth that was so painful and gave me the worse headache ever! Im glad I saw this because I feel much better. I put salt and pepper in medium warm water and rinsed for about 3-4 min. Pain free! For now. I need to get this tooth pulled but now I know what to do for emergencies πŸ™‚

        1. had more than a week of disrupted sleep havn to sleep on & off threw the day…just made S&P mix toothache gone. It has been when l go to bed that it goes to worst pain so l’m off to bed now hopefully for 1st undisturbed nite for while. Thanks

  9. I suffered a sudden bout of toothache in the past hour and improvised with a half-teaspoonful of cinnamon powder into a tiny amount of water and then mouthwashing with the solution.
    That did the trick for me…

  10. Thank you for the post. When you go to the dentist for dry socket, they literally apply root of clove. Taking some clove powder and placing it on my tooth helped immensely. However, my dental appointment is not soon enough.

    1. Salt and pepper… Who would’ve thought?!?! My toothache was horrible!!!! And I got on this site, read that making a salt and pepper paste helped a lot of people, and whoa… Almost instant relief! I’m still amazed, but greatful!

  11. Well, just tried mixing ground cloves, garlic powder and salt in equal amounts. So far so good. Applied directly to tooth surfaces. right now feeling ok…

  12. I just had to come back and give some feedback! I used some ground clove we had mixed with some olive oil to soak in the cotton ball and immediately my wife said her tooth stopped throbbing!! Outstanding! Thanks!

  13. Hav a tooth decay,causd sleepless night of terribl pain I tried warm salt water n it worked miracles 4me**amazd**

  14. I av had d problem wit my gum †ђΡ whole day…. I chewed garlic n beared d pain 4 a minute or so and shazam… I am so relieved! Tank UΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯̊ guys

    1. I have never seen my fiance in so much pain, ever. After reading this and everyone’s responses, I had him try the salt and pepper.. 15minutes later, he is asleep on the couch, 1st time he has slept since yesterday. Thanks all!!!

  15. I’ve just tried salt & pepper (though just after some strong painkillers) and the unbearable pain has subsided! Thanks!

  16. I tried both garlic with salt and pepper with salt, worked for me. But in just a few minutes.
    Crushed garlic alone didn’t work for me
    I’ll try soaking a cotton ball with garlic with salt might do the trick.

  17. I am putting whole cloves between sore Thooth & cheek
    As we speek & It seems to be working great love
    Being pain free

      1. I was about to go to the hospital (for that long 4-6 hour wait)
        when I came across this.
        My gums were so swollenf rom an abscess it was starting to cause pain.
        I have had a slice of onion between my cheek and gumsit’s been there about 15 mins and the swelling is going down and the pain has stopped.
        You guys saved me a trip to the hospital at 1 in the morn

  18. I was a skeptic. After being up all night I tried the ground clove mixed in olive oil. Unbelievable! Why don’t dentists/doctors know this cure??? THANK YOU!

    1. Dentists, like doctors, want money, and if people find cheap, easy and *healthy* ways to reduce the time at said dentist, then that dentist loses money. I’m shocked that so many people actually trust people who seek to make a business off of our pain and suffering? Their motive is for you to go back to them, not seek easy, cheap remedies that make you more independent from them. lol!

      Same thing with the “medical” industry: They don’t want us finding natural cures to diseases. They want us buying their patented products so it makes them money.

      Anyway, I’ve tried the garlic (chewed on it and lodged inside my aching tooth) and it relieved the pain.

      1. Not true. The tooth usually needs treatment for a cavity or abscess. We’re not it to make money off people suffering. Most people wait too long to have it checked then the problem starts and they want it taken care IMMEDIATELY. Let’s see who you call when the pain returns.

        1. If you can afford a dentist my daughter had to havea tooth pulled . Got dry socket. Dr prescribed a month wash buy no pain mediciene. Tooth pulled on Monday ,dry socket on Wednesday, we called dentist on call he sent us to urgent care. Turns out the Dr. was not contracted by her insurance so we went to a other ER but the same thing the Dr. took one look at her scrips and said they belongedto the same er dr association and his RX would meet with the same so two Rx that should have cost 2 bucks would cost 38 bucks. Now my question is why wouldn’t the dentist on call call in a Rx. Now we will try this for pain since had a bad experience with the medical buracracy.

      1. Omg i am so glad i clicked on this link. I was in sooooo much pain. I literally used an entire bottle of aleve in 1 day but i tried the salt and pepper paste, INSTANT RELIEF. I read the comments before i tried any and the salt and pepper paste won. Thank you so much whoever posted this

  19. The raw onion worked wonders. I could feel the swelling draining out immediately. Now it feels almost normal. How come the dental community never mentions this?

  20. Had to improvise and used garlic salt with wet Q-tip….dipped it in garlic salt and applied to bad tooth and gums around… does help… also putting the garlic salt in warm/hot water and swishing helps too. Ice pack to affected area for swelling.

  21. I have had a sever toothache for three days pain pills didn’t even help. I took salt pepper garlic salt and clove oil to make a paste stuck it in my tooth almost immediately it stopped. I just did it and it hasn’t. Hurt in 30 minutes so far: -)

    1. What do I do with the salt and pepper and the garlic salt I have all 3 ingredients but don’t know what to do with them. Do I put them In warm water and swill it around in my mouth? X

      1. you can do whatever you like,as i’m typing i’m chewing a fresh garlix mix salt and in just a few minutes it worked! there are no side effects,no worries. πŸ™‚

  22. Ive been in so much pain! Nothing was working for me. I dont have clove So I jus tried to do the salt n pepper thing….. Totally Works! Thank you so Much for this. For all the comments as well. (One more day till dentist)

  23. I am currently using the vanilla extract and omg is it working, gonna try the other ways tho because i cant use the whole bottle sadily.

  24. I have had a mild toothache now for going on 1 week. Tonight I have been having bad pains when lying down. I have a crushed fresh garlic clove in my mouth as I am typing this and I am surprised that while the taste is powerful, the relief is starting to come over me. Thank GOD !
    P.S – I had no idea that garlic would give a burning sensation, but man oh man, it’s working.

  25. I was up all night with tooth pain and a sore jaw i tried
    Taking 2 ibprophen which helped a lil but not enough for me
    To sleep. After reading this forum. I went to my kitchen mixed
    Equal salt & pepper with warm water to make a rinse, then made
    A paste. I applied to my gums & tooth, then rinsed, repeated about 3
    TImes and WOW!! The pain is going away. πŸ™‚ I can finally get some
    Sleep. Thank you

  26. Salt and warm water ….works wonders…the onion works very well also…i have a sensitive tooth that can keep me up at night..so advil,salt water,and piece of inion do the trick… but if it continues best to see a dentist asap especially if its infected etc..i had one in back of mouth other year that caused hell pain ” root canal gone bad”.. they pulled it out..ahh what relief…so best to be proactive, brush,floss and rinse morning and night no matter what… things i stay away from that triggers tooth pain..” hard candy,taffy,popcorn etc..

  27. Garlic works miracles just ate it raw…Had been to the dentist gave me some painkillers which were ineffective….For the person who posted this thank you….

  28. Great remedies! I would like to suggest caution on the cloves though! While it definitely works the best, the oil is extremely volatile! A drop left on some plastics will melt the plastic! Prolonged use could damage the gums! Great for use in an emergency, it should be used sparingly, and not for more than a few applications. Then seek help from a dentist, if at all possible.

  29. Been up all night with toothache, tried everything then i saw the salt and pepper remedy, Just put it on about 5 minutes ago and can feel it easing off, thank you so much!:)

  30. I had only whole clove in my kitchen i chewed on tht where the tooth hurts. Leaave it in your mouth tooth pain will fo. Thank you for the suggestions can get some sleep now finally :))))

  31. God bless diz phenomenon called d internet.i hav bin crying all night as a result of severe tooth ache,salt and pepper n d rest was history.God will bless u 4 diz.fantastic way to serve humanity.

  32. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I have taken percocet, ibuproen, tylenol & valium..all separately…then at a moment of being on the verge of yanking the culprit out myself I combined all the pills but eventually they quit working too….I think I love you for the salt an pepper remedy…AMAZING!!! Better than whiskey or mouthwash. God Bless You!!!

  33. my child is suffering from toothache,paracetamol syrup didn’t work,tried the pepper and salt added to warm water and let her gargle,ang i put the minced garlic+pepper+salt to her affected tooth! voila !!the toothache gone right away. thank you guys!!!

  34. The garlic worked extremely well. I put a small piece of freeze dried garlic on the cavity of the bad tooth and no pain at all within 2-3 minutes. It will not cure the tooth but is welcome relief until I see a dentist. (3 days later)

  35. My son in agony with toothache its 12 at night and no pain killers just mixed up salt and pepper and he is now smiling pain gone thank you so much for this remedy brilliant

  36. Garlic works fantastic, I had an infection in a wisdom tooth and can’t take antibiotics, I chewed a garlic glove 3 or 4 times a day for a week and the infection went!!!

  37. due to chewing of gutka my jaws has been locked,i can insert 2 to 3 fingers so i can not elarge my mouth so,please give a solution

  38. I have a tooth that broke and it has a sharp piece that’s cutting into the side of my tongue what can I do til I get to a dentist

    1. I have been using wax the people use for braces. Just roll a bit and put it over the tooth. It can be a pain in the neck because it will fall off after a while. I just keep reapplying as needed.

  39. omg. have tried EVERYTHING!!! the garlic woked wonders… didnt taste the best but was so worth it.. although my bf wont leave me alone, says i smell like a pizza…lol

  40. Used salt n pepper n garlic powder for my hubbys tooth he was in major pain. It has calmed the pain so sleeping like a baby! Now we can both sleep thank u God bless America!!

  41. I just tried swishing some Garlic oil and it is working wonders.Always use it whenever I have an earache too and it never fails me

  42. I just tried the garlic salt and pepper it got rid of almost all of my pain while I’m waiting on my antibiotics to start working. Thank you so much for this.

  43. I have tried to warm water procedure daily three time. Then some few times my tooth pain had gone… Thankful special home remidies…….

  44. I chewed a clove of garlic… awesomely worked in a minute.
    Finally, I’ll be able to sleep pain free. Thank you sooo much for sharing. πŸ™‚

  45. I have had many toothaches in my time and the best pain killer to take is mersyndol although you cannot use whilst driving, oral eze works well and alcohol straight onto the nerve is also effective. there is a tooth putty on the market that fixes your tooth until you can get to the dentist but for it to work you must follow the instructions to a tea and bite down to mold into place though not all chemists stoke it so have to ask them. i believe it is a temp filling mixture of some sort, very effective. also before treating any toothache with pain killers, grab a toothpick and remove anything lodged in the tooth first otherwise the medicine will not be as effective as it should. a warm cloth placed from the jaw to the ear will temp relieve the pain in that area also

  46. The best and instant is just take a big sip of any alcohol not beer, like whiskey or scotch and just keep it to toothache side. U can swish too. Instant relief and when pain has subsided just spit it out. Worked for me.

  47. Thanks a lot for ur useful remedy for tooth ache. I used to put clove and clove oil. I will forward this to all my friends.

  48. Thank you so much!! I am the salt and warm water and it has helped sooo much!
    I have feeling this tooth pain since yesterday night and it was horrible, I had taken a pill for plain relief and nothing! so this stop the pain soo much faster. Thank you!

  49. Thank you so much for this. I’ve been in pain for about 5 days now, pills habe stopped working. Made myself the salt and pepper paste and it was like magic. God bless you for this.

  50. Ditto everyone & thanks! Sea salt, fresh garlic, & onion mashed w/ warm water was AMAZING!! Swished it then chewed the chunks concentrating the chunks on the sore tooth, & it worked so well! Thanks again!

  51. I used salt and pepper mixed it with a little bit of water to make a paste put it on my tooth it worked great better then maximum strength anbesol

  52. Wooooow
    Onion…OMG it’s miracle
    My pain is solved in 30 seconds below. Thank you,thank you, thank you soooooooooooo much

  53. Thank you so much for this suggestion! I can sleep now with smile! After taking lots of pain reliever, I never thought that only salt and water is the answer with this tooth problem! Huh! Thank you so much

  54. Thank you so much. It’s middle of the night and I can’t go to a dentist possibly. Salt and pepper worked like a charm. Can’t thank you enough!

  55. 3rd night in a row I cant sleep due to a nee cavity and 2 broken abcessed teeth.. thank you lord for Celtic Sea Salt & water, always my go to formula! dentist appointment Friday morning!

  56. It burned in the beginning but the pain is now gone. But maybe the pain will come back after 5 minutes. lets see. but it worked πŸ™‚

  57. Hello Toothache,
    This is Ms garlic salt, Mr pepper, and Misses salt. Sorry u don’t know how effective we really are when mixed together and applied directly on to u. Not to worry we will definitely get rid of u toothache, and all the pain u caused!

    Ps. This absolutely works: )

  58. I tried the salt and pepper first, there was a nice warm relief from it. I tried to further it with the warm salt water, and just from the fullness of the contact on my cavity started the sharp pain again with throbbing following. If you have a bad, random, and sensitive cavity like me stay away from the washes and chewing.

  59. I just tried the salt, pepper, and garlic powder in warm water swish. Pain relief was almost instant! Wish I’d known this long before now, but I’m glad I know now. I’m going to do this at least 2 more times today, but it feels better already. No wonder dentists don’t tell people about things like this…


    I was having a great pain in my molar tooth from 2 days, I have tried pain killers but they didn’t worked, but now my pain is gone, thank to you guys.. Tried the garlic, clove and salt combination worked in five minutes…. πŸ™‚

  61. I tried the garlic first, rubbing it on the affected tooth and cheek and it worked! Then, just cause I was so happy, I did it again, this time garlic with olive oil and then at the same time did the salt and pepper paste. I feel so much better and I have been taking pain reliever all day that didn’t work at all!

  62. ive been in pain for 1 week now i tried pain killers didnt work salt and warm water worked thanks dentist dont tell you about home remedies cause its all about money to them

  63. i had the worst toothache ever! i tried taking hydrocodone and two hours later still hurting. i tried warm salt water, throbbing unbearable pain and with tears in my eyes i reached for the phone and ran across this. the salt and pepper paste was a miracle! its been 45 minutes and still no pain! thank u sooo much and God Bless

    1. I too, at the last minute, grabbed my phone and found this! I tried the salt and pepper paste with a cold pack on my jaw, where the pain spread from my chin to the inside of my ear. It seemed like it took 5-10 minutes before I noticed anything, but right now, I’m pain free! I thank everyone for there comments and experience and definitely the person who created this page, you are a blessing!

  64. Garlic yakapenga (garlic is the best) . i mixed garlic n raw onion in less than 10min all the had gone but i dont know is the relief goin to last.Ndirikufara (am happy) coz i can now go to work

  65. Typed in “Natural Toothache Pain Relief” to find this site. After putting Orajel on my cracked tooth and sore gums, which only numbs it for 20 seconds. Read and tried the ground up cloves and olive oil. Dabbed it on a cotton ball and instantly it took away the pain. Incredible. I can look forward to getting some sleep tonight. Thank you sooooooooo very much.

  66. that warm water and salt.. is really effective.. I have a toothdecay and I already take 6 pain killers but it didn’t work .. but that salt is a goddamn miracle.. thanks a lot πŸ™‚ must try that

  67. It’s 2am and I was dying. Having tried pain killers and an unhealthy amount of wiskey not much was working. As per everyone else, I tried what I had in the kitchen, which was salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil. Mixed it together into a paste and applied to the tooth. Kept it there for a while before rinsing. Repeated a few times. Seems like I might just get some sleep tonight. Thanks!

  68. As I write this comment I’m going thru some severe toothache . Just by reading all these positive comments I can’t wait to get off from work and try at least one of the alternatives that they have offered. We do have to keep in mind that these remedies are great but in the long run they relieve the pain, for as long as it will take us to get to a dentist. Honestly we prefer the extraction rather than go thru that horrible by the second pain .

  69. After an entire day of my boyfriend complaining and him in almost tears over his tooth, I forced him to try the warm salt and pepper paste. It worked instantly! He was amazed with how well this worked. I definitely recommend it to anyone with a toothache. Thank you so much!

    1. Yes indeed, I added crushed garlic and although the paste made my mouth tingle with a bit of heat from the pepper it worked!! The pain is at bay!!

  70. The ice pack, the onion, and garlic all worked instantly for my husband. He was in so much pain and desperate for relief. I highly recommend this for anyone with a toothache! Also an FYI he soaked a small wad of paper towel in the garlic mixture and kept it against his tooth so that he wouldn’t have to keep reapplying so often.

  71. I was skeptical but made a paste of ground cloves, garlic powder and olive oil and it worked. Instantly. I did not need to reapply.

  72. I had a lot of pain i just searched the home made medicines and i got a large list of medicine i quickly putted onion in my mouth and tried 2 chew it but i can’t chew it because of my pain i kept the onion where i had swelling thank god it instantly worked i had no more pain now Luv u internet u r my best friend ever thank u…..

  73. Since two to three days i was in excruciating pain due to toothache.then thougth of surfing the net to find out the cure for it read the comments amd thought of trying the warm water with salt and what a relief i had.thanks

  74. thank you so much~~ I have been taking tons of medicine, and many trips to the dentist and in so much agony, i tiied the salt and pepper, with warm wayer mix, soaked a qtip into mix and rub along the back several teeth(noy sure of the tooth pain is coming from) and the pain was instantly relieved!!Thank you Lord!! this info was amazing

  75. Wow. My husband woke up in the middle of the night with severe tooth pain. I thought I was going to have to take him to the ER although there isn’t much he can take because he has an ulcer. Orajel was doing nothing for him. Tried the salt and pepper paste and almost instantly, his pain subsided. Never would have imagined it.

  76. Thank you so so much for this. i did the salt and pepper paste and it really worked! i have no words to say how thankful I am!

  77. Brilliant, very helpful tips. Still this is just a temporary solution. It is still better to consult your dentist to find the cause of the toothache. It is also recommended to visit your dentist regularly.

  78. So I’ve been going through. Tried salt and pepper no luck. Tried garlic and no luck! Was thinking nothing would work… ONION! that’s the answer. Cut up and onion and put it around the tooth. Too painful to bite. But after a little while its really really helped! I’m over the moon right now. Thank you! … And it doesn’t taste as bad as I thought!!

    1. I was in so much pain for 2 days and can across this web site. I was using salt and water and it wasn’t working and so I tried the salt and pepper mix and with in seconds my pain went away. Know im going to finally get some sleep!!

  79. After tryin lots of different kinds of meds nuthng worked. not even my antibiotics! then i used the salt & pepper remedy & i was so surprised how well it worked almost instantly! thank u god! & thanks for the post! Now I can get sum sleep!

  80. wooow! so amazing how instantly these work….had swollen gum from teething(wisdom tooth) I tried the clove, raw onion, black peeper and warm salty water. now I can go back to preparing for court tomorrow. thanx a ton….

  81. I crushed Garlic salt & pepper worked wonders max 1-2 min and the pain disappeared wow wow wow. Thanks man God bless I can finally sleep…

  82. Oil pulling is great. Simply Google “Oil pulling tooth infection” and see what I mean. Also chewing garlic really is wonderful. I do this, and use Fluoride toothpaste

  83. Wow thank you so much my daughter was in so much pain shes 17 crying to me on the phone well at work i told her try the salt & peper she called me back and said it worked so quickly and she has no pain! πŸ˜‰ thanks again for your advice πŸ˜‰

  84. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH….IT WORKS!!!!…..I mixed salt, pepper, garlic an cloves with drops of water to make a paste..take a cuetip add mixture in or on cavity….also bit a small piece of onion put it in hole of my cavity an it immediately stopped the PAIN.. YAAAYYY it REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!

  85. amazing! I was in excruciating pain and about to google for an ER dentist when I saw this. Garlic, salt & pepper – who would have thought?! I love the Internet & whoever wrote this original post!

  86. Hello, thank you for this post. I have been in excruciating pain for about a week since I had a filling put in recently. By accident I discovered that swishing almond milk in my mouth literally gives me instant and complete relief. Funny cause I thought it was the chips ahoy that I ate with it at first and ended up eating the whole bag before I realized it was the almond milk. I hope these other cures will give me longer lasting affects as the almond milk seems to be temporary and I have to keep doing it.

  87. I chewed on a small piece of onion, then made the paste with salt, pepper, and garlic salt, then chewed another piece of onion. 24 hours later…still no pain!

  88. I am in terrible pain and don’t have dental insurance anymore, so I decided to look in the Internet for alternative pain relievers since I take all kinds of pain medications for my Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis and they just aleviate the pain some but it doesn’t go all together and is the type of toothache that reaches your ear and you end up with tooth and ear pain.
    I am writing all these home remedies down in a note book an creat some type of home remedies journal because these are recipes that past down from our great grandmothers and this generation don’t bother to learn from their elders. My grandmother was a very wise woman with lots of home remedies and unfortunately she past when I was too young to appreciate her knowledge.

  89. Horrendous toothache so just mashed up a clove of garlic with salt and pepper….burned for a bit and tastes so strong but the pain has gone- amazing!!

  90. Thank u so freaking much I love the salt and pepper but the garlic salt and warm warter works Like a champ and if u keep pressure on your cheeks were ever it hurts that’s a plus to thank u guys and all the pplwho left ccomments

  91. Thanks! I Used minced garlic from a jar, mixed it w/ salt & pepper, applied with cotton swab and it worked. I’ll try salt water rinse while it’s numbed out. Better than OTC remedies, didn’t cost a dime, and no trip to the store. Thanks Again.

  92. i came across this page, checked all the remedies and found it was quicker, tastier and easier just to swill some strong alcohol (40%+) around the tooth for a few seconds until the pain went πŸ˜€ VERY FAST pain relief

  93. hi, aaaamaaaaazing! wow its really work to me.i make a paste salt,clove,garlic n paper its really work. thank u so much for gave a suggestion.god bless u each n every situation 4ever.thank u so much….

  94. Omg soooo happy!! I mixed clove powder and olive oil and packed into broken tooth that hurt worse than child birth!! seriously! Plus Ibuprofen,Tylenol, aspirin stopped working…and so bad for the liver. Must see dentist!!

  95. Thank you so much. My toothache went away for a couple of minutes. I crushed the garlic then applied it to the affected area. After few minutes I rinse it with warm water and salt. It works for me. I’m so grateful to this website. The world needs you. God bless.

  96. Thank you X 1,000,000
    2 cents of Garlic powder, clove powder with olive oil made into a paste!
    5 minutes later all gone! Thank God for people sharing these remedies! No thanks to the medical & dental establishments for keeping these remedies a secret! It’s a crying shame all they care about is making money & keeping people suffering

  97. I was in so much pain and found this article. The salt and pepper worked for me. Thank you so much. This will help me get through until my dental appointment. I will finally have a good nights sleep thanks to you!

  98. This can’t be it..
    I woke up around 2 am
    Not knowing what I can do
    But salt and pepper
    Really worked out for me

  99. Wow! II mixed garlic salt powder, pepper, a little clove spice with the oil of two pierced garlic gel caps, dabbed it on a small piece of cotton. Applied it to my 10-year old grandson’s rear tooth
    Pryed, and almost immediately. The pain subsided. Thsnk God!!!

  100. Just had a nerve break about a hour ago called a dentist they wanted almost 300.00 up front seen the salt water here tried it and it worked! Tried the onion but it made it worse, I’ll stick to the salt water. Thanks!

  101. Still there is one best solution – try COCONUT OIL – you will all be amazed with the therapeutic effect – sip half a teaspoon of oil ( I bought mine from the local Pharmacy) and using the tongue push the oil into the affected tooth or area – within a few minutes the pain will be gone !! – repeat at reasonable intervals especially after a meal when the tooth will have been disturbed.

  102. Tried crushed garlic and salt. I did a mouthwash with salt and warm water first then applied the garlic+salt in my affected tooth. It works. I had an exposed root canal and tried a lot of pain relievers but never a single medicine worked. And i found this article so i tried it. In just 1 min the pain is gone and im no longer crying.. thank u so much.

  103. Out of salt and pepper, but have plenty of onions. I’ve been chewing them for about 5 minutes, and the pain is drastically reduced. Thanks!

  104. I took a pain killer and it was taking too long to work, so decided to try the salt and pepper thing, took equal amounts from both added some warm water then rinsed as much ad possible, pain calmed down enough for me to get some sleep and feels like its slowly going away, thanks so much was a big relief.

  105. I went to the dentist and he didn’t stop the pain… I forgot about the internet. Salt and pepper worked. I was using cold water but I had to rinse my mouth ever 5 min. Thanks I can get some sleep now!

  106. Wow…I mixed garlic powder,salt,pepper and few drops of water..applied paste to tooth and gums…instant pain relief.best secret ever..thanks for this link..awesome

  107. I have tried crushed garlic,salt,pepper and olive oil. The pain is still there but a bit better than before. I’ll do a mouth wash.

  108. Oh My Goodness …Thank You . I was in tears With This Pain In My Tooth And Side Of My Face .I Tried Salt & Pepper With Garlic ..And Pain Free …What A Nightmare Tooth Pain Is . Just Praying Every Second It Does Not Return

    1. I was trying to go to sleep and my tooth was hurting so bad so i try warm salt water and it worked instley thank you for your advice.

  109. I mixed a clove of garlic, some raw onion and some salt+pepper in a mortar, turned it into a paste and applied the mixture to the area, after a couple of minutes I rinsed my mouth with some rather warm salter water and the pain was gone within seconds. Thank you so much for this.

  110. salt and pepper really works for me!!! fantastic!!! i have really bad teeth that need to be pull out, im just a chicken and keep putting it off,

  111. I had a tooth that broke over a year ago and never gave me problems until recently. now I’m sitting here at 5:30 am and have been up for a couple of hours. I just came across this site and read the posts. I’m going to go try some of the suggestions that have been posted. I’ll be back with an honest review. Fingers crossed……

  112. I thought well we got salt,pepper and garlic.i dipped the q-tip in my favorite habanero sauce[which has all of the above] and rubbed it on the gum and tooth.i’ve been in misery all day.this helped.i’ll reapply later.thanks for all the tips.without reading this I would never think to use something spicy.

  113. God bless you the salt and pepper paste remedie worked instantly i hope you know how much you’ve helped me and many others.

  114. Been in pain since yesterday and have been taking pain relieved and it hasn’t helped. Tried warm salt water and it helped a little but not much. Tried the salt and pepper mic and it worked instantly! Trying to hold out til my dentist appt. Thank you!

  115. I will admit after I read this article I was skeptical. I didn’t try it until I was in tears from the toothache! So I tried the salt and pepper paste…what a dummy!! I should have tried this hours ago! It took about 3 times and 15 or 20 minutes…and the pain was gone! I’m laughing now instead of crying. Thank you so much!

  116. The salt and pepper remedy is a miracle. I was in unbearable pain. Tried it out and worked almost instantly. Thank you so much!

  117. Thank you so much. I made the salt and black pepper paste, it worked like a charm.
    I’ve been taking prescription painkillers and they didn’t touch the pain, but the paste works great!!

  118. Salt and pepper!!! I applaud the person who came up with this remedy a little burny sensation but 100% worked a treat. Now I can sleep

  119. Omg just tried rwaw onion and made me gag. Then read comment about salt and pepper, this has uplifted loads of the pain. Good result I say. Thank you

  120. I jus tried the raw onion and omg the pain went away so fast. If the pain comes back I’m goin to try the garlic powder paste. Ugh I can sleep now!!!!

  121. Woke up last night with tooth pain. Took some ibuprofen and it helped but the pain was only lessened. Sitting at LAX right now getting ready to get on a 5 hour flight with tooth hurting considerably. Tried the salt and pepper paste. UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!! Pain has almost completely gone away! I’ll remember this remedy forever! Thank you for alerting me to this!

  122. Thanks so very much my son called me from college complaining about a tooth ache .
    I immediately got the iPad and Googled. After a few worthless sites I found yours.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH, I read what to do to him he tried the garlic powder and salt he said it went from a 10 all day down to 4 right away it was bearable.He had taken different things during the course of the day and nothing worked. Will check back with him. It made me feel great to be able to help my child who was in pain and away from home.

  123. Was in pain broke tooth swelling gum infected. Tried the pepper and salt paste awesomeness..will.always use and tell everybody

  124. I tried the salt and pepper with warm water and it works wonders I had a broken wisdom tooth and the nerve was exposed ,that’s what help the pain go away till I extracted it.Thanks

  125. Sitting here at 12:22 p.m. I have used everything today . B.c. powder, advil,ibuprofen, orajel, but still in pain . I seen salt and pepper was a very common go to and I am sitting here in total shock cause its working almost instantly. Took a spoon with a little table salt and black pepper few drops of water and presto! The pain is almost gone. …….this is amazing hope I can get some sleep now

  126. I was so desperate just a few mins ago, crying my eyes out kicking my legs in pain & I tried salt & pepper mixed with water… Swished it around on the tooth and now I can function!!!! It really dies work!!

  127. It was 5.30am in London and I was up in acute discomfort. A salt and pepper paste rinsed out with warm salt water and literally a few mins later the pain has entirely subsided. Good night!

  128. My daughter who is 4 yrs old was in severe pain from a toothache. I had tried oregano oil & olive oil on a Q-tip wasn’t really helping, so I came across this site. I read about the salt and pepper paste with olive oil and seen how many people say it worked fast. I’m so glad I tried that one on her and in no time she was fast asleep. Thanks for posting these helpful remedies!

  129. Tried the garlic cloves and garlic powder mixed with olive oil. Wow!!!!!!!! It really works. Thank you!!!! I was skeptical but desperate. Slept like a baby.

  130. Hi, I was suffering from severe toothache, taken painkiller not happen. Then came across this website after reading comments tried salt and pepper remedy. Trust me friends.. It really works… now I can sleep peacefully..

  131. The salt and pepper paste Work’s!!!! feel much better i still can’t wait for Monday to see the dentist because i do not ever want to experience this type of pain again, a filling came out.

  132. Iv had a really bad toothache since last night couldnt sleep till 3am in toothache came back i couldnt stand it was at the mall in the pain was killing me basically i was in tears…got home in tried salt n water in thank god for now im feeln much better…im so happy i came on this page

  133. thank you sooo much!!! i have taken all the meds but the garlic is the only one that works and I also did the salt in a warm water!!!! I have to wait more hours before I get to see my doctor…

  134. Thanks a lot this tips really work I had sever tooth and gum acha. By using this above tips I’m now in a great relief…. Thnx

  135. Thank you so much….. .pinch of salt and pepper did the trick…. started paining since 4am and lost sleep… .tried this around 5:30 am …. pain vanished in 2 minutes!!!!!!!!!!

  136. Don’t waste your time with anything else. The salt and pepper paste works the best and works fast. It cleared my sinuses as well. I was crying from the pain and I’m a pretty tough cookie. I was very sceptic. It really works!!!!

  137. My adult daughter was in so much agony and we didn’t know what to do!!! Nothing was working until I found this site, Thank you Lord!!! The salt and pepper is a miracle and if you add a little garlic powder to the paste the pain is history, Thank you Thank you!!!

  138. Salt and pepper paste is a magic potion, I was in agony and within seconds of applying it to my tooth the pain had gone, Thanks a million πŸ™‚

  139. Just tried the salt&pepper trick, surprisingly it did ease my pain! The pain hasn’t fully gone but I do feel a lot better now, thanks a lot for this

  140. Its Saturday. Cant find a dentist. Tried pain relivers which only worked for fifteen minutes. In desperation I tried salt, cayenne pepper and a clove of crushed garlic. Within two minutes the pain was gone.

  141. Thank you sooooo much! I used the hot salt water rinse followed by the salt and pepper paste and it was immediate relief! It’s 3:30 am and I have been in bed suffering since 10:30! The oracle barely did a thing and wore off so quickly, I jumped online for any tips and stumbled upon this site! Thank god! Now to sleep!:)

  142. Omg I thought I was literally dying or maybe I just wanted to my tooth was hurting me so bad came here for help and the only thing I have is salt so I did the salt and warm water and it worked after taking 3 aspirins and a goody powder which didn’t Work……whew what a relief thank yoooouuu!!!!

  143. Am amazed been at the dentist 3 times this wk been in absolute agony been in bed for 2 days crying with the pain tried the salt an pepper mix took the pain away in minutes thank you soooo much :))))

  144. I tried the warm salt water with my little sister and it really worked. Her toothache stopped and she was happy. Great ideas!

  145. Thank you !! The salt n pepper paste mixed with garlic soooooo worked …relief finally till I get the antibiotics to work ..I’ll pass this site on!! Thank you again!

  146. My husband has a sensitised tooth. Been almost reduced to tears with pain for last two days. In desperation I search the net and found your site – we’ve just tried the salt and pepper and he has instant relief!! Praying it lasts as he really needs a good nights sleep. Thank you so much!!

  147. Hi good day !!! I’m experiencing today a severe toothache in my front teeth.
    I hope guava leaves can help to relieve pain .

  148. I used the warm salt water to clean the mouth out then I do the garlic and it helps my pain a lot. Before I read about the garlic I was in tears but now I can stand the pain

  149. mustard oil and common salt ..put on a cotton bed and place on infected teeth for 5 to 10 minute….leave the saliva…when it comes…with in 3 or 4 days pain and insect(bacteria) of teeth dies and you become fit..it works …try it..

  150. I have had a toothache for a few days now. It was hurting so bad that orajel, salt water, advil or tylenol, and some pain pills i had left over from a previous tooth problem wouldnt even help. I used the salt and pepper paste and so far my toothache is gone. I was skeptical at first and didnt try it until just now i wish i had used it this morning when i found this.

  151. You are a Angel….. My girl wouldn’t shut up about her tooth, I went online found you and you saved her….. Tomorrow we see a dentist….. Everyone I recommend the garlic technique…..

  152. I was having intense pain throughout the night due to the loose filings ( or it could be exposed root). Well now I am pretty it’s halfway gone ,thanks for the info BTW…..

  153. Omg I’m so thankfull. I tried the salt pepper thing but as a mouth wash. Worked instantly and no more pain. Now I can sleep untill I see the dentist in the morning. Thank you so much.

  154. Really having trouble with toothache for two days now. I have spent money for expensive various pain relievers but it just didn’t work. So I decided to google some ways to ease the pain, then I came up to this and tried the salt and pepper and it works. It wowed me really. I recommended even to my friends and mommies who have kids who suffer from toothache. Thanks to whoever have discovered this! Reaaly helps a lot! Kudos!

  155. thanks a lot i can now sleep,the pain is over,,y prayers were answered when God led me to this site,,,,salt and pepper the best remedy! God bless Kenya

  156. In tremendous pain. Tried warm salt gargle–it didn’t work. Tried salt-n-pepper paste & instant relief. Thank you soooo much!

  157. Im pregnant and can’t take to many medications and I was in extreme pain from my wisdom tooth breaking. So I tried rinsing with warm salt water didn’t work made it worse. Then I tried garlic powder with pepper, made it into a paste I applied it, burned at first but within about 5minutes started feeling alot of relief. Thanks for the tip…

  158. Was up all night and tried the salt and pepper..was wearing off. Tried salt pepper and garlic powder and I can feel it helping as a paste in and around my teeth! Internet rules.

  159. I tried everything, as I was praying for help I got ” Google it” found this site and praise the Lord! Salt, pepper and garlic powder worked for me. I wad in the worst pain ever and now it’s much better. I can lay my head down maybe even sleep. Still a little pain there but nothing like it was. Thanks for the site, love google!

  160. two days ago I was in pain due to the hole in my teeth, I try the salt and pepper just now i feel relieved. thanks for the information.

  161. Wow , it works wonders ! Thank you so much May God bless u ! Salt and pepper is the best no pain at all. :))))))))))

  162. I have a severe toothache and I’ve been looking up home remedies to help subside the pain and all the remedies ask for ingredients I don’t have at the moment, then I remembered my mother in law ranting and raving about using cinnamon for all kinds of infections so for once I took her advice and added cinnamon to a little cup and poured water into it and mixed it until it became like a paste then took a Q-tip with the paste on it and swabbed it onto the problem area and within 5 minutes time the pain started to go away. I guess I should listen to my mother in law more often. I really hope this remedy helps you out like it did for me

  163. Being the same as most skeptics I really didn’t think this was going to work however, as I mixed the paste – salt pepper and water – whilst sipping a liquorice tea to wash down a couple of paracetamol I continued to read all the skeptics being proven wrong – long story short – 1:25 Sat morn applied paste ~ pain relief to approx 80%. Having another tea then going to re-apply paste and try for the 100% – brilliant suggestion!!! Thanks a million – hope to get some sleep.

  164. Pain killers could not work anymore, I thought I would die. I tried to boil 5 guava leaves cooled the water and used it as mouth wash. Its 3 days now no pain. My tooth used to be too sensitive to any food I take, this is no more. THANKS TO THIS WEBSITE, THANKS TO GOOGLE!

  165. Thank you so so much, been in a pain for the past a few days. Used salt and black peper does work.. thank you again

  166. My Husband had a bad toothache server pain taking to many medication I googled home remedy to find salt & pepper had good response having to get my husband to try it was demanding he hates salt he hates pepper he wanted more medication I pleaded with him to try the salt pepper he finally gave in to me & did take the salt & pepper paste bloody awesome thankyou thankyou so much I was a very worried wife if he took more meds it could cause him a heart attack !!!

  167. thank you All!!!! On Behalf of my Husband,who at age 62,and having had worked and payed taxes,for 3/4 of his life time,to the U.S.A,is now being denied all kinds of medical and dental help,like millions of other americans!!while immigrants are getting all kinds of services and handouts,in our great nation,who sings of freedom,and equality for all!!! yeah rite!!!i remember when i was proud to be an American,Now the only way to be a proud american,is to be an immigrant!!!!!!! but thank you very much,his

    1. his pain thanks to you guys and all your advise,is now 98% relieved!!! ty,ty,ty,maybe someday he will recieve and be treated equal to an immigrant!!!!! and get the dental and medical help he needs and deserves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. OMG That’s nothing short of miraculous, i was about to do myself in from unbearable agony………..Codiene didn’t do a thing to help….Who would have thought some simple salt and pepper could be so amazing hey WOW Thank YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I LOVE YOU LOL πŸ˜€

  169. Horrible pain all day– I have taken tons of pain relievers and nothing– then I found this page– tried the salt and pepper with a little garlic powder for good measure and its working– God bless all of you who have posted.

  170. Salt n Pepper is amazing; still swishing it and gave an immediate relief. I wonder it is better than painkiller (Hifenac) which I took an hour back.

  171. Having had over 1 month of extreme, constant toothache & being admitted to hospital due to the severe pain &
    Dentist saying there is nothing wrong with my teeth…….although the left side of my face is numb and I can feel which tooth the ache is coming from & Over the counter remedies of paracetamol and ibuprofen not touching the pain, in a last ditch attempt before going back to GP I tried the salt and pepper paste and my goodness instant relief for the first time in ages. I can’t thank you enough for this information.

  172. thank yu very much, may God increase your knowledge. I used salt and paper and the pain vanished in seconds. thank yu ones again

  173. Pepper and salt paste is the new remedy. Was in throbbing pain and decided to do the pepper and salt ordeal. Worked beautifully. I’m going to do this every night until this ache permanently leaves. Thanks for the tips!

  174. Thank you, Thank you so much, suffered for 3 days and NIGHTS with absolutely agony, went back to dentists 3 times, just told me to use pain killers, went to doctors same thing, pain killers, very little relief. THEN I READ YOUR ARTICLE about salt and pepper paste, almost instant relief. Thank you so much! Roy

  175. I couldn’t sleep just praying for the day to break crying all night in pain but just a taught to check the internet then I found this site May God bless the owner the garlic stuff really work for me am very greatful


  177. Wow so helpful. Was in so much pain the whole night and then I used salt and pepper and immediately it stopped. I couldn’t believe it. God bless

  178. I tried salt and pepper paste and gargling warm water mixed with salt and pepper neither have done that much so far, but it does say to repeat for several days so im remaining hopefull this tooth is killing me!

  179. I have severe gum pain and toothpain .. I tried raw onion.. it worked.. Thanks a lot.. you are great help to me.. God bless you

  180. CHEWING A CLOVE OF GARLIC and stuffing the minced garlic up between gum and cheek or palate REALLY HELPED. Salt and pepper mix also helped somewhat, but not as much. My pain was at a 6 or 7, went down to 0 in a few minutes. Now after 20 minutes it is about a 1or 2.

  181. The tooth pain was so unbearable I was almost at the stage with pain that I throw up. I tried the pepper and salt paste and what a relief!!!!. Didn’t take the pain completely away. But it is bearable now. My fever dropped a degree and I think now I’ll live through the night!!!! πŸ™‚ Tomorrow; the dentist! Thank you for the recipe for pain relief! I love you!!!!!

  182. Salt and pepper! That worked great. I was drooling like a Saint Bernard while the paste was on, but afterward I was able to sleep. And I love the list of anti-s for each remedy. Thanks

  183. I put a few tablespoons of salt in a bowl and added very warm water to it, then swirled it so that it dissolved.
    I couldn’t find where I’d put the ground pepper so began awkwardly mashing up peppercorn and added this.
    Then I applied to my aching tooth/gum and IT WORKS!
    In retrospect, to make the application process less messier I’d recommend you use a cotton swab/small cloth to dip into your salty mixture and place that where it aches for a few minutes.

  184. I actually got a trauma when i was a kid when the dentist pulled out my tooth and because of the pain, i fainted. Now when i have a toothache i dont really go to the dentist. It causes me so much pain and i have to take he pain, crying for hours and terrible headaches.
    Thank you for the salt and pepper! It worked!

  185. WOW!!! I had a horrible toothache. Was up for 3 nights. I did the salt and pepper and got sleep, never heard of it, but thanks for all the post.

  186. i took some minced garlic, salt, pepper, wrapped it inton a bit of paper towel and dipped in warm water…applied and got instant relief πŸ™‚

  187. Thank you!!!… First in 3 nights no pain!… The salt & pepper… Ive never knew of this one. But it does work!
    Hopefully get some sleep now! πŸ™‚

  188. It’s 3:30 am and my tooth was killing me. I will admit I thought a couple of these ideas were a joke but I was desperate. I am going to share this on facebook if that’s ok as I can’t believe that salt and pepper (I added a pic of garlic aswell) mixed into a paste instantly stopped my tooth ache. Thank you, you are a god send ☺

  189. Ok I didn’t think it would really work but damn the salt and pepper paste did the trick. I had used a hole tube of oral jel and nothing I tried the paste and immediately it stop hurting it wasn’t completely gone but I was able to go to sleep. It didn’t taste that bad either. I used a little more salt then pepper though instead of equal amount. Should have looked here first before went and spent 10 dollars on something that didn’t even help. Thx for the tip.

  190. I was in so much pain it is Friday after hours don’t have an appointment until Monday tried the salt and pepper and the pain has subsided not quite gone but I can at least sleep THANK YOU so much and may GOD BLESS YOU

  191. I’ve been in terrible pain for the past two nights and I can’t sleep. Pain killers did not help. In desperation I tried searching the net and I came across this at about 2:00 AM this morning. Tried mixing salt & pepper and garlic and my toothache went away. Just woke up from a much needed sleep. Thank you very much!

  192. I have been in pain for last 24 hours and read about the salt and pepper trick. Lucky the ex was a chef and left black pepper, garlic powder and salt! Just tried it altogether and blessed be it works! Yes it burns for a minute (most likely the garlic as raw garlic has an afterburn anyway) but 20 mins now and no pain aaaahhhh thank you!

  193. i really thank this cause i had a really bad toothacte and it hurt then im thanking the garlic and salt it really work my teeth fell new as posible since i done the garlic and salt i really thank you thanks!!!!!

  194. Wow never would have thought to use salt and pepper! It is actually helping hurrah!! Have been up for hours now with tooth pain searching for relief online and finally found it. Thank you

  195. I swear. The worst is to be pregnant with a toothache. I’m going crazy and nothing seems to work. I’m on the breaking point of crying.

  196. Omg I was having the worst tooth ache and I just tried the vanilla extract on a cotton ball and it instantly just stopped it because I was at the point of tears …

  197. My first impression thought salt and pepper paste was fake until i do it and it was very effective 4:09AM 9/8/2015 wooohooo finally i can go to bed thanks!

  198. I am new and today experienced this site. I have pain in my teeth. I will try. thanks all members. May God keep all of you happy.

  199. Thanks a lot I just used salt and warm water and I feel much netter from this tooth ache and intend to do it again in the morning and probably try salt and pepper mixture.

  200. OMG!! It it 11 pm and my parents are sleeping so I crept into the kitchen and made the paste quietly and it worked! I’ve been in pain for 3 days now and I’ve been tired at school… I’m only 12 and this is the greatest solution ever πŸ™‚ the pain hasn’t disappeared but it isn’t as bad as before! I was crying earlier :))

  201. Salt, pepper, garlic powder in a coffee filter, wet with warm water, worked! I have a bad tooth that needs to be pulled and has been killing me for days while I wait for my appointment. Pain killers were noneffective. Salt and warm water for me was noneffective. I was very skeptical. I was skeptical as I sat there with the mixture pressed to my teeth, tasting like a steak. It was a little spicy and burned lightly at first. But after a few minutes, I removed the twisted up filter and my pain was gone. Gone.

  202. Thanks so much for the advice. It actually worked the salt and pepper remedy worked successfully once again thank you so much for the advice!!! God bless you all!!!

  203. Woke up the night with gum ache. Tried the salt/pepper treatment and almost immediately the pain subsided substantially. Will also try the garlic/clove/onion later to check the effectiveness.

  204. Thank u so much. I sat for hours watching my gf cry with pain from cracked tooth on her birthday and on vacation. I’m very greatful. Oral gel is waste of money and the gas I used to go get it. Good luck everyone go with salt and pepper.

  205. have had toothache since last night. have a bad root canal waiting for my appointment with dentist. in the meantime i’m sitting at my desk at work in terrible pain. dashed out at lunch to buy salt and pepper (90% of commenters vouched for that remedy) however 3 hours after using it im still in pain πŸ™ maybe im doing it wrong (i put same amount of table salt as ground pepper added few drops of water to make paste and applied on tooth, i felt the pain subsiding but after an hour or so it came back.)

  206. Thanks for this piece of info. The salt and pepper paste worked for me. Was in pain since morning and no analgesic worked for me till I tried this trick. I’m now taking lunch,the pain is almost 100% gone.

  207. Black pepper & salt paste saved me! I was in extreme pain and applying that paste took the pain away within a minute. Thank you for sharing this information!

  208. i used salt and pepper immediately after reading this…and it really works!.. Thank you so much… now I can have a good sleep.. Goodnight Everyone ..

  209. My fiance has very bad teeth, she only has about 13 left in her whole mouth and the ones she does have are always causing her problems. She recently lost a front tooth due to an infection and today the one beside it was starting to hurt, tried warm water and salt and nothing, tried garlic glove and nothing, tried vanilla extract and orajel and yet nothing worked until I mixed salt, pepper and garlic powder, almost instantly her pain was gone, it is 4:10am and she’s been awake for hours and now she is almost asleep. Thank you so much to the author of the site and the many comments stating which method worked. πŸ™‚ sincerely Emily and Brittany.

  210. Must say its miracle…. It was paining alot… N then tried your remedies …Of Pepper And salt and it worked Similarly miracle within few seconds…

  211. Thank you so much i can sleep pain free finally the SALT AND PEPPER really works i just mixed salt and pepper together wet my finger dipped it into the salt and pepper and rubbed it on my tooth works wonders.

  212. My sister has been having a toothache all day today so i decided to google some basic home remedies for relief and I have jus tried garlic,, salt and pepper paste and oh in less than 10 minute the toothache has stopped…Thanks for posting these remedies.You have no idea how helpful they are…….

  213. I am so thankful to God that I just looked at this. It is just mind blowing. I was looking through the remedies and then I saw these reviews. All of them were about salt and pepper. My pain was horrible. I could barely breath. So I mixed this stuff and came out with a paste and put it all over my tooth. Literally immediately my tooth stopped hurting. I am so glad

  214. Okay. I have three cracked teeth my 2nd premolar and both molars top right. Have been dealing with the nerve in one being exposed and started tonight to cause severe pain. I was in so much pain I took left over pain medicine from a surgery stronger than morphine. All that did was make me tired and itchy. Won’t take that again. Tried salt pepper and Olive oil and applied with a tooth brush. That wasn’t Pleasant applying the paste but after a minute or two of it on my tooth pain went away. If salt-and-pepper cured the nerve pain in my tooth doctors need to create salt and pepper injection for your spinal cord That would cure my leg pain lol

    1. I am with you.Nerve pain sucks.The injection they gave me in my back for my SI joint just made things worse.I am going to have my tooth pulled hoping that maybe the nerves in my back of my leg and my tooth are messed up.If you ever hear about a salt and pepper injection let me know.Maybe a big poultice of salt and pepper mixed with olive oil and heated with a warming pack placed on the lower back would help.

  215. OMG
    So much pain-have been using cloves,clove oil bear root ,and all the pharmaceuticals I can get my hands on.The garlic seems to help immensely.Salt and pepper work but because it is a front tooth it comes off too easy.Little piece of garlic between the teeth helps so much.Thanks.

  216. Thanks for the pepper n salt tip bud. It works with in seconds n I was dying in pain till I tried this tip n I can’t thank you enough for sharing this with us. πŸ™‚

  217. I was pretty skeptical about the salt and pepper paste remedy at first, but I was in so much pain I decided to try it. Thank you Jesus it works like a charm!

  218. Omg thank you thank you thank you, I have a chipped tooth and the dentist isn’t open yet and I have been up all night with it, I tried the onion almost immediate relief

  219. Thank you so much for recommending remedies for toothache. I tried the salt and pepper plus garlic with salt and it really works! And now i can sleep tight coz it’s already 4 in the morning. Thanks! Goodnight and thank you!

  220. I tried salt and pepper and it did wonders. By morning I forgot that I am suffering from toothache. But this can be permanent solution or else I need to visit a dentist at one or the other time?

  221. the information is very helpful at all,, coincidence again looking for information like this,, thank admin.

  222. Hi,
    I’ve been suffering with a bad tooth ache for a few weeks now, went to the dentist and he suggested until I get a root canal to take advil. I take advil and it does not work half of the time! So I tried the salt water rinse and the salt pepper and garlic powder paste and presto im relieved of my pain! Thank you guys much for the symptom relief!

  223. WOW OH WOW, I was desperate I have a broken tooth and had gone a little crazy with dental floss yesterday. I started crushing the internet for a home remedy.
    i tried the salt and pepper mad a paste with grape seed oil. It’s incredible how fast my pain disappeared. Thank-you so much.

  224. A great follow up to the salt/pepper paste after it wears off is to chew two cloves raw garlic with just enough food to allow you to barely be able to handle the heat of the garlic. It should burn like heck and BOMB your whole mouth. When the burning of the garlic wears off, have a little cheese (is good) if desired to restore a good bacterial balance (no need to brush your teeth after the little bit of food (meat is good or cheese) and you will have NO pain when the pain of the garlic wears off in about 5 mins. Salt is great but raw garlic is even a bit better to knock out the bad bacteria that quickly multiply and cause inflammation/pain again. Plus the garlic enter the blood stream since you ate it and combats the pain that way too. 8 Ibuprofen did zip while this totally has me feeling 100%. Keep eating the raw garlic (4+ cloves raw per day) and you can have almost 100% pain free days until you can and should get to the dentist asap. And to the girl who feared extractions (Jan) now days these oral surgeons .. it’s faster and easier than a filling with very little pain (usually) to extract a tooth.

  225. The salt-and-pepper worked wonders I got instant relief I couldn’t believe it I am completely amazed. Thank you so very very much. Now maybe I can sleep tonight. Thank you thank you thank you!! ?

  226. My dad was in severe pain since 8pm Wednesday and barely got any sleep till 4am Thursday. He has been up all day rinsing his mouth with water every 30 seconds. He has tried rinsing with peroxide and using some over the counter remedies but nothing worked. It is now 5:30pm Thursday and he just tried the pepper/salt paste and it worked almost instantly! Praise God! Thank you so much for all the reviews to show that it worked! I thank Jesus for you guys putting this on here!!!

  227. Hi Cheryl! You can make a mixture of salt and pepper mixed with olive oil to make a paste and put it around the tooth where it hurts for a few minutes then rinse with water and salt. I am also in so much pain due to toothache for almost a week now. I took a few brands of strong OTC pain killers with no avail until I came across this site and finally I am no longer in agony after applying the mixture of minced salt+pepper+garlic and olive around my hurting teeth a few minutes ago, I kept it there for about a minute or two, then rinsed with water and salt. It really gave me relief unlike those OTC pain relievers it took almost instantly to be pain free. I can now sleep like a baby and can also enjoy my meals. Toothache really hurt like hell, more worse than giving a childbirth. A tons of thanks to this site. You guys really a life saver.

  228. So help me God this is true. Between 6:00am and 3:00 pm, 4-7.25 mg. Vicodin, 2- regular Tylenol, 4-Ibuprofen, Oragel, and then whiskey. Pain was worse than when I stated . I was in total agony! Then I saw the salt&pepper remedy. This mixture dulled, then totally stopped the pain. Thank you to whoever initially came up with this idea:))

  229. I have had the worst of the worst toothaches. I even had a tooth pulled when I was told that the tooth was “fine” because I was getting NO SLEEP! I tried every thing from tea bags to limes and NOTHING worked. The ONLY thing that worked for me was clove oil. I used the Walgreens toothache kit that comes with a bottle of clove oil, small cotton balls and tweezers. That stuff worked in 5 minutes and lasted for several days.

  230. I have been having a constant pain ( not intense pain) but tooth/jaw pain on my left side for 3 days. I just tried the salt & pepper mixture and seriously worked! So happy I tried it!

  231. what is mechanism I don’t care.. Couldn’t sleep whole night, and in the morning tries Warm water with salt and pepper.. and its gone.. πŸ™‚ in like my first wash.. πŸ™‚

  232. Tried. To sleep couldn’t once I saw this article I said this is God in action, tried the salt and pepper and am relived and will continue untill I won’t feel the pain at all. God bless you for this information

  233. I never really comment on any of these kinda of stuff but i was in sooo much pain only God knows how much it hurt and tried this black pepper and salt mixture and i feel soo much better now i finally can get some sleep.. i really can’t thank you enough for this!
    God bless you.. Lots of love from Egypt ?

  234. I was in awful pain for hours with severe toothache. The salt and pepper remedy worked great! Within a few minutes of use, the throbbing stopped. Thank you so much! πŸ˜€


  236. 5000 Happy people cannot be and are not wrong! I was certain that this had to be a joke and that all of the comments were fake, but anything is better than tooth pain. Salt+Pepper+drop of water on a q-tip applied to tooth = PAIN Free (well almost, but definitely WAY better).

  237. Tooks extra strength tylenol 2 hours ago and was still in alot of pain ( got so bad it started radiating throughout my entire jaw ) was a bit skeptical at first…but I tried the salt and pepper mix and even though I’m pretty much sweating from a spice over-load I gotta say….the mix works.. much thanks πŸ˜€


  239. hey..im rod…thanks 4 d advise to how prevent a tooth decay…ive been suffering a tooth decay…for a month now ie been seaching how to preent..so now..it is work…i use a onion to chew then it works..but my breath is bad..but it really works…thumbs up…!

  240. Comment:salt and pepper really works. ….results are amazing. ..within minutes the pain is reduced to around 90%

  241. Comment:I ADMIRE ALL THAT But I Don’t Think I Can Be Able To Try Any Of This Tips Again.I Was Suffering From Very Serious Pains Due To The Cavity On My Tooth.The Pains Where A Little Bit Bearalbe, But As I Was Browsing And Saw This Site, I Took Some Garlic And Chewed it on the tooth. Immidietly After That, I Almost Past Out Because Of Pains.Everything Intensified.So I Don’t Think All This Works

  242. Thanks, meh tooth is hurting like mad. It’s either a cavity or exposed root.
    I’e got my own way too, involving acupuncture, and is hard to explain and i can’t be bothered πŸ˜›

  243. The pain woke me up, it was very intense and sharp, I took the pain killers and had no relief. At three in the morning there isn’t much you can do, I’m very glad I found this, even though I was skeptical about the salt and pepper, I tried it in a tea bag with olive oil, the pain has decreased dramatically now I’m falling asleep. Thank you, blessings to the person who wrote it and to all the comments that convinced me to try it.

  244. I had a really strong toothache last night, couldn’t sleep the whole night practically i was awake till 8am but then i tried salt with black pepper mixed it with a bit of water, put it over my tooth and my gum and it worked, i was sleeping like a baby after that !!!

  245. The salt and pepper paste helped so much. I am so thankful for this site right now. I have been in extreme pain that voodoo wasn’t even touching. Thank you writer of this site.

  246. Hi guys, thanks so much for this awesome home remedy. Salt and black pepper paste is the boss. I’ve had this toothache from last week Thursday. I’ve tried clove oil, peppermint oil, and orajel. They numb the area for a while but the pain flare right back. Today I attended workshop, at the end of the workshop the DJ played some soothing music. I danced a lot to the music. I realized the tooth didn’t hurt me while I was dancing. As soon as I reach home the tooth started with the agonizing pain again. That’s when I looked up home remedies and came across the salt and pepper treatment, well, let me tell you all, it’s the boss. I did and I got instant results. Thanks again for looking out.

  247. OMG…. The salt and Pepper worked like MAGIC Thank You soooo much!!!!! May your life be filled with happiness and riches. πŸ™‚

  248. Throbbing tooth pain at the tune of the south african tom tom drum shook the entire body system at mid-night and i couldn’t fail to wake up! At loose end i fumbled for my itel to reach out for doctor internet…..surely the prescription(salt and pepper)provided by the dr made me to cry throughout the night without any positive impact!…just get to the dentist and yank out the little stubborn bone from your joe!

  249. OMG THANKYOU SOOO MUCH!!!..I really cant stress enough how much relief this has given me!! I was almost crying wiv pain and came across this site by chance after looking up ‘remedy’s for toothache’… I still cant believe that something like salt & pepper can cure wot painkillers cant???… all I can say is when ur in that much pain you’ll try anything…. & im sooooo glad I did!!!…. massive thanks again! πŸ™‚

  250. Against my better judgement, even though I was telling myself, I was going to regret having a load of chocolate, I ate a load and hey presto, the mother of all tooth pain started. My neighbors heard my screams ( More Embarrassing if you are a big guy) I took ibuprofen, paracetamol , orajel, gargled salt water but I was still contemplating my friends offer of knocking me clean out with his cage fighting skills) I then checked out this salt, pepper,garlic granules in warm water idea. After frantically rummaging through the kitchen cupboards (spilling two jars of paprika and oregano over me and the floor in the process) I had the ingredients so I mixed together and gargled the solution. WOW !!!! IT WORKS A TREAT. FROM PAIN LIKE I HAVE NEVER FELT TO A SLIGHT THROB I COULD MANAGE. Never bother to write comments but this warranted it. I was so happy, I ran out to the garden in my boxers and sang ‘ Suddenly’ by Billie Ocean which was soon replaced with threatening gestures and screams from my neighbors. TRY IT

  251. Hold approximately a teaspoon of brandy in your mouth around the infected area for a few minutes and then spit it out for instant relief. Drinking it may provide a little more relief,

  252. I had the most brutal pain in my tooth, I tried everything I could think of even hurting myself thinking it would redirect the pain elsewhere. Then I stumbled upon this post and I tried only the salt water solution, the pain was gone in less than a minute. I am now finally going to get a good night sleep.

    thank you

  253. My husband suffered from severe toothache and couldn’t even eat well. After he had told me I made him try garlic and salt for the night, and the next morning I made him combine garlic and cloves. Now he is free from toothache. Thank you so much, and GOD bless you

  254. I just have to leave a comment. I have two badly cracked molars and the pain was so intense I was crying. Tylenol 2 and advil extra strength no help at all. Crushed a clove of garlic and straight up jammed it in the cavity. Seriously instant relief. Now to find money to get these teeth taken care of. Thank you so much for the help.

  255. Cloves one is the best remedy. I used it and it just worked wonders. My child was crying for toothache and I opened this blog and got this useful remedy from here. Thanks a lot dear.

  256. The salt and pepper paste remedy worked within minutes for me and the pain has completely gone. Quite amazing but simple..thank you very much!!

  257. Thanks for this very important information it was helpful, just a few bit of onion was all I did and it produced a magical relief

  258. I never tried any of this things im here for my mom she has been n severe intense pain for so long she has degenitive bone disease which her bones deterate including teeth. Its to where almost nothing helps just makes it lighter or a shout while. With low income its hard to get things fixed i just want her to have relief for once can anyone help

    1. Shereen Saskatoon

      18 January 2017 1:30 am

Hi, I had a bad toothache at night couldn’t sleep at all no pain killers worked not even to take the edge off it, felt like almost crying I google it that how can I stop my tooth pain I red this home remedy salt and pepper paste used my finger to put paste on my rear tooth, and, HORRAY! the pain is gone within seconds the throbbing stopped and its gone super fast like not even a minute fast feel much better now Thank you Salt & Pepper!?

  259. I know if you put a few drops of jalapeno juice on your exposed to it does relieve the pain I just put a few drops of jalapeno juice on my tooth and the pain went away I recommend people to try jalapeno juice to relieve pain in the tooth

  260. Part of my tooth fell out over a yr ago but did not start hurting just till recently. I have read the salt and pepper trick but have been reluctant to try it until just now. My tooth was hurting so bad and I have to be at work till 1am so I thought I would give it a try since my tooth was hurting so bad it was making my whole face hurt. To my surprise it is the best thing I have ever used. I even took qtips with me so I can use it at work. The best tooth pain remedy out there.

  261. Hi all, my wife also experienced this terrible toothache and during the weekend night while all the dental specialists are off duty. After seeing this site, she tried hot and salt, not so effective but then tried salt and pepper, it did the magic. Thanks for the wonderful discovery.

  262. CRUSHED GARLIC WITH GARLIC POWDER, A TEASPOON OF BLACK PEPPER, A TEASPOON OF SEA SALT, A LITTLE COCONUT OIL JUST TO MAKE A PASTE. I add this paste to my aching wisdom toothe and use same and massage my gums. Within 5 mins this two week tooth ache was gone.. I could eat comfortably within 4 hrs..thanks for the info …

  263. OK so I have had the worst tooth ache a man could have.Tried everything in the book to get this thing to quit hurting being 5:10 am there was nothing open so I get online and see the salt and pepper paste tried it and babam GONE within seconds. Finally can get some much needed sleep Thanks

  264. After 2 days of trying everything from oral relievers to hot showers nothing could get this tooth ache gone. Being 5 am and everyone and thing asleep or closed I had to give GOOGLE the shot I don’t know who came up with the pepper and salt paste but your a genius forReal within seconds I’m finally able to lay down to get some sleep THANK YOU…..ARKANSAS

  265. Must try onion home remedy it is much useful and easy to make . I feeling pain from a long time in my teeth but now i am fine because of this remedy

  266. Salt and pepper mixed with a little water. Make into a paste and applied it to my tooth. Didnt completely take it away but its 1000% more bearable! Thank you!

  267. It was soo terrible for me for four whole days,
    Couldn’t bear the pain anymore.
    The pills i was using got finished, it was late night already, don’t know what to do… Then browse through my mobile and come across common home remedies for toothache,
    Then i woke up straight to kitchen took some raw onion and chew after wards i did the salt and pepper paste,
    And Lo and behold within the some couple of minutes the pain left.. THANKS SO MUCH FOR PUTTING UP WITH THIS IT REALLY HELPS ALOT

  268. So well this is explained. A simple tooth pain can cause too much pain. No body part can pain so devastating but the tooth ache can change a man’s mood. This must be immediately shown to the dentist as soon as possible.

  269. It works, salt and pepper, not gone but now tolerable,guess the broken tooth has to be taken out,dentist closed till 2mrw, THNX

  270. This is very helpful!!!I tried salt and pepper paste and after a few minutes the pain is incredibly gone..Thats for this page, now i can sleep…

  271. Wow, tbe salt and pepper was an instant cure. Did burn a little, however, the pain was gone in a minute or so. Actually, only had to do it once, rubbed it around the tooth, let it sit for about 5 minutes, then rinsed it out. Even the sensitivity was gone. Better than anything I’ve ever tried.

  272. I just want to say a BIG thank you to you for the information given here, it is a god send for my self and to others as a nurse this is truly a great source of PAIN RELIEVING information.

  273. I am going to try that and thanks for your information I hope it work dose it work for no one els and just 12 year old . It’s killing me so so badly

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