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DIY Homemade Rose Water

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As mentioned above, you can use rose water for a number of purposes. For example, you can use it as a natural and effective makeup remover. Just soak a cotton ball or cotton pad in the rose water and use it to wipe off your makeup.

DIY rose water to remove makeup



Tips to Keep in Mind

  • If you do not have a metal stand to place inside the pot, you can use ceramic balls. The idea is that the bowl inside the boiling pot should not touch the pot and get too heated.
  • Make sure the bowl you are using inside the pot is an appropriate size to allow the inverted lid to cover the pot properly.
  • Store your homemade rose water in the refrigerator. It can last for about 10 days.

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  1. I Love dis I tried d onion recipe n I see changes but I want d oda recipe dat will make my daughter’s hair to grow cos she is bald.will appreciate if u can send it to my mail.

  2. I have always loved the scent of fresh roses in perfume, powder even hand cream. Thanks for the recipe I will try making my own.

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