Meredith Cheshire, Registered Aromatherapist

Professional Experience

  • Registered Clinical Aromatherapist, Faeve Plant Therapies, LLC (May 2016 – Present)
  • President and Owner, Mulberry Integrative Medicine, Inc. –  The Villages, FL August (2005 to Present)
  • Project Coordinator, ELECNOR HAWKEYE LLC – Hauppauge, New York (May 2001 – Aug 2005)


About Meredith       

Meredith is the proud owner of a large multi-discipline and Integrative medical clinic in the largest retirement area in the US. Soon after starting the practice with her husband, she went on to study essential oils and chemistry in a more concerted and comprehensive manner. A near-fatal mishap involving one of her patients ingesting Frankincense essential oil in the hopes of curing her cancer propelled Martha to sign up for an Aromatherapy class to pursue a deeper understanding of how these oils work. 700 credit hours later, Martha sat for her Registered Aromatherapist (RA) Exam in 2016, and subsequently became one of the 5 people in Florida who graduated.  This was the beginning of a fruitful journey towards creating a special kind of medical practice where patients could feel safe, free and open in a medical environment to optimize healing and overall wellness, a journey that continues still.

Currently, Martha sees private clients as part of an Integrative Medical Team at Mulberry Integrative Medicine in The Villages, FL and has her own company, Faeve Plant Therapies, LLC that makes custom blends for clients and for other health professionals.


License and Certification

  • Registered Aromatherapist from Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC)
  • Professional Member of National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists
  • Professional Member of Alliance of International Aromatherapists
  • Currently finishing Certified Herbalist degree, expected date December 2018



  • Meredith L. Cheshire is a Registered Aromatherapist (R), that has completed over 1000 hours of Aromatherapy training including but not limited to schools as Aromahead, New York Institute of Aromatics Studies, Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and The Tisserand Institute – Various (March 2015 to December 2017)
  • Bachelor’s degree, Communication and Media Studies, State University of New York College at Cortland (1993 – 1997)