Marybeth Morrell, RN, MSN, CCRN-K


  • Program Manager-Medical Program Iraq-International
  • Streamlined internal operations for 2 U.S. diplomatic hospitals and 4 health unit facilities that included trauma.
  • Directed 200+ medical personnel and quality care of 9,000 patients, prioritizing a patient-centered care experience.
  • Developed and sustained relationships with notable clients collaborating on quality improvements.
  • Spearheaded effective distribution of finances and facilitated contract negotiations.
  • Mobilized teams of qualified professionals, upheld high standards of care, and complied with performance work statements; drove efficiency and productivity by introducing project timelines, revitalized policies, and objectives.


  • Deputy Director, Public Health-Office of Program Management
  • Served an integral role in building the successful startup public health program to provide healthcare for the population at risk, spread awareness, and emphasize the critical nature of preventive care.
  • Significantly contributed to disease prevention by conceptualizing the Public Health International Policies regarding food and water on Chief of Mission; launched cutting-edge campaigns promoting flu shots and Ebola treatment.
  • Assessed data, formalized reports, and outlined avenues of disease transfer to present to Chief of Mission sites.
  • Influential as the subject expert for multiple diseases and healthcare education; revered as a trusted source.


  • Clinical Critical Care Educator-Heart and Vascular
  • Conceived of and actualized comprehensive training programs for 200 medical professionals, instructed on best medical practices, enforced compliance, and emphasized the acquisition of optimized patient outcomes.
  • Trained staff and implemented policies across multiple units of the hospital including CCU, CVICU, EPS, and Cath lab.
  • Speaker at Trauma Core and Critical Care Core; interfaced with other industry professionals to build a strong network.
  • Visualized and rolled out new equipment within the simulation lab for LVAD, ECMO, cardiac assist devises and implantations; discovered and trained on new techniques and methods to achieve greater results.



She is an insightful and patient-focused Healthcare Program Manager with a sharp working knowledge of team leadership, and best healthcare practices. To achieve optimal growth and achieve ideal patient outcomes, she consistently strives to improve internal processes, systems, quality of care, and customer service. She provides ongoing education and coaching to medical personnel and collaborate with senior leaders and external partners to streamline improvements. She thrives under high-pressure situations and utilizes a combination of problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. She is currently associated with American Association Critical Care Nurses, American Nursing Association and American Organization of Nurse Executives.

She has been working closely with CHS in different capacities for over 6 years. As an International Program Manager with several years progressive program management experience to include launching, directing, and managing $32M medical services program in an austere environment.

She is an experienced Registered nurse with 33 years’ experience specializing in cardiothoracic surgery and trauma.



  • She has been bestowed with accolades like CHS Corporation Presidential Award 2016 for Out Standing Performance and Lasting Contribution.
  • CHS Corporation 2017 Award for Process Improvement and Innovation.
  • US Army Task Force Med 47 2018 Accommodation for Steadfast Support of Operation Inherent Resolve.
  • US Army Task Force Med 28 CSH 2017 Appreciation of Selfless Service and Dedication in Support of OIR.
  • She has also received recognition for 30 years Continued Excellence in Acute/Critical Care Nursing by AACN Certification Corporation 2018.



 Ms Morrell completed her master’s degree in nursing from Western Governors University, Salt Lake City UT in Nursing (May 2012) and certification in Clinical Research, University of Delaware, Newark DE (Dec 2008).

  • She earned her bachelor’s in nursing from Western Governors University, Salt Lake City UT (May 2010).
  • Completing her Post Masters Certification in Program Management Healthcare, Villanova University, Philadelphia PA (Dec 2016), she received her Leadership/Personal Coach Certification from Universal Coaching Institute (March 2018), HEDIS Certification-HEDIS Works (May 2018) and Contract Capture Management-Comprehensive Health Services, Reston VA (May 2018)