Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Freckles

Freckles are flat, round and brown spots of different sizes that appear on the skin. According to the American Association of Dermatologists (AAD), freckles are a sign of skin damage.


Some common causes of freckles are too much exposure to sunlight, genetics and hormonal imbalance. Though freckles could be present anywhere on the body, they appear mostly on areas that are often exposed to the sun’s rays.

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There are cosmetic treatments to remove freckles, but they can be very expensive. You can easily get rid of them by trying several natural treatments at home.

home remedies to get rid of freckles

Here are the top 10 home remedies to get rid of freckles.

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a highly effective ingredient for treating freckles as well as brown spots. Lemon juice has skin lightening properties that will nicely bleach the dark spots on your skin.

  • Apply fresh lemon juice on the affected skin and gently massage the area. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do this twice a day.
  • Another option is to use a lemon scrub. Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle one-half teaspoon of sugar on it. Gently scrub your skin with it for a few minutes and then wash your skin with water. Do this once or twice a week on a regular basis.

2. Sour Cream

The lactic acid present in sour milk can help a lot to get rid of freckles. It is particularly useful for those with sensitive skin.

  • Apply some sour cream on the affected skin and allow it to dry for a few minutes. Instead of rinsing it off with water, you must gently wipe it off with a soft tissue or a towel. Then apply some moisturizer. This remedy will not cause skin irritation or dryness. Do this at least once daily until the freckles go away.
  • Alternatively, you can rinse the affected skin with sour milk daily. If you do not have sour milk, use yogurt.

3. Honey

Honey is excellent for fading freckles because it contains enzymes that help lighten skin pigmentation. Plus, being a natural humectant, it is great for moisurizing your skin.

  • Mix honey and water and heat it slightly in a microwave. Apply it on the affected area and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Finally rinse the area thoroughly with warm water. Do this daily for a several weeks.
  • You can also make an herbal mask by mixing a little wheat germ with warm honey. Apply this mask and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes. Rinse the area with warm water and then wash it again with cold water. Repeat two to three times a week for a couple of months. This is one of the most effective home remedies for freckles.
  • Another option is to make a mixture of honey and yogurt, and apply it on the freckles for 30 minutes daily until you get the desired results.

4. Papaya

Papaya juice is another effective remedy to get rid of freckles. Papaya contain papain, a kind of enzyme that can help lighten freckles.

  1. Apply fresh papaya juice directly on the freckles using a cotton ball and gently massage the area.
  2. After 10 minutes, rinse the skin with cold water.
  3. Do this once daily for at least for a few weeks or until you are satisfied with the results.

5. Onion

Onions also can be used to remove freckles and brown spots due to their sulfur content which has exfoliative property. For best results, use red onions.

  • Cut one red onion into thick slices and rub the slices gently on the freckles twice daily. Continue this remedy until the freckles fade away.
  • Another option is to grate one red onion, extract its juice and apply the juice on the affected skin twice a day. For best results, add one teaspoon of vinegar to the onion juice. Repeat this remedy daily for one or two weeks.

6. Buttermilk

The bleaching property of buttermilk can also help lighten and fade freckles. In addition, it will make your skin smooth and supple.

  • Simply apply buttermilk over the freckles, leave it on for 10 minutes, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Repeat twice daily for several weeks.
  • Another option is to make a thick paste of powdered oatmeal and buttermilk. Apply this paste on the affected area, leave it on for about 30 minutes, and then wash it off with cold water. Do this once daily until you get positive results.
  • Alternatively, mix one tablespoon of buttermilk with one teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply it on your skin and leave it on for 10 minutes before washing it off.
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  1. Some of these remedies really helped me..thank you!

  2. the lemon juice is the method I like to use, I still have some freckles but before I had big and dark ones. thanks for the other methods.

  3. imeldacorminal@gmail.com June 3, 2013, 1:52 am

    A useful tip….and very affordable….thumbs up.

  4. I started using lemon and vinegar, I tell the results are astounding in less that a week big freckles are peeling off. Earlier I was using cream with exfoliation elements did not show good results. But the downside of using vinegar and lemon its painful itchy but as they say no pain no gain.

  5. I’m gonna try the lemon juice and sour cream method once a day for two weeks n take before n after pics ! hope they work

  6. Hope that this is gonna work for me! Extited to try it out, thanks for the tips !

  7. Hello as I constantly struggle (since my teenage years) with a ton of ugly and dark freckles I am really looking forward to trying some of the above methods. Does anyone have a favorite method that really works,that they would recommend???? And if possible if anyone has effective methods can you please tell me not only which method but about how long until it actually worked or until they were mostly gone… May sound a bit odd but I am in my best friends wedding in Sept and am so self conscious of them. I need them all gone! Thanks:-)

  8. I’m gonna try the leamon one just to see if it works.

  9. since a week i am following lemon juice n onion technique… will that really work.. if yes.. then how much time it would take, that my freckles will totally b removed…

  10. I just started the lemon juice one today, on my two dark freckles on my face,and now i’m gonna try the honey one on the darker and bigger freckle :) I’m hoping they work!!! But I’m wondering how long till the are gone?

  11. Who in their right mind wants to get rid of their freckles? That is what make you unique and beautiful!

    • Some people just don’t like their freckles because they are afraid it might take over their beauty some people just don’t like them because they are big

    • I feel like they take away interest from the rest of my face and that they are just too big.

  12. i have been applying Onion + vinegar since 3weeks but i cant see any change on my freckles… does that really wo

  13. I really want to try one of these I’m taking my I’d picture in 3 days!!! Tried everything except this turmeric thing. I’ll try it and tell u guys if it works!!! <3

  14. Im going to try this remedies. Ive been to dermatologist all the creams they gave me did not work. Im excited

  15. I have freckles all over my arms, face and legs and I’ve tried lemon juice, strawberries, sour cream, honey, olive oil, EVERYTHING!!! my freckles are like what someone with red hair might have and I have had them my entire life:( SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!! I feel that they make me ugly and they won’t cover up with makeup. people say they’re beautiful but I would much rather a clear face than one with stupid brown dots covering it:(

    • I have freckles too and I hate them! I honestly think the lemon method worked best but if you want to get rid of them fast then try getting a lazer appointment

    • hi i wanna share my experience,i had plenty freckles on my face,i tried using all medicinal suggestions written above but it really don’t work,i tried using pure aloe vera mix with evaporated milk and apply over night, it help me a lot,first i did is every night i wash my face with warm water and soap,next step is i put aloe vera mix with carnation evap milk on affected area over night,in the morning i washed again with warm water,after washing then i apply warm butter on face and leave for 15 min, then rinse,after rinse apply coco butter on face and leave all day, do this everyday until freckles gone,i never use lemon and vinegar to put on my face over night,i was trying but it make my face having more problems,it burn my skin,lemon is good and pure but only if you apply on affected area just leave for about 3 to 5 minutes then rinse afterwards not to get burn…………..freckles does not remove as fast as we expected,it need lots of patient and sacrifice to cure it it depend how we help our self…..no pressure but just try this remedy,hope this helpful to you.

    • I’m a red head and I understand you I just plain hate my freckles but I haven’t tried any of these things idk if they work or not

  16. I am excited to try this remedies.I hope to get rid of my freckles.Thanks for the tip!

  17. I have freckles my arms and my face.i use tretinon and hydroquonine.it fades bt not remove all.plz help me I feel that they make me ugly.

  18. Try this method it relly works sourcream,honey,onion,lemonjuce,cucumber,papaya,vinegar,peroxide,baking soda.blind these together and apply on face for 15 to 20 minutes when dry wash off with warm watter do this for 6 weeks. It may sting alittle but its worth it.my freckles are completely gone

  19. Ya its better with lemon juice

  20. ive been usin the lemom nd vinegar method is abt 4 week nw .2 tell de honest truth de remedy is workin my freckles are becoming lite nd i hope as tym goes by dey will go away permanent

  21. i kinda agree, they r really annoying

  22. Ive heard dry ice on each freckle for 3seconds

  23. I just started using it today,the vinegar and the lemon juice,your are right it kinda itchy,how many weeks does it works for you?and do you think it has a side effects

  24. I hate my freckles and I think they make me look bad. I have like 1 on my face but I want the ones on my body arms and legs off! I plain hate them! I’m gonna try the lemon juice tmrw. Thanks for he tips tho.

  25. I have freckles too & it made me so insecured. So I tried every available product & acting like a vampire because I keep on staying away frm the suns heat :D. But I’m so happy because my freckles is now disappearing I think its because I’m not exposing my face into the sun :)

  26. I will try with the lemon first…i hope it work.

  27. emily whitman May 24, 2014, 8:11 am

    Hello, I am the same. I apply lemon juice every afternoon on my arms for about 30 minutes…… they are gradually fading (getting lighter). I definitely reccomend you try this. If you have already tried lemon juice maybe it didn’t work because you didn’t leave it on long enough, or maybe try applying more. I hope this helps, as I said I am the same and in am slowly noticing a difference.

  28. sandpaper works but very painfulll

  29. Sour cream works best for freckles add a pinch of tumeric powder to the sour cream mix well and apply to freckles

  30. I used to have freckles really bad but in about a week or so if you use this method
    just mix honey, salt and lemon juice. :)

  31. Guys this really worked for me
    You need:
    1) Yogurt
    2) Lemon or Lime
    3) Honey
    4) Bowl
    5) Spoon
    Now you get your bowl and put some yogurt and squeeze one lemon or lime into it and honey now you will need to mix them with your spoon in the bowl now apply it on your freckles and leave it for about 10-15 minutes now after the time passed you go wash your face but as your doing it you scrub your face and then clean it off. If you have left over you can save it for tomorrow or whenever you use it. Also just do it ones a day everyday.

  32. The best remedy for freckles is Castor Oil and Vitamin E oil
    take 100 ml cold compressed Castro Oil and 10 ml Vitamin E Oil mix together and apply on your face every night with in one month you will get result. I am using since three days and I can say that Its work for freckles

  33. Thanx maha i’ll try this remedy hope it works


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